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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Malik and his team are pushing through the tournament brackets with relative ease. Things are looking very promising! As they take a much needed break, the team is given an extravagant meal from the tournament organizers. Right as they prepare to take their first bites, Malik's acquaintance, Burner, comes in warning them not to eat the food! It seems some group is up to no good and committing nefarious pranks to all the tournament participants. It's time to get to the bottom of this!


# Stage Stamina Battles
On the day of tournament
1 Handmade Costumes 3 5
2 Going for the Gold 3 5
The Split-up
3 Suspicious Men 5 5
4 You Won't Get Away! 5 5
Epic Fight
5 Final Round Shocker 5 5
6 Conclusion 5 5
  • Rewards SR armor on completion

Repeatable Stages

Stage Stamina Battles Drops
A Token for Champion
Easy 5 5 5% Upgrade Material
10% Guardian Summon Ticket x3
85% N Sphere
Normal 8 5 15% Upgrade Material
15% Guardian Summon Ticket x3
70% HN Sphere
Hard 10 5 50% Upgrade Material
20% Guardian Summon Ticket x5
30% R Sphere


Hero Stone 4x Hero Stones

Local Delicacies Assortment Local Delicacies Assortment
Local Delicacies Assortment Local Delicacies Assortment
Increases ATK by 5.


Champion's Emblem Champion's Emblem
Champion's Emblem Champion's Emblem
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 412 (412)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 32 (32)
Passive Symbol of a Legendary Fist
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 3%

Champion's Emblem +
Champion's Emblem Champion's Emblem +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 455 (455)
Rarity SR + HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 42 (42)
Passive Symbol of a Legendary Fist
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 3%

Champion's Emblem ++
Champion's Emblem Champion's Emblem ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 496 (496)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 52 (52)
Passive Symbol of a Legendary Fist
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 3%
Legend's Emblem Legend's Emblem
Legend's Emblem Legend's Emblem
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 537 (537)
Rarity UR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 62 (62)
Passive Symbol of a Combat God
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 5%

Legend's Emblem +
Legend's Emblem Legend's Emblem +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 578 (578)
Rarity UR + HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 72 (72)
Passive Symbol of a Combat God
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 5%

Legend's Emblem ++
Legend's Emblem Legend's Emblem ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 621 (621)
Rarity UR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 80 (80)
Passive Symbol of a Combat God
Very rarely boost ATK of all heroes by 5%

Upgrade Material:

Upgrade Material (Emblem) Upgrade Material (Emblem)
Upgrade Material (Emblem) Upgrade Material
SR Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Champion's Emblem and its iterations.




—The day of the tournament—
Lippy Everyone, I've completed your custom costumes for the ring! Please, try them on and let me know how they feel!
Malik Huh. This is really good craftsmanship.
Lippy Why thank you! I've attempted to meticulously replicate the costumes of a group of eastern fighters for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect.
My hope was that wearing similar costumes would grant us comparable strength in the ring. I suppose we're all a little superstitious at heart!
Milla Do people in the east really fight wearing such frilly garments? I feel like some sort of snooty aristocrat.
Dezel They move all right.
Malik Milla's costume isn't that drastic of a departure, and these are pretty standard duds for Dezel and I...
But Presea... Are you really gonna be okay fighting in that?
Presea Hmmm? Does something about this seem strange to you?
Dezel Well, she doesn't seem to mind.
Presea My costume has little paw pads sewn onto it. They're so cute. Would you like to touch them, Malik?
Malik Uh, no. I'll restrain myself. Are you sure that costume won't get in the way when you're fighting?
Presea Oh, I'm sure. Wearing this feels so empowering. It makes me eager to fight.
Lippy I am so pleased that everyone seems satisfied! I'll admit that they appear a tad unconventional to the untrained eye.
But the materials from which they're made are highly elastic and extremely breathable. They should prove quite flexible in the ring!
Milla Now that you mention it, it does seem to fit exceptionally well. And it is easy to move around in...
Dezel Yeah. Not too shabby.
Malik Lippy crafted these as a prayer to the gods of battle. A prayer that no foe should be able to stand against us while we wear them in the ring.
Lippy You honor me with your praise. I am moved nearly to tears!
Malik Well, best pull it together. The tournament's about to begin.
Milla Is it time already? All right—let's win this thing and claim that prize!
Dezel I never go into a fight expecting to lose.
Presea If we win, I get to touch Lippy's paw pads to my heart's content. We'll win.


Malik Dance with fire! Can you see it coming? Blistering Waltz!
Presea Become dust... It's over! Infernal Ruin!
Lippy Allow me to unleash my own master arte! Hammer Punch!
Strong Gwaaaarrrgghhh!
The We have a winner! Give it up for Malik Caesar's Team!
Spectators Yaaaaaayyy!!!
Lippy My friends, we've prevailed! Let us strive to maintain this rhythm all the way to the final round!
Milla Yeah, we're on fire here!
Dezel Naturally.
Presea It looks like our team gets a little break after this.
Lippy Ah, it appears you are correct. Then let us rest our weary muscles!
Look at this. The tournament steering committee has delivered deluxe boxed meals for each of us!
Please wait for a moment while I prepare our beverages.
Malik That's awfully considerate of you, Lippy. I guess we'll wait to eat till they're ready.
[Everyone opens their lunch boxes.]
Presea This looks really yummy.
Milla You're not kidding. This looks great!
But I can't even identify some of these ingredients. What is this?
Malik I think that's genkatsu—breaded squid tentacles, It's a local delicacy here. Looks like they're fried up nicely.
Dezel The local delicacy of Genkotsu is "genkatsu"? Are they trying to be cute?
Malik Ha! You caught that straight away. You're exactly right.
Dezel ...
Lippy My apologies for keeping you waiting! I've prepared an ice-cold round of my special juice for everyone. This is an especially restorative blend!
Malik Thanks, Lippy. Now that everything's ready, let's dig right in—
Burner Malik, stop! Don't do it!
Milla Oh, it's that friend of yours! Burner, I think?
Dezel He's not looking too good.
Burner Malik, don't eat the lunch boxes! The food, it's... *urf*
Malik Burner? Are you all right? Stay with me, man! What happened?
Burner Urrrggghhh... I ate one of those lunch boxes just before noon. The stomach pains started before I'd even finished.
I haven't been able to leave the bathroom since!
Malik How could this have happened?
Burner There has to be some kinda poison in there! This sucks, but... my legs are so wobbly... I can barely walk.
I'd really been looking forward to our rematch, Malik, but... I think my tournament... is over...
Win this one... for me... all right...?
Malik Burner! Burner, look at me! Buuuuurrrrrnnnnneeeeerrrrr!!!
Lippy Dear me, Master Burner!
Milla Is... Is he dead?
Burner Oh! And I forget to mention. I'm apparently not the only one who got sick after eating the lunch boxes.
Milla What, you're fine after all? You had me totally worried!
Burner When the committee found out, they tried to recover all the boxes they'd distributed, but they must not have gotten to yours... yet...
The rest... is up... to you...
Malik Buuurrrnnneeerrr!!! Your warning saved us all! I won't let your sacrifice be in vain!
Milla Oh, he's just playing dead. I'm not falling for that again.
Lippy I do believe he's legitimately unconscious... We should get him to the infirmary posthaste!
Malik The doctor briefed me on Burner's condition. They got him on some sort of I.V. drip, and he should be fine with a bit of rest.
Dezel Who would poison the lunch boxes? Someone who wants to get the tournament shut down, maybe?
Presea I asked Lippy to analyze the lunch box. Maybe that will give us a clue?
Lippy My smartphon has just now completed the analysis!
Malik So what have you got for us, Lippy?
Lippy A powerful laxative has been detected from the lunch boxes. That is likely the source of the stomach pains that Burner and the others experienced.
Dezel It's not even a real poison? Just a laxative? This is getting dumber by the minute.
Lippy I asked the committee about the other incidents. They said that while they have disrupted the tournament, no one has been seriously hurt.
Milla Well that doesn't make me feel much better—we nearly fell victim to it ourselves! I won't be happy till the culprit's been found and punished!
Lippy I could not agree more, Lady Milla! All of these brave competitors need to be focusing on the tournament, not staying out of some saboteur's way!
What sort of monster would sully such a proud and long-standing tradition? He must pay for his crimes.
Presea If we don't find the culprit soon, the incidents might start getting more serious.
Dezel I'll all for catching the guy, but what about the tournament? Our next round begins soon, and if we're not out there, we're getting disqualified.
Lippy Dear me... Whatever shall we do?
Malik I want to solve this mystery as much as you do, but we've come too far to forfeit now. Besides, I owe it to Burner to win this thing.
Milla Well what if we split up, then? One team could continue advancing through the tournament, while the other hunts down the culprit!
Dezel I could care less either way. Do whatever you want.
Malik All right. Presea, Milla, Dezel— I want you to track this guy down.
Milla Huh? You're sending three of us? Are you and Lippy gonna be able to handle the tournament by yourselves?
Lippy M-Master Malik? As much as I appreciate your faith in me, I honestly don't see how—
Malik You'll do great. I know this is my first time fighting with you, but you're a lot stronger than I imagined you'd be. I know you have the skills.
But what I need now is to have you focused. We get distracted, and we'll give our foes an opening. I want your head in the ring, 100%.
Lippy Y-Yes, Master Malik, I understand! Your faith in me will not be misplaced!
Presea Leave the investigation to us. Good luck out there Malik. You too, Lippy.


And so, Milla, Presea, and Dezel informed the tournament judges that they were withdrawing from the tournament and left the arena.
But immediately after passing through the exit, they returned through a back door and headed to the lounge reserved for tournament competitors.
Presea Look! Those people seem awfully suspicious.
Dezel Yep.
Milla No doubt about it. They're clearly up to something.
It looks like they're keeping watch to make sure no one comes inside. I bet there's more of them.
Suspicious ...
Milla They're on the move!
Dezel They're escorting out a bunch of their cronies from inside the room. They must have been up to something.
Presea Let's go see what they've done.
Dezel Hey, guys!
Milla Bwaaaaahhh!!! I... I slipped?!
Presea Are you okay Milla? It looks like they've scattered marbles all over the floor. We'll have to try to navigate around them.
Milla Damn! That's a dirty trick!
Dezel It looks like it's not the only one. They've pulled all sorts of silly little pranks.
Presea There's more inside, Dezel?
Dezel Yeah. A lot more. Take a look at that bed and chair over there.
Presea This one here?
Milla Hmmm...? It's hard to see, because it's the same color as the upholstery, but... is this chair covered with wet glue?
If I'd sat down on this, I don't know that I'd be able to get up again...
Presea It looks like someone's strewn whoopee cushions all over this bed.
Milla This is just a bunch of childish pranks! After all the talk about "mysterious accidents" I'd been anticipating something much more nefarious.
Dezel Well, I suppose we'd better get this room cleaned up.
Presea Right. Let's get started.
Dezel I wonder what our pranksters are up to now?
[Frantic footsteps]
Stiff Sorry—in a hurry here! Clear the way!
Milla H-Hey! Watch where you're going! You nearly ran right into me!
Competitor1 Sorry! I was just told that my parents have both fallen gravely ill—I gotta get back home!
Milla Whoa, I'm so sorry! Godspeed, kid!
Competitor1 Thanks! Bye!
Dezel What the...
[More onrushing footsteps]
Competitor2 Out of the way! Get out of the way! My ailing father has a piece of food stuck in his throat! I gotta save him!
Competitor3 My kid sister's been kidnapped by a mysterious criminal organization!
Competitor4 Our family's cat is stuck in a tree and crying out for help!
Presea What the heck is going on?
Milla How could so many people be suffering family emergencies at the same time?
Dezel Lower your voices! Look! Over there!
Suspicious ...
Presea (It's the same guys as before...)
Milla (So after they sabotaged the lounge, they started spreading false rumors about the competitors' families? That is so juvenile!)
Hey, jerks! Hold it right there!
Suspicious Uh-oh! Everyone get outta here!
Milla Damn it, they scattered!
Presea Don't let them get away!
Dezel Not so fast, pal!
Leader Wh-What?! How did you catch up to us so quickly...?!
Dezel I'm done with you and your little pranks. Man up and take your beating!


Dezel Vengeant Fangs!
Presea Eternal Damnation!
Milla Whirling Assault!
Suspicious Yaarrggghhh...
Dezel Pathetic. What a bunch of pushovers.
Milla Time to accept you're beaten and confess your crimes!
Leader W-Wait! We didn't do anything wrong! This is all just a big misunderstanding!
Presea ...
Leader Wh-Whoa! Watch where you're spinning that axe, lady! You might hit someone!
Presea Tell us the truth. Were you the ones who set up all those pranks in the lounge?
Dezel And told a bunch of the competitors that their families were in trouble? We know it was you.
Leader Oh... Heh... That... Y-Yeah. That was us.
Presea I knew it. I'll chase after those guys who ran past and tell them everything's okay.
Dezel Right.
So what were you hoping to achieve with your little pranks?
An I have no idea! Someone told us to do it— we were just following orders!
Milla And you think it's okay to terrorize people like that just because someone told you to?
An I... I'm sorry...
Milla So spit it out already. Who told you to do this?
Leader It... It was...
Milla *Gasp!*


Malik O angry howl of the dragon gods! Burning Strike!
Clever Bwaaaaaarrrgghh!
The That's a K.O.! Malik Caesar and Lippy win the match!
Spectators Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! Malik! Malik! Malik! Malik!
Lippy I can't believe we've made it through the semifinals! A most impressive performance, Master Malik!
I can't help but wonder if Milla and the others have had as much success in apprehending our saboteur.
Malik You know, I haven't seen as many forfeited matches in the recent rounds. Maybe they have had some success?
Lippy Why, now that you mention it, you're right! The tournament does seem to be running much more smoothly. This is a promising development indeed!
I have been meticulously scanning the tournament grounds for potential traps and suspicious persons, and have seen few signs of danger here in the ring.
So I think we can conclude that the tournament grounds are relatively safe.
Malik Is that right? Good work on that, Lippy.
Lippy Why, as a fan of this tournament, it is absolutely my pleasure!
Malik That's great, but... there is something that's been kinda bothering me. But it looks like that'll have to wait—our next match is about to begin.
The final round is a TAG battle. Lippy—let you and me win this together!
Lippy Th-This is it? This is the final round? I just can't believe it...
When I think about what this means... Dear me! I can't stop trembling!
Malik With excitement, you mean? Try to relax. It's just like any of the times you fought alongside (user) and Sara.
Lippy The times I fought alongside (user) and Sara... Ah.
[Lippy takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.]
Lippy Thank you, Master Malik. I will fight my hardest! For Sara and the Great Savior!
Malik Give 'em hell, Lippy!
The Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you've all been waiting for. The final battle of the tournament!
Spectators Yaaaaaaayyy!!!
The Who will ascend to the throne of champions? Let's meet these fierce competitors!
First we have the duo that's fresh off their rampage through the semifinals— Malik Caaaaaaeeeeesar and Lippyyyyy!
Despite losing the other three members of their team to a tragic accident, their incomparable strength has driven them all the way to the final round!
Facing them in the champion's ring we have... Huh?
Oh my! Due to unforeseen circumstances, apparently the other finalists will not be able to participate. Instead, we have a last-minute substitution!
Malik A last-minute substitution...?
The I'm pleased to present their final round opponents... Panda and Kuma!
Panda ...
Malik Two bears? What the heck?!
Lippy From their stance and... smell... these do appear to be actual bears. And yet the muscle tone beneath their fur is far beyond what you'd find in the wild.
Malik It's possible that our saboteur is behind this. He could have removed our original opponent so we'd have to fight them...
Lippy That dastard! Master Malik, I will not allow these creatures to beat us!
Malik Yeah, either way, we need to win this. Let's get 'em, Lippy!
Lippy Absolutely!
The The battle of the century is about to begin! Keep your eyes peeled, folks— you're not gonna want to miss this!
Ready? Fight!
Panda Grrraaawwwrrr!!!


Malik Wind, thou quickened dagger, no shield can repel thine unforeseen stab! Culling Flare!
Kuma Grrrrrr...!
Panda Rrrrrgghhhh!
Malik I can't believe they're still standing...!
The I can't imagine a more thrilling finale! The entire audience is on the edge of their seats as the white-hot action unfolds in the ring below!
What amazingly well-matched competitors! Neither has yielded an inch, and it's easy to see either emerging the victor!
Lippy I see it's finally come to this... I've got one final trick up my sleeve— the last-resort trump card I learned from that correspondence course!
Hammer Punch to Power Puuuunch!
Panda Hnrgh?!
Lippy They've dropped their guard! Master Malik! Unleash your mightiest arte!
Malik A man speaks with his back! Malik Beeeeeeeeeeeaaaammm!
Panda Gwwaaaaaarrrgggghhh!!!
The And the bear duo is DOWN! That shockwave really rung their bells—they're not getting up!
It's a knockout! Malik Caesar and Lippy are the tournament champions!
Spectators Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!
Malik! Malik! Malik! Malik! Lippy! Lippy! Lippy! Lippy!
Malik We finally won? Man, that was a rough one.
Lippy Indeed. They were most powerful foes!
Kuma Garr! Garrrrrr.
Lippy What's this? They appear to be trying to communicate. Please give me a moment... I'll use my smartphon to translate.
Kuma Garr garr! (What luck that we managed to stumble upon such a thrilling battle after we wandered into this city!)
Malik It's been a long time since I've had such a satisfying battle myself. You have my gratitude, friends.
Lippy If you don't mind my asking, how is it that you two ended up participating in this arena battle?
Panda Kwaah! Kwaaaah! (A boy asked me a short while ago if I'd fight for him in exchange for bamboo. I hadn't had any in a while...)
Kuma Garr! (The same boy gave me salmon to fight!)
Malik Hold on a minute there. Can you tell us a little more about this kid?
After hearing out Kuma and Panda, Malik and Lippy reunited with Milla's group, compared notes, and immediately left to visit the king.
King Malik! I witnessed your triumph from the stands! Your name has been engraved upon the annals of Iron Fighters history!
Malik You flatter me, Your Majesty.
King As the man who invited you, I couldn't be more proud!
What do you say? Shall we toast to your victory?
Malik You are most gracious, Your Majesty. I would be honored, but before that, might I have a word with His Highness the Crown Prince?
King But as you saw earlier, the prince can be quite difficult to deal with. I would hate for you to have to endure his discourtesy once more...
Malik Nevertheless, Your Majesty, I would very much like to speak with him.
Milla There he is.
Prince What do you want? If this is a waste of my time, I'll make sure you regret it.
Dezel As gracious as ever.
Presea He seems to be in quite a bad mood.
Prince Huh? You guys? You were supposed to have quit after eating the laxative- tainted lunches!
Dezel *Sigh* Looks like we got ourselves a master criminal here.
Prince Wait, what? What are you talking about?
Malik Please forgive me, Your Majesty, but I'm about to say something a little bit harsh to the crown prince.
King I'm not sure that I like where this is going, but... I trust you, Malik.
Malik Your Highness. You were the ringleader of the group that was trying to force all the tournament competitors to forfeit, were you not?
Prince What!
Milla Don't play dumb with us. We've already captured your little henchmen.
Lippy And Kuma and Panda have identified you from an illustration as the boy who asked them to fight for you.
Prince *Gulp*
Presea There's no way out of this now. Tell us the truth.
King Wait just a moment! Can you prove that he's the culprit?
Malik Yes, Your Majesty. Take a look at this. This is what your son's henchmen received in lieu of payment.
King Why, this is the brooch I gave him for his birthday last year!
Could this actually be true?!
Dezel So why'd you do it, kid?
Prince Because... Because of my father.
Milla Speak up! We can't hear you.
Prince Because of my father! Because he always eats all the pudding, no matter how much I've been looking forward to having it myself!
Everyone Huh...?
Prince And not just once or twice either! He's eaten my pudding so many times! He doesn't even care if I know it!
So I decided to get him back by ruining something that he's been looking forward to—his tournament!
Milla You caused all those problems for so many people because of... pudding? Wow. I did not see that coming.
Lippy But Your Highness! Don't you understand how many people look forward to your country's Iron Fighters tournament?
Have you no care for the trouble you've caused all those people?
Prince W-Well... That's...
Malik Now, now, Lippy. Let's not go too hard on the lad.
If I may, Your Highness, I'd like you to reflect upon what you've done, so you never do anything like this again.
And to you, Your Majesty, I'd like you to accept some of the responsibility for this as well.
If you want more pudding, you should get your own, instead of stealing your son's portion!
And so, after Malik admonished father and son alike, the king and crown prince of Genkotsu finally acknowledged their bad behavior.
Both apologized, vowed never to repeat it, and reconciled at last.
With all the uproar around the tournament settled at last, Malik's group boarded their return vessel.
Sara Welcome back, guys! And congratulations!
I heard all about your victory on the news! The word's really gotten around!
Congratulations, Lippy. We couldn't believe you actually did it!
Lippy Thank you, Lady Sara. And to you too, Great Savior.
I hope you can forgive my long absence.
It is truly the least I could do, but here—this is one of the beetles that Dezel and I managed to capture. I want you to have it.
Sara Uh... heh... Thanks, Lippy.
Milla Speaking of compensation, Malik... Where's the prizes you promised me?
Malik Packed and ready for you, of course. They're right in this bag here.
Presea That bag looks empty.
Milla Don't tell me that after all that, you forgot to collect the prizes?!
Malik No, I got them! A stray dog must have gotten to them while we were aboard the ship...
Milla Malik! What would a stray dog be doing on a ship?! H-Hey! Are you trying to run away from me?!
Lippy Dear me... But I made sure to bring Lady Milla's prizes back myself...
Sara You did? Then wait here—(user) and I will run 'em over to her.
Hey! You two! Hold it right there!
Lippy And they're gone...
Presea Might I receive my prize now, Lippy?
Lippy Ah, of course. To touch my paw pads to your heart's content... I've not forgotten, I assure you.
Presea Oh good. Then let's get started!
—Three hours later—
Dezel Are you still at it, Presea? It's the middle of the night!
Lippy Heeee... Ngggg... Mmmmmmrgh... I vowed that... I'd allow her to... continue until... she was satisfied...
Presea *squeeze* *poke* *squeeze* I'm so happy!