Amazing Entrance! (Banner)
Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The party is traveling to their next destination when a rather loud and familiar voice can be heard nearby...Luke, and his rather dedicated escort, Silas, are also traveling in the same direction. Though Luke is glad to be away from Tear, Silas insists that he stay with Luke until they reach the town. Suddenly, Melissa and her band of underlings swoop in to attack the group. Just as the group is struggling, however, a dashing figure enters the scene!

Story Stages

# Stage Stamina Battles
Amazing Entrance!
1 A Chance Encounter 5 5
2 Black Tails Again 5 5
3 Battling the Bandits 5 5
4 Relentless Assault 6 5
5 Angry Bellowing 7 7
6 Sounds of the Battlefield 7 5
7 Fighting for One Another 8 5
8 Elegant Swordplay 8 5
9 The Last One Standing 9 5
10 Oaths and Promises 12 7

Clash Stages

Stage Stamina
Spar with Guy
Guy Lv10 16
Guy Lv20 17
Guy Lv30 18
Guy Lv40 19
Guy Lv50 20
Guy Lv60 21
Guy HARD 25
Guy MANIA 28
  • Guy is neutral element in Lv10 through Lv40
  • Guy is Fire-element in Lv50 and up


Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones (one each for clearing the story and the clash)

(Guardian) Guy (Icon) [Guardian] Guy
(Guardian) Guy (Icon) [Guardian] Guy
Type Slash LV 1 (40)
ATK 302 (1120) HP 169 (680)
RCV 51 (256) LC 4
Arte 5 hits against one foe (40% x5)
LS Boost ATK of heroes on CircleTriangle to 1.2x
(30 LC)
Change Square into Triangle
Heal Plus 2
Water Shield
  • 3-Star
(Golden Knight) Guy (Icon) [Golden Knight] Guy
(Golden Knight) Guy (Icon) [Golden Knight] Guy
Type Slash LV 1 (80)
ATK 459 (1770) HP 258 (1078)
RCV 78 (416) LC 4
Arte 5 hits against one foe (50% x5)
LS Boost ATK of slash heroes to 1.6x
(30 LC)
Boost CircleTriangle ATK to 1.4x for 2 turns
Weapon Boost 2 Water Shield 2
Strength 3
  • 4-Star



The "Plea of the Earth" is a legend told in a distant land.
This is one tale of what transpired afterwards.
A tale of a chance meeting with a certain swordsman...
Sara We've got a ways to go before we reach the next town. But if we push ourselves, we can make it before sundown.
???? I finally managed to ditch the mouthy one, and now I have you escorting me! Why can't everyone just leave me alone?
Please try to understand my situation, Master Luke. I have my orders.
Luke Shut up shut up SHUT UP. I'm so tired of hearing about people's orders!
???? *sigh* Of all the lousy jobs...
Sara That voice...
Is that you, Luke?
Luke Oh, hey, it's Sara! It's been a long time.
Lippy Not since that incident in Sairan, if I recall correctly.
Sara It's good to see you. How's Tear? Are you no longer traveling together?
Luke Tear went home, finally! She was nothing but trouble after that. I was so glad to be rid of her.
???? Are these acquaintances of yours, Master Luke?
Luke Yeah, that one's Sara. The dog thing is Lippy. And that guy is (user).
Silas My name is Silas. I have been tasked by the crown with escorting Master Luke to Gradd.
I was told he is a prince of some importance, and that his safety is a top priority.
Sara Whoa, that's crazy! We're headed to Gradd too!
Luke Then come with us! I don't know if I can stand another minute of Silas prattling on about his "orders."
Silas I apologize if my conversation has bored you, Master Luke. I merely intended to give you an honest answer.
Luke Blah, blah, blah. Come on, (user). Let's go!
Silas M-Master Luke! Please! You mustn't run ahead like that!
Damn it! What does it take to get through to him!
Sara He was pretty hard on Tear. I guess Silas isn't faring any better.
Luke What? Who the hell...!
Silas Bandits? State your business!
Sara I know you! The bandits from Mt. Harnica!
Melissa Well, well. A mewling rich boy traveling with a bunch of kids. It's our lucky day!
Luke Who the hell are you? How do you know Sara?
Melissa Oh, I wouldn't say we know her well. She had a little fun with us a while ago, and we're eager to repay the favor.
Underlings! Seize them!
Luke Seriously?!
Melissa The ransom on the rich boy will make us a fortune! And I know we're all eager to settle up with the brats!
Bandits Roooarrrr!
Sara There's more of 'em now than before... Luke, Silas... Be careful!
Silas If you lay one finger on Master Luke, I will make you pay!
Luke S-Seriously! Stay back!
Melissa Don't be intimidated! We have them outnumbered and overpowered!
Bandits Rooooaaarrrr!
Silas Damn it! There's too many of them... Master Luke...!
Luke Huh...?!
Bandits Bwaaaahhh!!!
Lippy Oh my... What is this?! The bandits are falling like cut grass!
Guy Enter the amazing Guy!
Luke Guy!
Guy Looks like you've gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle here, Luke.
Luke Oh, shut up! I didn't "get myself" into anything! These twits just attacked me!
Guy Well, that I can believe. Guess I'll have to kick their butts for you, then!


Melissa One pretty boy joins the battle against us and suddenly the tide turns? Damn it! Underlings! Retreat!
Bandits Roooaaarrr!
Luke Great to have someone around who knows what to do with a sword! Unlike that worthless Silas.
Silas *pant* *pant* F-Forgive me...
Guy Well, they didn't land a hit on you now, did they? Let's call a win a win.
Sara May I ask what you're doing here, Guy?
Guy I heard about the bandits and wanted to make sure there wasn't any trouble. I never imagined I'd run into Luke!
Luke You're surprised? How do you think I feel? Where the hell have you been all this time?!
You just disappeared without saying a word to me!
Guy Ah, that. I had my reasons.
Luke They better be good ones! With you gone I've been stuck with one irritating escort after another!
Guy All right, calm yourself. Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?
You tell the story of how you met Luke to Guy, his childhood friend.
The story involves a kidnapping, and various events that followed...
Guy Huh, interesting. Sounds like you really came through for my friend Luke.
Sara No, it's the other way around. He was a big help to us! Isn't that right, (user)?
Guy Heh. Well, I'm sure happy to hear that.
Luke So now we're just traveling from country to country. You want to come with?
Guy Aw, man. That sounds like a lot of fun! But I'm afraid there are things I need to do first.
Luke Come on, really?
Guy Aw, don't look at me like that. I'll catch up with you when it's done!
Luke You damn well better!
Lippy Master Luke and Master Guy certainly seem to be close.
Sara Childhood friendships often turn out that way.
Silas Shouldn't we be on our way soon? We don't want to risk the bandits returning.
Luke Hey, I don't remember putting you in charge!
Guy Regardless, Silas is probably right. We should be on our way.
Luke Right!
Silas Of course when Guy says it, suddenly he listens...
Sara All right. Hey, Silas... Silas?
Lippy Master Silas? Are you listening?
Silas ...And why should one of the kingdom's most elite warriors be looking after some royal brat...?
If Beatrice were to see me like this, I'd hear no end of mockery...
No, no! I must control my frustrations! Escorting a prince── that is exactly the sort of duty that suits a warrior of my stature!
And exceling at such a duty will only lead to greater things.
Why, the knighthood I so richly deserve is almost certainly within my grasp. I need but to persevere... Yes. Yes!
Sara Um... Silas...?
Lippy He seems to be as strong of will as he is hard of hearing...
Amazing Entrance ──fin──


Guy What? You want to spar with me?
Well, all right. If you're a friend of Luke, you're a friend of mine.
But when I spar, I give it my all, ya know!
That's exactly what you were about to ask me to do? Ha! You sure got grit.
Now show me how that looks on the battlefield!