Level 1 59 99
ATK 896 2429 3487
HP 434 1270 1846
RCV 134 474 1181
Unit LC 4
Arte Demonic Obliteration
5 dark-type hits against one foe (60% x 5)
Leader Skill Flash of a Dark Blade
Boost ATK of slash/thrust heroes to 1.8x
Active Skill Flames of Destruction Req. LC: 30
Boost ATK of slash/thrust to 1.8x for 1 turn
Passive Kill Count
ATK +100
Boost weapon stats by 8%
Boost ATK by 10% when finisher of a 4+ link
Boost ATK by 200% when at 2% or less HP

How to Obtain
Mystic Arte Summon (Asbel, Leon, Rita)
UA Summon (Shields)
Mystic Arte Summon (Stahn & Leon)
UA Summon (Seal)
/r/ Tales of Link Flair
(Warrior of the Abyss) Leon (Icon) Use this unit as your Reddit flair!

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