Level 1
(LB 0)
(LB 0)
(LB 4)
ATK 577 1565 2246
HP 317 928 1349
RCV 413 1459 2180
Unit LC 12
Ranged Arte Dark Visitor
2 hits against all foes (150% x2)
Leader Skill Dark Summoning
Boost ATK of spell heroes to 2.0x
Active Skill I'll Earn My Keep! Req. LC: 25
Boost TriangleSquare ATK to 2.0x for 1 turn
Passive Kill Count
Boost weapon and armor stats by 3%
May heal 3% of damage dealt
RCV +200
ATK +250
Power Awakening
Awakened Unit [Courageous Step] Elize
Materials for Awakening
LP (Icon) 50,000 LP
Fairy Orb Fairy Orb
Needs 80x
Spirit Orb (Spell) Spirit Orb (Spell)
Needs 20x
Goddess Orb (Spell) Goddess Orb (Spell)
Needs 3x
Art of Friendship Art of Friendship
Needs 5x
How to Obtain
Heroes of Xillia Summon
Type Collection 2 Summon
TOX Enhancement Summon
Type Collection 3 Summon
100% 5-Star Summon
Hero Awakening Summon (Kratos & Rita)
Mystic Arte Summon (Muzet & Elize)
/r/ Tales of Link Flair
(Art of Friendship) Elize (Icon) Use this unit as your Reddit flair!

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