Flynn (Tales of Vesperia)
(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Face) Yuri Lowell's childhood friend. The two became knights together, and while Yuri quit, Flynn excelled. He shares Yuri's desire to protect commoners, which often conflicts with his duties.
Units: 5-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


5-Star Units

(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Icon) (Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn
(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Icon) [Cheery Candy Crafter] Flynn
Type Thrust LV 1 (99)
ATK 572 (2226) HP 562 (2391)
RCV 294 (1551) LC 6
Arte 2 hits against one foe (150% x2)
LS Boost ATK to 2.1x when at 50+% HP
(25 LC)
Boost Star ATK to 2.0x for 1 turn
Inspirit Attackers 2 Repair 4
Double Boost 2 Strength 5
(Righteous Blade) Flynn (Icon) (Righteous Blade) Flynn
(Righteous Blade) Flynn (Icon) [Righteous Blade] Flynn
Type Slash LV 1 (99)
ATK 1030 (2874) HP 592 (1952)
RCV 223 (601) LC 4
Arte 6 light-type hits against one foe (50% x6)
LS Boost ATK/RCV of slash/bash heroes to 1.5x
(25 LC)
Boost CircleSquare ATK to 1.7x for 2 turns
Link Finisher 2 Life Gain 4
Inspirit Attackers 3 Double Boost 4
(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn (Icon) (Spurrer to Victory) Flynn
(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn (Icon) [Spurrer to Victory] Flynn
Type Slash LV 1 (99)
ATK 891 (3467) HP 384 (1633)
RCV 137 (722) LC 4
Arte 3 hits against one foe (100% x3)
LS Boost ATK of slash/shot heroes to 1.8x
(30 LC)
Boost CircleStar ATK to 1.8x for 2 turns
Inspirit Attackers 2 Life Gain 4
Weapon Boost 3 Desperation Healer 2



(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn(Righteous Blade) Flynn(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn


(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Icon)(Righteous Blade) Flynn (Icon)(SA) Flynn (Icon)(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Face)(Righteous Blade) Flynn (Face)(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn (Face)


Flynn Cheer AttackFlynn Cheer IdleFlynn Cheer RunFlynn HK AttackFlynn HK IdleFlynn HK RunFlynn Knight AttackFlynn Knight IdleFlynn Knight RunFlynn Vesperia AttackFlynn Vesperia IdleFlynn Vesperia RunFlynn Xmas AttackFlynn Xmas IdleFlynn Xmas Run

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