Deijil Region

Kamsur Prairie

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Fiends in the Fields35 (Healer) Estelle (Icon)
[Healer] Estelle
The Heartbroken Soldier35
With Downcast Eyes35
Hesitant Blade35
Approaching the City47
Monster Element: Light Element LP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Ryuka

Dona Plateau

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
The Guild Swordsman35 (Summoner) Sheena (Icon)
[Summoner] Sheena
Dual Blades Strike35
Gleaming Swords35
Practical Combat Training35
The Meaning of Strength47
Monster Element: Fire Element LP x 1.5: Tuesday, Thursday
Guests: Ryuka, Lloyd

Ryuka's Fight

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Escaping Deijil: Outskirts35 (Spirit Swordswoman) Milla (Icon)
[Spirit Swordswoman] Milla
Escaping Deijil: Alleyway35
Escaping Deijil: City Gates35
Escaping Deijil: Mopping Up35
I Want To Protect Everyone!47
Monster Element: Earth Element LP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Ryuka, Lloyd

Rainy Forest Path

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
After Them!35 (Lens Hunter) Rutee (Icon)
[Lens Hunter] Rutee
With My Own Strength35
Preventing Progress35
Finding Footprints35
Determined to Pursue47
Monster Element: Water Element EXP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Ryuka, Lloyd

Riede Forest - Pursuit

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Forest Most Ferocious35 (Spinner-Wielder) Marta (Icon)
[Spinner-Wielder] Marta
The Lurking Monsters35
The Claws That Rend35
The Jaws That Snatch35
Hearing a Distant Howl47
Monster Element: Wind Element EXP x 2: Sunday
Guests: Ryuka, Lloyd

Wolf of Ruin

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Thrall to the Seed35 (Sorcerer) Genis (Icon)
[Sorcerer] Genis
The Threat of Siege35
Breaking Enemy Ranks35
Presenting the Blade35
Wolf of Ruin Venosdalta47
Monster Element: Dark Element LP x 2: Sunday PM, Saturday PM
Guests: Ryuka, Lloyd


Deijil Region/Transcripts

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