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Sara and co. have just finished up business for the guild on their way to town. They decide to settle in for a while when Sara reveals that her ankle has been injured. Concerned for her safety, Lippy and the Savior both offer to take care of her while she recuperates. Not too long after, they are surprised to meet Malik who is also staying at the inn. He says he has an invitation to the prestigious Genkotsu Iron Fighters Tournament, a venue that Lippy has been eyeing for quite some time. Although greatly excited for the opportunity, Lippy is reluctant to join due to Sara's injury. The Savior takes over and urges Lippy to fulfill his dreams. Along the way, Malik and Lippy persuade Presea, Milla (F), and Dezel to form an unlikely group of 5 to tackle the tournament's best opponents!


Stage Stamina Battles
Let's go to the tournament
1 In Search of Aid 3 3
2 What Will Be Will Be 3 3
Team Up!
3 Ready for the Big Day 5 5
4 Nervous Apprehension 5 5


Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones




Sara We've made it to the inn at last! Man, that was a pretty rough job, I didn't think those monsters would be so tough.
Lippy They exceeded my expectations as well, but you and the Great Savior were more than up to the challenge. I think we've earned a day of rest and relaxation!
Sara Sounds good to me, Lippy!
Ah! Owwww!
Lippy Lady Sara! Is everything okay?
Sara Yeah... I twisted my ankle when we were fighting those monsters.
It didn't hurt much at the time, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem, but suddenly it's really killing me!
Lippy Dear me! I'll see if I can find you some ice.
Sara What's that, (user)? You're sorry for not noticing sooner? No, don't be! I was trying to hide it. I didn't want to worry you guys!
Lippy Fortunately, the job is done, so we can afford to spend the next few days recuperating here. Worry not, Lady Sara—I will nurse you back to health!
Sara It's no big deal, Lippy! I just need to stay off of it for a little bit.
 ??? I thought I heard familiar voices. So it's (user) and Co., eh?
Lippy Dear me! This is a surprise!
Sara Malik?! I haven't seen you in forever! How've you been? Are you staying here?
Malik Yeah. I was invited to some shindig overseas, and my ship leaves from this town tomorrow. So I got a room here.
Lippy You're departing overseas from this town? Are you headed to Genkotsu?
Malik Well, you certainly know your shipping routes. That's exactly where I'm going!
You know, maybe it's a little bit of serendipity that I ran into you here. Do you folk have any interest in martial arts tournaments?
Lippy Might this "shindig" of yours be the Genkotsu Iron Fighters Tournament?
Sara Is that some famous thing?
Lippy It is indeed. The southern island of Genkotsu is best known as a resort town, but it is also famous for its rich legacy of martial arts.
The royal family there are such fans of the combat arts that they've held tournaments there since antiquity.
Competitive fighters from the world over are drawn to the tournament for its lavish prizes and the prestige that comes with them.
It's said that viewing their battles is an excellent way to assess one's own strength. I've long wanted to attend the tournament myself.
Malik Well, clearly shipping routes aren't your only interest. Here, take a look. This is my invitation.
Sara An invitation... to compete?
Lippy That seal on the back of the envelope... That's the official state seal of Genkotsu!
Malik They've requested that I participate in this year's tournament. That's why I'm on my way there.
But I've run into a little problem.
Lippy A problem, you say?
Malik The tournament has both team and TAG battles. So I need another four good fighters. But Asbel, Sophie, and the others are all busy with other matters.
So I'm back to square one. Might you three be interested?
It'd really help me out if you were willing to participate. And the prize purse ain't nothing to sneeze at.
Lippy D-Dear me! The three of us, actually entering the Genkotsu Iron Fighters Tournament?! How terribly exciting!
And yet, I'm afraid we must decline. Lady Sara is recovering from an ankle injury and will need to stay off of it for several days.
Sara Argh! Could my timing be any worse?
Malik Well, I certainly wouldn't want to put you through that when you're injured. Thanks anyway.
Take care of yourself, okay Sara? I'll scrounge up a team somehow.
Sara Malik, wait! Lippy, just cause I have to sit this one out, it doesn't mean that you can't participate!
I mean, this is like a dream of yours, right?
I could see how your eyes lit up when you were telling us about it earlier. Go have some fun! You don't need to take care of us all the time.
Lippy Wh-Why...that is preposterous! I have a duty to attend to your recovery, Lady Sara!
Great Savior...? You say that you'd be willing to help her? You think that I should go?
Sara See? Forget about us for a day or two and go have some fun!
Malik I don't want to put anyone out here, but I'd be happy to have you. It's your call, Lippy.
Lippy W-Well... Dear me...
I guess it's settled then! I hope I can be of some assistance to you, Master Malik!
Malik I don't doubt that you will, kid. Sorry, Sara, but I'm gonna borrow Lippy for a bit. I'll have him back to you in a week or so.
Take good care of Sara for us, (user), all right?
Sara We'll be rooting you on from here, Malik!
You too, Lippy. Give 'em heck for me!
Malik All right Lippy. I'll take your bags. We'll meet the others back here in a week.
Now that I've got you on the team, let's see if we can't rustle up a few more fighters in town.
Lippy Indeed!
Malik I was hoping to recruit a team of men and women I could count on, and whose strength I could vouch for. After all, if I'm doing this, I intend to win.
But it's trouble enough finding anyone who wants to participate. So let's focus on folk who might be interested.
Lippy Are you sure it's wise to cast so wide a net? We'll be facing the world's finest warriors! Surely we need a team that can match their mettle!
Malik Oh, you leave that part to me, Lippy. Come on. Let's go.
Lippy Y-Yes, of course! Master Malik? Do slow down, please!


Malik Okay. We should start our search where we're likely to encounter the most people.
 ?? Huh? Is that you, Malik? And with Lippy at your side?
 ???? Good day, Malik. Hello Lippy.
Malik Hey, I haven't seen the two of you in a dog's age.
Lippy Why it's Lady Milla! And Lady Presea! What a delight to see you both again. Are you doing some shopping?
Milla Yeah, something like that. I ran out of ingredients for my soup, so I went to the market and ran into Presea there.
Presea I came here to try and sell some of my woodcraft pieces. I met Milla as I was setting up shop...
Lippy, where are Sara and (user)? I don't see them anywhere.
Lippy Lady Sara and the Great Savior are resting at the inn. Circumstances have transpired such that I will be traveling with Master Malik for the next few days.
Presea Huh.
Lippy And while we're on that topic, what about these two, Master Malik?
Malik Yeah. We're certainly not gonna do any better than this.
Milla What are you talking about?
Malik Let me extend a proper invitation. Would you be interested in entering a martial arts tournament with us?
Presea A martial arts tournament?
Malik The southern nation of Genkotsu is about to hold its Iron Fighters Tournament. We were just out looking for companions to accompany us.
I have an invitation to participate, but I need three more fighters to fill out my team. If you're interested—
Milla Sorry, but that's not my thing at all. Pass.
Presea I'm not interested either. I'm sorry, Malik.
Malik Let's not be too hasty here! You're gonna want to hear what's in it for you, first.
Milla What exactly do you mean by that...?
Malik There's a boatload of local delicacies in the prize package for the winner. I bet Elle would love to see what you could cook up with those!
Milla ...!
Malik As for you, Presea... Ah, I know. If we win, I'll let you touch Lippy's paw pads to your heart's content.
Lippy Whaaat?!
Presea Is that true? Can I touch your paw pads, Lippy?
Lippy This is certainly the first I've heard of the matter! My paw pads are quite ticklish, so I would likely produce some very strange noises...
Malik Come on, Lippy. I know you've dreamed about this tournament! Are you really gonna let that dream die over a little tickling?
Lippy Indeed, I... I suppose if my paw pads are what it takes to secure your participation, Lady Presea, so be it.
Presea I've always wanted to touch your paw pads Lippy. I'll participate.
Milla As for me... If it will make Elle smile, then... I'll give it some thought.
Malik All right. Sounds like we've got ourselves a deal.
Lippy (I suppose enduring a small amount of paw-tickling is a small price to pay to gain entry into so prestigious a tournament...)
Milla Yeah, you got a deal. But we're still a man short, right?
Malik True. But if it was this easy to find you two, I imagine we'll have our fifth before you know it.
Milla (I wonder if it'll be that easy...)


Milla Hmm?
Lippy Is something the matter, Lady Milla?
Milla Over there. Is that—
Dezel ...
Presea That's Dezel, isn't it?
Milla Well there's a good fighter for you. Dezel would be a great addition to the team.
But I do remember him being pretty obstinate... I dunno if he'll even be willing to hear us out.
Malik Leave that part to me. All men want the same thing—I'll win him over using the ol' tried-and-true.
Milla Sure, Malik. Knock yourself out. (What the heck is the "ol' tried-and-true"...?)
Lippy ("The ol' tried-and-true"...?)
Malik I can't believe he was able to resist the ol' tried-and-true! That Dezel is one tough customer.
Milla So what is the ol' tried-and-true? Spill it already!
Lippy I'm afraid I haven't the faintest clue myself. But I would like a chance to convince Master Dezel, if there are no objections?
Presea You, Lippy?
Malik No objections here. Best of luck to you, kid.
Lippy Thank you, Master Malik. I will do my best!
Excuse me, Master Dezel?
Dezel And now it's the pup's turn.
Lippy It is indeed! I hope you've been well? Now, if you don't mind my asking, what are you doing in these parts?
Dezel Can't a man take a little walk in peace while he's doing some shopping?
Lippy Y-Yes, certainly... But would it be inaccurate for me to observe that you are not currently engaged in any pressing business?
Dezel And so what if I'm not?
Lippy Well, Master Malik, Lady Presea, Lady Milla, and myself are considering entering the Iron Fighters Tournament in Genkotsu...
But we remain one man short of the complete team we would need to enter.
Should you be interested, we would be most grateful for—
Dezel I already told Malik no. I don't give a damn about any tournament.
Lippy Is there no chance you might reconsider?
It has long been a dream of mine to attend the Genkotsu Iron Fighters tournament. Yet I rarely have the opportunity to visit this region.
I had dismissed the dream as folly until Master Malik suddenly provided a chance to make it come true!
Should this opportunity slip through my fingers, I doubt I will have another. Master Dezel, please, I beg of you— won't you grant me this dream?
Dezel ...
Lippy Might I also add that Genkotsu is a southern island that is said to host numerous rare species!
Perhaps you might discover a new type of beetle! How delightful would that be? Naturally, I am well-supplied with nets and cages!
Dezel The odds of there being a new species of beetle on Genkotsu are miniscule.
Lippy I'm sorry...?
Dezel It's a small island far removed from the mainland. You don't find many types of life in ecosystems like that.
I doubt there are any beetles at all. That said, it may well host some unique non-beetle endemic species.
Lippy Dear me... I had no idea.
Malik Impressive! You really know your stuff, Professor Dezel.
Clearly I've got a lot to learn. Maybe I could tag along when you go exploring for rare bugs on Genkotsu? That way I could learn from the best.
Dezel If you think you can flatter me into helping you, think again.
Malik Ha ha ha! Don't get so angry. Everyone loves a little flattery.
Milla Come on, Dezel. You're not gonna leave poor Lippy in the lurch, are you?
Dezel *Sigh* Fine. I'll help this once.
Malik It's settled, then!
Presea I'll help you look for bugs too, Dezel. I'll work really hard at it. For Lippy.
Lippy Thank you so much for your support, my friends! I will not let you down during the tournament!
Dezel Let's just get this over with.
Malik Well, I think it's safe to say that this team is stone unbeatable. Now I'm finally getting excited about this!
So here's the plan. We ship out tomorrow morning, so everyone get their things in order and we'll meet at the harbor then. Don't be late.
Milla As if we needed you to tell us that.
Presea I understand.
Dezel Whatever.
Malik Between the voyage and the tournament, you're gonna wanna get a good night's sleep tonight. All right—dismissed!
Lippy How I've dreamed of this day. And now it's nearly upon me!
Why, I'm positively trembling with anticipation! I wonder if I'll be able to get any sleep at all tonight...!


And so, Malik's party boarded their ship to Genkotsu.
After an uneventful voyage, they arrived at the southern island nation.
Malik Well, we managed to get a team together and make it to the venue with a day to spare. Let's all take a breather.
Dezel You don't sweat the details, do you?
Milla I see how this place got to be such a famous resort destination. Clean air, warm sunlight—I'm sweating already.
Presea There are so many people here. Are they all entering the tournament?
Malik From the looks of them, I'd say about 20% are here to fight, and the rest are just spectators.
Dezel A few of 'em look like they know how to handle themselves. Not many, though.
Lippy I'm certainly not intimidated. I have every confidence that our team will emerge victorious!
Milla Thanks, Lippy. I'll do what I can to make sure you're not disappointed— and to get my hands on that prize.
Malik Starting tomorrow, we'll have our hands full in the ring.
So, if you don't mind, I'd like you to join me on a little errand today.
Dezel Where are you planning to take us?
Malik I'd like to introduce you to the man who sent me the invitation.
Presea Okay. That's fine.
Milla Hey... this is a castle!
Dezel Huh. So the man who sent you the invitation...
Plump I appreciate you coming all this way, Malik!
Malik It's a pleasure to see you again, Your Majesty.
Lippy Dear me! You're the king?
King I am indeed the king of Genkotsu. Is that a problem for you?
Lippy N-No! Of course not, Your Majesty!
King Hm. I'd expected Malik to arrive with a talented team of fighters, and from your expressions and the way you carry yourselves, it appears I was right.
Malik Thank you, Your Majesty. I was confident that this line-up wouldn't let you down.
Presea You and the king know each other, Malik?
King We do. My friendship with Malik is one that transcends rank and position.
And with all of you, I believe he has a real shot at the title. However, you must put your health and safety first.
Recently, there's been a spate of mysterious accidents that have left competitors ill with mysterious stomach pains, or too wounded to compete.
Milla I don't like the sound of that.
Malik Surely you have a lead as to the source of these "accidents"?
King We've been able to ascertain nothing, and it's not for a lack of trying.
Malik Well, I appreciate the heads up. If I'm able to figure out anything, I'll let you know right away.
King That would certainly be—
Hmm? Who's there?
Oh. It's you.
Cool Are you meeting with peasants again? My, someone certainly has a great deal of free time on his hands.
King How many times must I tell you that this attitude is unbecoming of a prince? You need to shape up!
Prince What a surprise, you've free time enough for lectures too. Farewell, father.
King Come back here and give our guests a respectful greeting! I'll not tolerate discourtesy in this castle!
Milla Huh. What's his deal?
King My friends, I cannot apologize enough for his behavior. My son has become quite difficult over the last year.
Milla It's a parent's duty to teach their kids respect.
King I agree completely. Unfortunately, he is going through a rebellious phase, and will not listen to a word I say. It's been quite a trial.
Malik You have our sympathies.
King Forgive me... I didn't mean to bring everyone down. Let us speak of happier things. With the tournament tomorrow, do enjoy your time in the city today!
Malik Yes, Your Majesty...
Ferocious Malik!
Malik I know that voice... Burner! How've you been? I'm guessing you're here for the tournament.
Burner You know it! I enter every year. And I'm guessing that's the reason you're here too?
Milla Another friends of yours? You certainly get around.
Presea Malik, how do you know this man?
Malik Ah, where are my manners? This is Burner. A long time ago, when I entered some other town's fighting tournament, he was my toughest opponent.
He's as sharp as he is strong. There's a good chance he'll be our toughest rival this time around, too.
Burner Ha! You flatter me, Malik. The way I remember it, I was stumbling home from that tournament covered in bruises.
Malik You and me both. Burner, these are my friends—Milla, Presea, Dezel... and that's Lippy down there.
Burner Is that right? Like Malik said, the name's Burner. Pleased to meet you.
Lippy The pleasure is all mine!
Burner All right, Malik. Make sure you find your way to the finals tomorrow. This time I expect to have my revenge!
Malik I'll be looking forward to it.
Burner See y'all in the ring tomorrow!
Dezel That man certainly cuts an impressive figure.
Presea That he does. He's gotta be nearly the size of Regal.
Milla If that's what we're up against, this may be tougher than I thought.
Lippy Ah... Is anyone having second thoughts about this? If so—
Milla Ha! No, don't worry about me. I didn't come here to fight weaklings! How else are we supposed to look good in the ring?
Malik Now that's what I like to hear. Burner's hardly the only great fighter we'll be facing in there.
But I know you guys are gonna fight tooth and nail, and I'll be coming home holding that trophy!
Everyone Yeaaaah!