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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Tales of Zestiria the X premieres worldwide July 3rd on simulcast on DAISUKI! Many characters from Tales of Link are extremely excited to watch the premiere at Garcia's. Sara and Lippy are also anxious to find out the thoughts of the many characters crowding around the shop. Unfortunately, Garcia makes an announcement stating that there is only one set of special premiere merchandise. A brawl breaks out and you dash in for the goods as well!


# Stage Stamina Battles
1 A Word From Our Sponsor 3 5
2 Don't Touch that Dial! 3 5
3 And Now Back to Our Show! 3 5
4 Yearn For Something New 3 5
5 Knight Fight! 3 5
6 The Disc of Passion 3 5
  • The units you battle simply tell you about the Tales of Zestiria the X anime and do not attack
  • Each enemy has 3 HP and 50,000 defense. All damage below the defense is reduced to 1.

Final Rewards

Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones (One at Stage 3, One at Stage 6)




──Before the Mission──
This mission is conducted to support《Tales of Zestiria the X》
100% commercial mission!
There will be ads all over from the start to the very end.
Please enjoy!
──Summer 2016──
Lippy Guys, something has happened!
Greetings! This is Lippy from Tales of News Network.
Sara I'm Lippy's assistant, Sara! Nice to meet you!
Lippy Now, we've arrived at the flagship store of the famous market place, Garcia's…
Sara Check it out !
Hustle and bustle, so lively!
Hodd Ahahaha! I've been waiting for a long time!
Flo Looking forward to it, aren't you? (Roar♪)
Percy Didn't think there will be so many people gathering. It was right to come here earlier.
Sara At the site, people are forming a mysterious queue.
Lippy How impressive! People are gathering in front of the market!
Meowna Hold on! Please be patient meow! Keep calm meow! Follow the rules meow!
Lippy What's going on? Why are there so many people in front of Garcia's?
Sara This is a surprisingly huge crowd! What's going on, Lippy?
Lippy Let's ask the people around! Excuse me~
Ida Oh! What's up?
Sara Excuse me, would you mind doing a short interview with us? May I ask for your name and profession?
Ida Oh, my name is Ida. I'm an Apprentice Mage.
Lippy Why are all the people gathering around here?
Ida We are all waiting for the premiere of the anime~ The long-anticipated new anime is finally coming out in Summer 2016!
Lippy Oh my?! Which anime exactly has kept so many people anticipating?
Ida It is the anime of the famous "Tales of" series, called 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!!
Sara 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!!
So THAT'S what people are looking for!《Tales of Zestiria the X》!!
Stay tuned for more details!


Lippy Alright, welcome back to the live broadcast!
Sara So the crowd are waiting to watch 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!!
Lippy The all new anime── 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!! Let's interview some people while introducing it!
Sara Hello, excuse me! May I ask you few questions? Thank you so much! So why is this anime so attractive that you're willing to queue for the premiere?
Machiana I'm here because of the story sounds interesting.
There are two kinds of ethnicity in the world of this anime: "Human," and "Seraphim" who are invisible to human.
Sorey, a young human lives in "Elysia," where the only place human and seraphim can coexist.
One day, he met a girl named "Alisha " at the ruins. Together, they went on an amazing journey with their companions.
Sounds astonishing! Pretty arousing, isn't it?
Sara Indeed! Going on an adventure to explore an unknown world! Doesn't it sound exciting?
Machiana People can truly experience the touching story of the magnificent "Tales of" world!
Sara Thank you for taking our interview!
Lippy Next, let's have a chat with this young man! Nice to meet you.
Kudo The plot seems to be interesting. Thus, I must watch it!
The story of "Tales of" series has always been amazing! Plus, this is the 20th anniversary work. Makes me looking forward to it even more!
Lippy An adaptation from game to anime. The "Shepherd" will bring his companions together on a journey to greatness.
Kudo Grew up among the “seraphim” who are spiritual beings not visible to humans.
Sorey is a human youth believing in the folklore that says “long ago, every human was able to see the seraphim”.
He dreams of unraveling the ancient mystery to make the world a place where people and seraphim can live together in peace.
Sara No wonder! The story of the anime is attractive! Nice!
Lippy Okay then, Let's talk with the person standing in the very front of the line!
Sara I'm so curious that who will be in the front? What kind of person will he or she be? Trying to squeeze myself through the crowd... excuse me...
The front, the front… Let me see… Oh, there he is! Hello, excuse me. We'd like to do an interview!
Oh no, time is up. What a pity. So we will have to give up on interviewing people in the front.
Lippy W...well, that's sad. But the anime is going to start! Let's take a look about the premiere!


──Summer 2016──
──Market Place Garcia's, flagship store──
Lippy Okay! The show is about to air... Can't wait for the premiere...
(Door opening)
Garcia Well well, look at the crowd!
Lippy Mr. Garcia! Would you mind having a few words with us!
Sara Mr. Garcia! It's wonderful to see so many people have come for the premiere!
Garcia Tell me about it! I can feel the heat and passion from the crowd. Oh~ my "sweet burden "...
Sara Mr. Garcia, What's wrong?
Garcia Good morning everyone! I'm so thankful for all of you gathering around here.
You must have looked forward to 《Tales of Zestiria the X》 so much that you waited here for such a long time, haven't you?
Especially for the people in the first roll, when did you come here?
Avei Yeah, I've been here since two weeks ago.
Danabrawn What!? Come and wait here at such early time could have disturbed the neighbors! It's forbidden!
Crowds What a selfish man! He should be punished!
Punish him! Punish him! Make him bite the alumine foil with his molar!
That's too easy for him. Should make him swallow the lava at one gulp!
Lippy Oh my, the crowd are so eager for the anime that they can't help but getting hyped!
Avei Humph, your accusation in invalid.
After all, I got myself buried underground until this morning.
Crowds ...What?!
Avei By only exposing my finger like this and queue quietly, I wouldn't even bother any neighbors.
This is a supreme art of waiting which can't be imitated by the inferiors.
Crowds ...What the... ...Pervert!... ...I knew that guy was weird... ...What a pervert!... ...that's so sick...
Lippy It seems his behavior is far more abnormal than the others...
Garcia How passionate you are... I can tell that you really want to watch the anime.
Avei Afterall, I'm a supreme fan.
Garcia Oh, I see. I can somehow understand your feelings.
However, there's something I have to tell people as passionate like you...
Sara There's something you have to tell us?
Garcia Summer 2016!
Before the day when 《Tales of Zestiria the X》is on-air!
We have fought for the exclusive premiere gifts to the last breathe...
And we got only ONE in the end!!!
Crowds What?!?!?
Garcia It's shame to say, but in the battle with that "****Bit Market", we failed....
I've used up every measure I have including both on and under the table.
Still, our competitor wants to broadcast 《Tales of Zestiria the X》 desperately.
We lost on armament and failed on our strategy. They even burned some of our bases...
Lippy Although the details are not clear, speaking of fighting with dangerous organization.
Garcia This is it. Right now, I'm holding the ONLY premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》.
Crowds What do you mean by "This is it" ?! We were waiting here because we trusted you!
I'm such an idiot by believing in the flyer. "Come to the premiere and get the exclusive premiere gifts!"
That's right! That is totally unacceptable!
Punishment! Get him count the straws of tatami. At least 5 years!
That's too easy for him! Make him bite the tatami with his molar!
Lippy People truly have some weird insistence about the ways of punishment.
Garcia I understand. It's reasonable that you have such thoughts.
For this incident, actually, I know I have to put it to an "end". However...
There's another thing that I have to let you know.
Hodd What is it about? Old man. Why so serious?
Garcia This is serious.
I have something that I can't give up with.
That will be this premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》.
I will save it for myself.
Crowds Uh??????????
Garcia That's right, I know. As a merchant, this kind of behavior can only be seen from those who are despicable.
Nonetheless, I...
still want to save the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》 for myself.
I've been planning for it before this summer. This is my real thought.
Hodd You've made us wait for such a long time. How can we ever forgive you for being so selfish!
Garcia Yeah, I agree with it.
Those who are against me, bring it on! Since I've made up my mind to fulfill my will with my strength, I'm also ready to die for it.
Kudo Which means we will have to fight!
Garcia Indeed. If you love "Tales of" series more than I do, exert yourself to let me know how eager you are to watch 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!
Danabrawn If you say so, then as you wish!!!
Garcia You're the first guy? Bring it on!
Ouch!? Someone is attacking from behind?!
Percy Hehe! There's no morality when comes to fight. First come first get!
Garcia Aha! Easy to say than done! Watch this!
Hibari If I didn't accomplish the mission assigned by the village, I would be dead by then. I must bring back the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!
Tsubame (Nod)
Shion Lord Asbel, Lord Cheria, Lord Sophie! I will try my best!! Let's have snacks while watching the anime together!!
Beatrice Let's go, Silas! Cover me!
Silas Why am I doing such a boring stuff with you...
Beatrice Stop murmuring, or I will skin you. Hurry up!
Silas Hold...hold on! Don't push me, Beatrice! I haven't even draw my sword, arrrrr!
Digrita Well then, I shall join the fight as well. Though I joined the queue out of my curiosity...
But since this thing is so precious, my people would be contented if I bring it back.
Digrita's Soldiers Don't fall behind! Follow Lord Digrita and attack!
Avei Hey, inferiors, get out of my way! You! Over there, stop them!
Avei's elites Eeek!!
Risaora Listen to me, fierceness is bad. Why not have a cup of black tea? Drink it, relax and calm down.
Lippy Lord Risaora. She just poured something black and muddy into the black tea, and bring it to the crowd.
Ayncia Everybody please chill out! The neighbors are frightened! Please calm down!!
Sniff sniff... shouldn't it suppose to be the guards' job? How come this happened...
Pigyu Pigyu!!!!
Ayncia Thanks for coming to help! Little Pigyu!
Folgana Well well well, everyone seem to be in high spirits!
Nikola Won't you join?
Folgana You should know that I'm not that kind of person who likes to compete with others.
Nikola Ho ho, listen to what you've just said. You're also up to the premiere gift, aren't you?
Folgana ...Nothing of the sort.
Nikola You put it in the inside pocket of your suit, don't you? Is it okay if I shout it out loud here? You might become everyone's favorite!
Folgana Come on... give me a break...
Nikola Ahaha! Just kidding.
Lippy, Battle Royal for the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!
The site is left with chaos!
Sara Are, are they going to be fine? How is it going to finish?
Lippy Well, uhm.... Urh!? What is that?
Suddenly, a stranger joins in...
Sara Argh~~!!! That is...!?
Lippy Lord (user). It seems that you also want the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!!
Garcia Needless to say, you're thinking the same thing as we are. Come, beat me and the gift is yours!
For those who wish to get the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》...
Show me all what you've got!
Warriors long for TOZ Aye!!!!


Sara Game over! The laaaaaast strike!
Lippy In this sudden storm of bloods and fights, who would be the one standing in the end?
Lord (user)!! Lord (user) has won this fight amazingly!
Shion (user)... of course...
Garcia You've won. Take it, (user) The premiere gift is yours.
Hodd Please cherish it while watching the anime!
Danabrawn That's right! Don't forget to watch it every week! (user) The storytelling of the anime is very interesting!
Avei Hmmm, be my enemy always. No matter how supreme I am, it's hard to fight with this body which was buried underground for two weeks.
Oh, I just want to take a break and happen to find this tea. It seems to be tasty. Nymph over there, I will pour myself a cup!
Risaora Wait, that's──
Avei Hmm, what a nice cup of tea.
Risaora Oh my, you're such an interesting person. The poison in the black tea will make normal people unable to move for 5 years or even die... But you're all fine. Awesome!
Avei Really? It's nothing. Your tea is excellent!
Lippy Seems like those two have developed a weird friendship...
Sara Anyway, I was surprised when (user) suddenly joined the Battle Royal.
So (user) you are pretty long for《Tales of Zestiria the X》... Huh? Hold on a second...
Lippy Lord (user)...he...? Is that...a kid?
Mother Can we really keep it? Oh my... My boy had already given up... Thank you so much!
Kid Thank you, sir! I will definitely cherish it. Thank you so much!
Sara The thing that kid is holding in his hands... the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》!
That's why! (user), You joined the fight for the kid!
Lippy Ohhhh... That's our Savior indeed. I was moved again by your holy spirit!
Such behavior of (user) must be shown to the world.
Sara Ahaha, well then. Let's interview (user) for the end of the show!
Afterall, it is 《Tales of Zestiria the X》 that brought out this beautiful story.
Lippy Wonderful! Let's go interview him right now!
Sara (user)! Lord (user)!
Hehe, I saw it. You joined the fight becase you wanted to give the premiere gift of 《Tales of Zestiria the X》to that kid, ...Hmm??
Lippy Lord (user)?
Summer 2016
To Sara and myself, today is not only the day of the 《Tales of Zestiria the X》premiere.
It's also the first time that we saw (user) has tears rolling in his eyes...
and tried to smile while hiding all the complicated emotion...
Sara In summary──
《Tales of Zestiria the X》 Summer 2016 On-Air!