Harold (Tales of Destiny 2)
(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Face) A self-proclaimed science prodigy who lived in the Aeth'er Wars era of the distant past. As devoid of common sense as she is possessed of brilliance, she is considered quite odd.
Units: 3-Star | 5-Star
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5-Star Units

(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Icon) [King of Eccentrics] Harold
(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Icon) [King of Eccentrics] Harold
Type Spell LV 1 (99)
ATK 582 (2266) HP 306 (1302)
RCV 383 (2019) LC 12
Arte 2 hits against one foe (150% x2)
LS Boost HP of all heroes to 0.8x, ATK to 2.4x
(40 LC)
Change CircleTriangleSquare into Star
Double Boost 2 Complete Boost 4
First Link 2 Inspirit Attackers 4

3-Star Units

(Scientist) Harold (Icon) [Scientist] Harold
(Scientist) Harold (Icon) [Scientist] Harold
Type Spell LV 1 (60)
ATK 186 (690) HP 123 (494)
RCV 173 (866) LC 12
Arte 3 dark-type hits against one foe (70% x3)
LS Boost HP of thrust/spell heroes to 1.2x
(40 LC)
Boost ATK of thrust/spell to 1.2 for 1 turn
Overlink 2
Double Boost 2



(King of Eccentrics) Harold(Scientist) Harold


(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Icon)(Scientist) Harold (Icon)

Face Portraits

(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Face)(Scientist) Harold (Face)


Harold Destiny2 AttackHarold Destiny2 IdleHarold Destiny2 Run

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