Units (referred to as heroes in game) are characters in Tales of Link that can be used in your party to defeat enemies and challenge content. Units have various attributes that modify their abilities.

  • Name - A unit's name is nearly always unique barring a few exceptions. Although units may share the same character, the name is usually the unique identifier between them. A unit's name and character determines the Mystic Arte it can equip.
  • Type - Dictates many of the unit's attributes like LC and general stat distribution.
  • Rarity - A general measure of a unit's strength and usually determines the maximum level of the unit.This number can vary from one star to six stars.
  • Level - A measure of a unit's full potential. Leveling up a unit increases its attributes.
  • ATK - A unit's attack power. This number, after all multipliers are applied, is displayed when a unit is on an offensive tile in battle. This number is the addition of the unit's base attack power and the effects of any ATK modifying passives, herbs, or equipment.
  • HP - A unit's health points. Units do not have individual HP in battle. Their HP contributes to the team's overall HP. This number is the addition of the unit's base HP and the effects of any HP modifying passives, herbs, or equipment.
  • RCV - A unit's healing potential. This number is displayed when the unit is on a heart tile in battle. This number is the addition of the unit's own base RCV and the effect of any RCV modifying passives, herbs, or equipment.
  • LC - A unit's link capacity or LC for short. LC is used to activate leader or sub leader skills in battle. Units do not have individual LC in battle. Their LC is contributed towards the team total.
  • Enemies defeated - The number of enemies this unit has defeated. This number increases when a monster is defeated when this unit is the last unit in the killing link, commonly referred to as the finisher. Increasing this number allows a unit to unlock its passives.
  • Limit - Units can surpass their max level a varying amount of times by having the unit fuse with a copy of itself or by fusing with a (Type)hawk of the same rarity.
  • Arte - A randomly activated attack that occurs during battle. These can have several types of effects or a combination of effects including delaying enemy turns, dealing damage to all enemies, healing a % of damage dealt, or attacking multiple times.
  • Leader Skill - An all-team modifying skill that applies to all units in the team that match certain criteria. Only the leader of your team's skill applies in battle.
  • Skill - Also known as "Active Skill", is the skill that requires LC during battle that can have a wide variety of effects. The most common examples are changing tiles to a different kind or multiplying the ATK of units.
  • Passives - Inherent abilities of a unit that boosts the unit's combat potential. They can range from giving a unit additional stats to giving a rare chance of recovering HP. They are initially locked but can be unlocked by increasing the enemies defeated count.

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