A quest for beginners only! Follow Cress and Mint as they hunt the Demon King Dhaos.

(Demon King Hunter) Cress (Face)
  • This event can only be completed once
  • A 4-Star Cress is rewarded at completion




# Stage Stamina Battles
Seed Signal Seekers
1 Into the Ruins 5 5
2 Bestial Ambush 5 5
3 Deeper Within 5 5
4 The Sound of Arrows 5 5
5 The Black Mist 5 7
Swordsman and Sorceress
6 6 5
7 6 5
8 6 5
9 6 5
10 6 5
11 6 5
12 6 7
Beyond the Black Mist
13 7 5
14 7 5
15 7 5
16 8 5
17 8 5
18 8 5
19 8 7
Shadow of the Demon King
20 9 5
21 9 5
22 9 5
23 10 5
24 10 5
25 10 5
26 10 7
Escape the Ruins!
27 12 5
28 15 5
29 20 5

1,2 - earth 3, 4 - dark 5 - water


Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (one after each part)

(Demon King Hunter) Cress (Icon) [Demon King Hunter] Cress
(Demon King Hunter) Cress (Icon) [Demon King Hunter] Cress
Type Thrust LV 1 (70)
ATK 449 (1287) HP 516 (1736)
RCV 292 (801) LC 6
Arte 3 hits against one foe (83% x3)
LS Boost HP of slash/thrust heroes to 1.3x
(25 LC)
Boost TriangleSquare ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns
Repair 2 Inspirit Attackers 3
Weapon Boost 3



Sara So do you think the readings were coming from these ruins, Lippy?
Lippy I... I suppose...
Sara Is something wrong? You don't seem like your usual self...
Lippy It's just that the seed's reverberations are so strong... They're like nothing we've encountered before.
Sara They're that strong? Could that mean my brother is here?
Lippy I do not know. But it is a possibility.
Sara I guess we can't know for sure. And if it isn't my brother...
Then some ruinator or seed-possessed monster is probably just ahead. We need to be careful.
All right, you two. In we go!


Sara Phew. Is everyone okay?
Lippy Lady Sara! Above you!
Monster Grrrrrrr!
 ??? Demon Fang!
Sara Cress! Thank you. You save my butt there.
Cress I'm just glad you're safe. But be careful! You never know where a monster might strike from around here.
Sara Yeah... You can imagine how embarrassed I feel after telling everyone to be careful.
Mint Don't be so hard on yourself, Sara! Everyone makes mistakes.
Sara Mint...
Lippy I was surprised to learn that you were guildmates with Lloyd, Master Cress.
Cress I was surprised he knew you too. Lloyd told us about the work you guys have been doing. That's tough stuff!
Is it one of those "seeds of ruin" that brought you into these ruins?
Sara It is. Although... the readings we're getting on this one seem a little unusual.
Lippy They suggest it is significantly more powerful than any seed we've encountered previously.
Cress I don't like the sound of that.
Mint Sara, would you mind if we came along with you?
Sara Of course not! But don't you need to be doing your guild job?
Cress We have plenty of time for that. Besides, Lloyd told us that we should lend a hand if we ever ran into you.
Sara Lloyd said that?
Well, then we gratefully accept. It's great to have you on the team!


Sara Hmm. Off in the distance... Do you hear something moving?
It sounds like... someone fighting?!
 ??? Damn it! Hold still! Or don't—I got ya anyway. Gale Shot!
Monster Grrrrr...
 ??? As if I'm gonna miss!
Cress Chester? What are you doing here?
Chester I was chasing after you! But I guess I ended up getting ahead of you somehow...
Cress You were chasing us? Why?
Chester To tell you that we found the demon king!
Dhaos is right HERE. That info comes from one of our guildmates. It's solid!
Cress Huh. All right. Thanks for delivering the message.
Chester Incidentally, who are they?
Cress We ran into them here in the ruins.
Chester You met'em here? You sure about their loyalties? They could be working for Dhaos!
Cress No way. They'd never do that.
Chester So you say, but I don't work with folk I can't trust. I'll go and get revenge against Dhaos myself.
Mint Chester, you're being quite rude!
Chester Uh-huh. Catch you later.
Cress Chester!
Sara Um, Cress...?
Cress Sorry about Chester. He's not always like that. It's just, when it comes to Dhaos...
Sara Is there some backstory there? He mentioned a "demon king"...?
Cress That's a long story...
Sara Whoa... Your entire village was destroyed?!
Cress My father and mother were killed, and so was Chester's sister.
Dhaos is using a power that's "not of this world" to destroy numerous towns.
The guild's been pursuing him, but we never expected to find him here!
Sara Then we can't let Chester fight him alone! We gotta go after him!
Cress Yeah. Thanks. I'm sorry to drag you into this.
Lippy You have nothing to apologize for. Now, let us make haste!


Chester Damn it! The deeper I go, the stronger the monsters get!
Monster Kshah!
Chester Aah!
Sara Kee-yaaaaaah! Cress!
Cress I'm on it! Beast Sword Rain!
Mint Chester, are you okay? Hold still, I'll heal you!
Chester You guys...
Cress I'm glad we got to you in time.
Chester Thanks, Cress. And, to you... What was it, "Sara"?
I'm sorry I didn't trust you before. The way you fought just now... That's all the proof I need.
I can't believe I accused you of working with the demon king.
Sara Don't worry about it. At least we're on the same team now.
Chester And I'm glad for that.


Sara What's all this black mist? There's something really unsettling about it.
Mint The way it's clinging to me... It's like it's trying to stop me from proceeding any further...
Cress I wonder if this means Dhaos is inside?
Chester Let's find out!
Cress Chester, stop! Wait for the rest of us!
Lippy Lady Sara, I'm worried! The reverberations of the seed have grown even stronger!
Sara I wonder if that's the otherworldly power Cress told us about?
Lippy While that is a possibility, I'm not convinced that it's related to Dhaos.
Sara ......
Well, we're not gonna figure it out by discussing it here. We gotta go inside and see what happens...


Sara Ugh. This mist stuff is getting thicker...
Cress Just like last time.
Sara Last time...?
Cress This same mist appeared before our village was destroyed. It grew thicker and thicker, just like this.
Chester The same thing seems to have happened at all the villages Dhaos destroyed.
Mint There were also reports of clumps of a black, mist-like substance.
Sara Clumps of this stuff? So different from what we have here?
Mint Well, I've never seen it myself.
Sara What was that noise?!
Cress We can talk later. I think we'd better get moving.


 ??? ...That's all of it.
Chester We've found you at last!
Sara That's the demon king...?
 ??? Demon king...? Is that what you fool humans have taken to calling me?
Dhaos My name is Dhaos. And if you do not wish to die here, you'll leave at once.
Sara That clump of mist...
Cress That's it! I knew this was your doing, Dhaos! So now you're using your mist to destroy these ruins?!
Dhaos ......
Sara Huh? What the— (user)! Could that be a seed of ruin?!
I've never seen one like that before!
Dhaos How do you know what that is? Who are you?
Chester Who gives a damn? You killed my sister! YOU KILLED AMI! And now you pay for it!
Dhaos I have no interest in fighting you. But all who interfere with my plans will be removed without mercy.
Cress Prepare to die, Dhaos!


Cress Arggghhh... His power's overwhelming...
Sara *pant* He's... so strong...
Mint Is... Is everyone okay...?
Chester Dhaos ain't messin' around...
Dhaos This is where you die.
Lippy Lady Sara!
Chester Someone's dyin', but it ain't us!
Sara Chester?!


Dhaos We're done here.
Sara W-Wait!
What have you... Do... Do you know my brother, Caesar?
Dhaos ......
Sara He disappeared...
Mint The supports are collapsing...!
Cress Chester!
Chester I'm okay! You guys get out of here!
Cress We're not leaving you!
Chester I'll catch up, Cress! You go on ahead!
Cress ...All right. We'll be waiting for you!
Chester All right, time to get outta here.
Damn it! The path is blocked!


Sara Phew. We made it!
Mint But where's Chester...?
Cress Chester will be okay. He'll find us.
Lippy Heavens me!
The reverberations from that seed of ruin have weakened considerably!
Sara What does that mean?
Lippy I can offer no explanation. The readings had been so strong...
Sara Could (user) have purified it somehow?
...Yeah, you're right. If you'd done that, it would have disappeared entirely...
Mint Could Dhaos have weakened it himself?
Cress Why would he do that? If anything, it looked like he was trying to overload it or something!
Sara Yeah, it sure seemed that way...
Lippy Whatever the cause, the weakening of the seed can only be a good thing.
Sara We'll find and purify it some other day. And maybe then we can figure out what the heck happened here today.
Cress Yeah. And in the meantime, we'll have the guild keep an eye on these ruins, in case Dhaos tries to come back.
Sara That's a good idea. And if we discover anything about where he's gone, we'll make sure to let you know.
Arche Chester, hold still! I can't focus with you grabbing me like that! This broom wasn't built for two!
Chester You think I want to touch you?! I wouldn't need to grab onto you if you weren't such a terrible pilot!
Arche I'm a terrible pilot now?! You jerk! And after I went and rescued you!
Chester I never asked you to rescue me! I'd have been fine!
Arche Cress! Mint! I finally found him!
Cress Arche?! What are you doing here?
Arche When I went to the guild they told me that you guys had gone out on a job, so I went looking for you.
I can't believe you guys abandoned me like that!
Mint I'm sorry, Arche! They said you were off on another job!
Sara Umm...
Cress Oh, sorry. That's Arche. Sometimes she helps us out with our guild assignments.
Arche I bet you're Sara, right? Chester told me all about you! Nice to meet you!
Sara It's a pleasure!
Cress It's good to see you, Chester.
Chester Yeah, I got a little worried for a minute there, but it all worked out. So where we headed next?
Cress Well...
Dhaos Still not enough...
Pulse of the Demon King -fin-