Guides and Resources (Banner)

Guides created by users to assist other players with the game. Feel free to add to this category!

Battle Mechanics (Banner)
by /u/icksq and Thriefty

Casual Players Guide (Banner)
by ElusiveLarry

Data Transfers & Contacting Support (Banner)
by Ayleria

Gear Inventory Management (Banner)
by Thriefty

Rank and Stamina (Banner)
by Ayleria

Team Building (Banner)
by Thriefty

Tile Management Guide (Banner)
by /u/icksq, ElusiveLarry, and /u/sheltatha_lore

UR Weapon List (Banner)
by Radiantancient

Useful Four-Star Heroes (Banner)
by Thriefty

Please also see these external (Reddit) Guides:

Arena Ranking Guide (Banner)
by /u/takaminacchan

Ares Realm Guide (Banner)
by /u/Namwin

Beginner's Guide (Banner)
by /u/Namwin

Damage Calculator (Banner)
by /u/icksq

Finishers Spreadsheet (Banner)
by /u/icksq

Hawking Guide (Banner)
by /u/takaminacchan

Limit Breaking and Elements Guide (Banner)
by /u/ianflip

Rerolling Guide (Banner)
by /u/ImGayForYuri

Soul Arena Units (Banner)
by /u/cinquedea27

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