Elza (Brave Frontier)
(Inferno Queen) Elza (Face) The second princess of the Bariura Kingdom. Elza showed great potential from infancy, and thus a lot came to be expected from her. She was imprisoned while trying to protect her sister from a sinister plot.
Units: 5-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


5-Star Units

(Inferno Queen) Elza (Icon) [Inferno Queen] Elza
(Inferno Queen) Elza (Icon) [Inferno Queen] Elza
Type Spell LV 1 (99)
ATK 627 (2443) HP 557 (2367)
RCV 269 (1418) LC 12
Arte 4 hits against all foes (75% x4)
LS Boost ATK to 2.0x when at 50+% HP
(45 LC)
Change all markers to Square
Arte Plus Vitality 4
Strength 3 Inferno Queen



(Inferno Queen) Elza


(Inferno Queen) Elza (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Inferno Queen) Elza (Face)


Elza BF AttackElza BF IdleElza BF Run

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