Level 1 59 99
ATK 835 2265 3251
HP 506 1481 2154
RCV 106 376 562
Unit LC 4
Arte Swallow Fury
5 hits against one foe (60% x5)
Leader Skill Seventh Fonon
Boost HP/ATK of slash/spell heroes to 1.5x
Active Skill Hyper-Resonance Req. LC: 40
Change TriangleStar into Square
Passive Kill Count
HP +100
ATK +150
Boost ATK by 10% when finisher of a 4+ link
Increases LC maximum by 5
Power Awakening
Awakened Unit [Courtyard Training] Luke
Materials for Awakening
Fairy Orb Fairy Orb
Needs 80x
Spirit Orb (Slash) Spirit Orb (Slash)
Needs 20x
Goddess Orb (Slash) Goddess Orb (Slash)
Needs 3x
Sword of Swords Sword of Swords
Needs 5x
How to Obtain
Mystic Arte Summon (Luke & Asch)
Common Summon Pool
100% 5-Star Summon
Cooking Missions
/r/ Tales of Link Flair
(Sword of Swords) Luke (Icon) Use this unit as your Reddit flair!

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