Gear, also known as equipment, can be equipped to units to increase their stats and give them unique abilities. There are three main types of gear: Weapons, Armor, and Arte Souls. All gear are split into different rarities, from N to UR++. Units have two equipment slots that can be filled with weapons or armors, as well as a Mystic Arte slot.


Weapons are gear that primarily add to the unit's ATK stat when equipped. They may have HP and/or RCV stats, but these stats will usually be lower than the ATK stat. Weapons are divided into five categories:

Slash Thrust Shot Bash Spell
Slash Thrust Shot Bash Spell

Each type of weapon can only be equipped to the corresponding type of unit, e.g Slash weapons can only be equipped to Slash units. Weapons also have elements, and can give an elemental advantage or disadvantage to the unit equipping it. This bonus, however, only applies once. Giving a unit two of the same type of elemental weapon does not increase the elemental advantage offered by weapons. Weapons may also include passives that can increase damage at the end of a link, reduce elemental damage, and so on.


Armors are gear that primarily add to the unit's HP and RCV stat when equipped. Some armors, primarily obtained through events, give ATK. Armors can be equipped to all units. Many armors also have passive abilities, such as preventing ailments or resisting elemental damage.

Arte Souls

Arte Souls are unique gear that are only equippable to units that share the same character as the Arte Soul. They give the unit access to a Mystic Arte, a special move that only activates when the unit is the finisher of a 9-link chain, commonly referred to as a full board or OLA. They multiply the unit's ATK on top of the 150% multiplier from the Overlink Arte. Arte Souls range from R rarity to UR++ rarity. R Arte Souls require a Goddess Drop to be upgraded, SR Arte Souls require a Goddess' Bless, and UR Arte Souls requires Goddess' Love to be upgraded. The higher the rarity of the Arte Soul, the larger the damage multiplier on it. Higher rarity Arte Souls can also give a small boost to ATK.

Rarity ATK Damage Multiplier
R 0 150%
R+ 0 200%
SR 0 250%
SR+ 0 300%
UR 0 400%
UR+ 100 400%
UR++ 100 500%
Vargas Sara Mystic Arte Souls
Rarity ATK Damage Multiplier
R 0 150%
R+ 0 180%
R++ 0 200%
SR 0 250%
SR+ 50 250%
SR++ 50 300%
UR 50 350%
UR+ 50 400%
UR++ 100 450%
  • Note: Unmentioned and hidden in the displayed damage during battle, users of an Mystic Arte will apply their damage twice to their targeted opponent; before and after the Mystic Arte animation. Additional enemies on the field will only receive the regular amount of damage.


There are some gear that give extremely little stats. These gear are usually classified under armor, but are not intended to be equipped onto units. These gear have various other uses.


Spheres are meant to be fused into other gears in order to increase the gear's level. They give more EXP compared to any other type of gears.


Metals are meant to be sold for gald. They give the most gald of all unleveled gears.

Evolution Items

Evolution items are meant to increase the rarity of weapons, armors, and Arte Souls. Weapons and armors have coatings, while Arte Souls have Goddess Drops and Goddess' Love. Event items may have unique evolution items.

Fusing Gear

All weapon and armor obtained initially start at level 1 and can be leveled by fusing other types of gear into it. This increases the stats on the gear, making it an essential step in increasing the party's strength.

Gear fusion is done by selecting the gear to be fused, referred in-game as the "base" gear, and then selecting a maximum of 10 gear to be fused into the base at a time. The higher the maximum level of the gear, the higher the gear EXP required to max the gear. Generally, fusing higher rarity gear gives more EXP. Spheres give the most EXP compared to all gear of the same rarity. In fusing gear, fusing together gear of the same type gives 5 times regular EXP. Gear fusion requires gald, and the higher the level of the base gear, the higher the cost of fusing. It is recommended for players low on gald to level their equipment to the maximum level in one fusion.

A unique part of gear fusion is limit breaking. Much like unit limit break, when fusing gear of the same name to the base gear, not only will the gear get EXP, but it will also limit break (LB) the gear once. Most gears can be limit broken up to five times, which allows their stats to increase past their maximum level. Limit breaking can still be done even when the base gear is at maximum level.

See the section on Fusing Gear for information on EXP values needed to level equipment, or the EXP given by specific equipment.

Gear Evolution

Gear evolution is the process of increasing the rarity of the gear, for example, from R to R+, which also increases the gear's stat totals and maximum level. This consumes an evolution item, usually a coating. The gear that is to be evolved has to be at its maximum level (limit breaking is unnecessary) to be evolved. Gald has to be paid for the evolution. Gear evolution results in the evolved gear becoming level 1 again, meaning gear fusion must be done to level the gear again. Most gear can be evolved twice, and all limit breaks are carried over to the evolved gear.



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