Level 1 59 59
ATK 859 2395 2395
HP 750 2472 2472
RCV 335 901 901
Unit LC 3
Arte Aura Feather
2 hits against one foe (150% x2)
Leader Skill Transient Bonds
Boost RCV of all heroes to 1.1x
Active Skill Wings of Transcendence Req. LC: 40
Boost ATK of all types to 1.1x for 1 turn
Passive Kill Count

How to Obtain
1st Anniversary Summon
Ares Realm (Dhaos)
Challenging Trial
Community Campaigns
Link Hero Collection 2 Summon
Mystic Arte Summon (Kanonno)
New Year Summon
Rainy Tone Summon
Sara's Birthday Party
Series-Enhanced Event (Tales of Zestiria)
Soul Arena (Barbatos)
Soul Arena (Kanonno)
Trial Tower
Awakening (Ludger & Judith)
/r/ Tales of Link Flair
(Shotwing) Blasthawk (Icon) Use this unit as your Reddit flair!

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