Ange (Tales of Innocence)
(General Reborn) Ange (Face) A woman who uses her awakened power to heal people at the sanctuary. While she appears a nice lady, she is actually quite scheming for a woman of the cloth.
Units: 4-Star | 5-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


5-Star Units

(General Reborn) Ange (Icon) [General Reborn] Ange
(General Reborn) Ange (Icon) [General Reborn] Ange
Type Spell LV 1 (99)
ATK 546 (2128) HP 356 (1515)
RCV 451 (2380) LC 12
Arte 4 light-type hits against one foe (75% x4)
LS Boost ATK to 1.8x for 3rd+ heroes in a link
(50 LC)
Change CircleSquareStar into Heart
Dark Shield Repair 4
Weapon Boost 3 Crisis Healer 3
Power Awk Unknown/Future Release

4-Star Units

(Saint) Ange (Icon) [Saint] Ange
(Saint) Ange (Icon) [Saint] Ange
Type Spell LV 1 (70)
ATK 439 (1249) HP 296 (957)
RCV 500 (1396) LC 12
Arte 3 light hits against one foe (83% x3)
LS Boost HP/ATK of spell heroes to 1.4x
(40 LC)
Change CircleStar into Heart
Lucky Healing Pinch Healer 2
Repair 3
(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Icon) [Ultra-Hot Emcee] Ange
(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Icon) [Ultra-Hot Emcee] Ange
Type Thrust LV 1 (70)
ATK 449 (1287) HP 516 (1736)
RCV 292 (801) LC 6
Arte 3 light-type hits against one foe (84% x3)
LS Boost ATK/RCV of thrust heroes to 1.3x
(30 LC)
Change Star into Triangle
Repair 2 Pinch Healer 2
Lucky Healing 2



(General Reborn) Ange(Saint) Ange(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange


(General Reborn) Ange (Icon)(Saint) Ange (Icon)(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Icon)

Face Portraits

(General Reborn) Ange (Face)(Saint) Ange (Face)(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Face)


Ange Innocence AttackAnge Innocence IdleAnge Innocence RunAnge MC AttackAnge MC IdleAnge MC RunAnge School AttackAnge School IdleAnge School Run

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