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Events are time-limited quests that give a variety of rewards including unique gear, heroes, or hero stones upon completion. All events also qualify for hero stone completion awards, so the player should always clear as many events as possible. There are several different types of events.

To view hero stone and special rewards for all events and log-in bonuses in a tabular format, see the Event Rewards Overview.

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To view a list of old events and summons and their run times, see the following pages.

Armor Armor Event

Armor events give out special armors after completing a series of quests.

In special armor forge events, players go through a series of battles to obtain a low rarity armor gear and its evolution items. The player will be able to evolve the armor gear to a higher rarity. Armor obtained through armor events tend to have higher stats than ordinary armor of the same rarity, but can only be obtained once per event and cannot be limit broken.

Six Star Icon Ares Realm

Ares Realm is a series of at least 31 different battles in ascending difficulty. Considered to be one of the more challenging events in the game, completion of the 30th stage will reward players with a unique 6-star hero. After completing the 30th stage, players may repeat the battle in stage 31 to receive a variety of extra rewards as many times as they like. In some versions, additional copies of the 6-star hero are obtainable by completing additional levels past level 30.

Fairy Orb Awakening Quest

Awakening quests are events in which the player can obtain the special materials needed to transform a 5-star unit into a 6-star unit through the Awakening system. Different units have different awakening quests.

Holy Quelquatl Carnage Sphere

Carnage Sphere consists of five levels of difficulty. Clearing each level gives you a unit of the boss of the stage. If you can clear all five, levels you can max limit break the unit. In addition, the stages drop copies of weapons that can be limit broken 99 times. These weapons do not have unique passives, but are some of the strongest gear in the game.

Battles Icon Clash Event

Clash events are events that allow players to farm unique 3 star or 4 star units. Players will have to fight against special heroes in a boss battle. Upon defeating the hero, they will have a chance to obtain the 3-star or 4-star version of the hero, or a rare weapon or gear may drop instead. Clash events have different difficulties, with higher difficulties generally giving a higher chance of getting the 4 star unit. However, for some clash events, the final two difficulties are instead better for obtaining gear of higher rarities because the drop rate is increased for gear.

Gel Icon Log-in Bonuses

Log-in bonuses are exactly what they sound like--bonus gifts simply for logging into the game that day. The day resets at 5:00 PM PDT (4:00 PM PST). Sometimes, special log-in events will be held, awarding the player with limited-time bonuses as well each day.

Delay Icon Special Event

Special events are events that do not reward the player with gear, but still give hero stones. They often give plenty of spheres as well.

Mana Icon Soul Arena

Soul Arena is a special 8-day event that generally occurs once every three weeks. Players fight against waves of monsters to accumulate mana to claim mana rewards. Players also compete with each other in the ranking system to obtain highly sought after rank rewards.

(Bashwing) Bludgeonhawk Trial Tower

The Trial Tower is an event with at least 20 levels. Each has its own unique boss and conditions. Five of these levels are "type-locked," meaning the player can only use the level indicated for that stage. For example, one's team must consist entirely of spell units to enter the spell level. The Trial Tower offers many rewards, including both four- and five-star limit break hawks.

Unit Icon Unite Event

Unite events are events in which the player battles alongside a Tales character in a story. At the end, the player is awarded with a Unit of the character. The three beginner quests currently available are all unite events.

Thrust Weapon Event

Weapon events give out special weapons after completing a series of quests.

In special forge events, players go through a series of battles to obtain a low rarity weapon gear, usually known as Essence, and its evolution items. The player will be able to evolve the weapon gear to a higher rarity. After completing the main weapon event, two more events will occur, one allowing players to farm the Essence, and another allowing players to farm the evolution items. The farmable evolution items allow players to evolve the weapon to an even higher rarity, usually SR++, where it may obtain a passive. Weapons from weapon forge events can also be limit broken for additional stats. Therefore, weapons obtained through weapon events tend to have higher stats than ordinary weapons of the same rarity.

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