Below is a combined index of all units from both the Global and Japan versions of Tales of Link. Units that were never released in the Global version are indicated with reduced-opacity images.

Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia Logo

(Man Who Stands by God) Dhaos (Index)

JP 1389 Dhaos (Index)

JP 3354 Cress (Index)

JP 3372 Arche (Index)

(Time-Traveling Warrior) Rondoline (Index)

JP 3631 Cress (Index)

JP 4316 Mint (Index)

(Sweet Dreams for Kids) Cress (Index)

(Multiwarrior) Cress (Index)

(Master of Space-Time) Cress (Index)

(Sorceress of Sweets) Arche (Index)

(Swordswoman) Rondoline (Index)

(Snappy Uniform) Cress (Index)

(Crane Ninja) Suzu (Index)

(Arcane Inheritor) Cress (Index)

(Prankster Witch) Arche (Index)

(Apex of Magic) Arche (Index)

(Spellmaster) Arche (Index)

(Conductor) Cress (Index)

(Concertmistress) Mint (Index)

(Summoner of Spirits) Claus (Index)

(Kind Older Brother) Chester (Index)

(Time-Slip Swordsman) Cress (Index)

(White Cardinal) Mint (Index)

(Space-Time Sovereign) Dhaos (Index)

(UA) Cress & Arche (Index)

(Start of the Journey) Cress (Index)

JP 1218 Cress (Index)

(UA) Cress & Velvet (Index)

JP 1316 Mint (Index)

JP 1385 Arche (Index)

JP 1438 Suzu (Index)

(Bandana Santa) Cress (Index)

JP 1448 Mint (Index)

(Sealed Demon King) Dhaos (Index)

(Warrior of Time) Cress (Index)

(Demon King Hunter) Cress (Index)

(Priestess) Mint (Index)

(Time Traveler) Dhaos (Index)

(Chief-to-be) Suzu (Index)

(Crescent Arrow) Chester (Index)

(Wizard) Arche (Index)

(Cardinal) Mint (Index)

(Multiple Fighter) Cress (Index)

(Sword Master) Cress (Index)

(Expert Swordsman) Cress (Index)

(Entreater of Peace) Mint (Index)

(Rickrack Blader) Rondoline (Index)

(Young Spellcaster) Arche (Index)

(Lady of the Deep) Undine (Index)

(Fencer) Cress (Index)

(Survivor) Chester (Index)

(Shinobi) Suzu (Index)

(King of Elysium) Dhaos (Index)

(Cheerful Magician) Arche (Index)

(Power Beyond Space) Dhaos (Index)

(Scholar of Magic) Claus (Index)

(Quick-Draw Ninja) Suzu (Index)

JP 1280 Rondoline (Index)

JP 1449 Mint (Index)

(Albane-style Fighter) Cress (Index)

(Witch) Arche (Index)

(Sparrow Ninja) Suzu (Index)

(Cleric) Mint (Index)

(Hunter) Chester (Index)

(Skilled Swordsman) Cress (Index)

(Pure Maiden) Mint (Index)

(Water Spirit) Undine (Index)

(Hero) Cress (Index)

(Young Mage) Arche (Index)

JP 1450 Mint (Index)

Tales of Destiny

Tales of Destiny Logo

(Piercing Gaze) Rutee (Index)

JP 3294 Leon (Index)

(Prince of Evening) Leon (Index)

JP 4248 Rutee (Index)

JP 4273 Stahn (Index)

JP 4381 Karyl (Index)

JP 4387 Leon (Index)

JP 4455 Rutee (Index)

(Swordian Master) Stahn (Index)

(Swordian Master) Rutee (Index)

(Warrior of the Abyss) Leon (Index)

(Starbow Goddess) Chelsea (Index)

(Aura of Royalty) Garr (Index)

(The Dark Flame) Leon (Index)

(Campus Rose) Leon (Index)

(Hot-blooded Punk) Stahn (Index)

(Grace on Two Feet) Leon (Index)

(The Lone Knight) Leon (Index)

(A True Master) Stahn (Index)

(Inheritor of Courage) Stahn (Index)

(Lienea Youth) Stahn (Index)

(Attentive Listener) Leon (Index)

(Another Destiny) Stahn (Index)

(UA) Leon & Stahn (Index)

(Last Encounter) Leon (Index)

(Crack Shot) Rutee (Index)

(Devoted Priestess) Philia (Index)

(Blazing Chef) Lilith (Index)

(Rubber of the Lamp) Leon (Index)

(White Serenade) Rutee (Index)

JP 1248 Rutee (Index)

JP 1273 Stahn (Index)

JP 1381 Karyl (Index)

JP 1387 Leon (Index)

JP 1430 Leon (Index)

JP 1455 Rutee (Index)

(TOLINK!!) Leon (Index)

(Winsome Killer) Leon (Index)

(Bomb Alchemist) Philia (Index)

(Artemis Eyes) Chelsea (Index)

(Fiery Charge) Lilith (Index)

(Gaze of Justice) Stahn (Index)

(The Diving Blade) Rutee (Index)

(Overpowering Blaze) Stahn (Index)

(Champion) Bruiser Khang (Index)

(Fated Swordsman) Leon (Index)

(Poker Face) Garr (Index)

(Chaltier's Master) Leon (Index)

(Cleric of Straylize) Philia (Index)

(Swordian Bearer) Stahn (Index)

(Blazing Champion) Stahn (Index)

(The Invisible Hand) Rutee (Index)

(Fostered Dragon) Lilith (Index)

(The Resolute Gaze) Philia (Index)

(King of the Iron Fist) Bruiser Khang (Index)

(Honest Country Boy) Stahn (Index)

(Bearer of a Magic Blade) Leon (Index)

(Naive Innocence) Chelsea (Index)

(King of Phandaria) Garr (Index)

(UA) Garr & Chelsea (Index)

(Fierce Warrior) Mary (Index)

JP 1149 Bruiser Khang (Index)

(Fist of Thunder) Lilith (Index)

JP 1250 Rutee (Index)

JP 1431 Leon (Index)

(Peerless Warrior) Leon (Index)

(Shortbow Maiden) Chelsea (Index)

(Priestess) Philia (Index)

(Burning Flame) Lilith (Index)

(White-Hot Swordsman) Stahn (Index)

(Lens Hunter) Rutee (Index)

(Town Hero) Bruiser Khang (Index)

(Knight Captain) Leon (Index)

(Draconis Stowaway) Stahn (Index)

JP 1252 Rutee (Index)

JP 1432 Leon (Index)

Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia Logo

JP 3410 Reid (Index)

JP 3949 Reid (Index)

JP 4134 Meredy (Index)

(Bridge of Light) Meredy (Index)

JP 4292 Farah (Index)

JP 4411 Meredy (Index)

JP 4415 Reid (Index)

(Aurora User) Reid (Index)

(Craymel Master) Keele (Index)

(Glimpse of Talent) Meredy (Index)

(God Eaters) Reid (Index)

(Faerie of Eternal Dark) Meredy (Index)

(Kindhearted Pugilist) Farah (Index)

(Legendary Knight) Reid (Index)

(Peerless Patriot) Reid (Index)

(Willful Lad) Reid (Index)

(Perfect Weather) Reid (Index)

(Final Striker) Farah (Index)

JP 1134 Meredy (Index)

(Alien Craymel Mage) Meredy (Index)

JP 1197 Farah (Index)

JP 1239 Keele (Index)

JP 1292 Farah (Index)

JP 1308 Farah (Index)

JP 1411 Meredy (Index)

JP 1415 Reid (Index)

(Craymel Mage) Keele (Index)

(Craymel Mage) Meredy (Index)

(Greater Craymel) Celsius (Index)

(The Iron Fist) Farah (Index)

(Great Pirate's Heir) Chat (Index)

(Kung Fu Master) Farah (Index)

(Explorer) Reid (Index)

(Fringe Master) Meredy (Index)

(Craymel Technician) Meredy (Index)

(Viking) Chat (Index)

(Skilled Bodyguard) Reid (Index)

(Arctic Fist) Celsius (Index)

(UA) Reid & Keele (Index)

(Silent Assassin) Farah (Index)

(Indomitable) Reid (Index)

JP 1136 Meredy (Index)

JP 1253 Celsius (Index)

JP 1310 Farah (Index)

JP 1452 Max (Index)

(Scholar) Keele (Index)

(Sword Hunter) Reid (Index)

(Fighter) Farah (Index)

(Skygazer) Reid (Index)

JP 1138 Meredy (Index)

JP 1312 Farah (Index)

Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Destiny 2 Logo

(Hero Killer) Barbatos (Index)

JP 1436 Barbatos (Index)

(Awakened Hero) Kyle (Index)

JP 3359 Reala (Index)

(Fateful Encounter) Reala (Index)

JP 4133 Kyle (Index)

(Slayer of the Past) Judas (Index)

JP 4370 Kyle (Index)

JP 4386 Reala (Index)

(Soul of a Hero) Kyle (Index)

(Alabaster Angel) Reala (Index)

(Seeker of Heroes) Reala (Index)

(Miraculous Avatar) Reala (Index)

(Masked Swordsman) Judas (Index)

(Gift for a Hero) Reala (Index)

(Voice of an Angel) Reala (Index)

(Black Knight) Judas (Index)

(Knight of Dragonbone) Judas (Index)

(World Destroyer) Barbatos (Index)

(Holy Mother's Miracle) Elrane (Index)

(Shock and Surprise) Kyle (Index)

(Inherited Power) Kyle (Index)

(UA) Judas & Leon (Index)

(Compassionate Girl) Reala (Index)

(Life of the Galleon) Kyle (Index)

(King of Eccentrics) Harold (Index)

(Crag Huntress) Nanaly (Index)

JP 1133 Kyle (Index)

(Dark Wings of War) Judas (Index)

JP 1370 Kyle (Index)

JP 1386 Reala (Index)

(Avatar) Reala (Index)

(Wild Lass) Nanaly (Index)

(Dunamis Alumnus) Loni (Index)

(Swordian Designer) Harold (Index)

(Mysterious Girl) Reala (Index)

(Eraser) Kyle (Index)

(Black-clad Knight) Judas (Index)

(Thundering Halberdier) Loni (Index)

(Science Prodigy) Harold (Index)

(The Seeker) Reala (Index)

(Masked Swordsman) Judas (Soul Arena Version) (Index)

(Maiden of Sciences) Harold (Index)

JP 1135 Kyle (Index)

(Scientist) Harold (Index)

(Gale-Force Blade) Kyle (Index)

(Hero Researcher) Reala (Index)

(Twin Blades) Judas (Index)

JP 1137 Kyle (Index)

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia Logo

(Voice of Martel) Yggdrasill (Index)

(Celestial Judgement) Kratos (Index)

(Waving Wings) Colette (Index)

(Silent Protection) Regal (Index)

JP 1420 Kratos (Index)

JP 1451 Yggdrasill (Index)

(Herald of Fate) Zelos (Index)

JP 3358 Zelos (Index)

JP 3517 Colette (Index)

(Childhood Promise) Lloyd (Index)

JP 3670 Lloyd (Index)

(Graceful Hero) Kratos (Index)

(Halloween Companion) Colette (Index)

JP 4105 Presea (Index)

JP 4186 Zelos (Index)

JP 4414 Zelos (Index)

JP 4443 Colette (Index)

JP 4456 Lloyd (Index)

(Nobleman) Lloyd (Index)

(Maid) Colette (Index)

(Gleaming Knight) Zelos (Index)

(Lord of Blades) Kratos (Index)

(Klutzy Cheerleader) Colette (Index)

(Tethe'allen Chosen) Zelos (Index)

(Princess Guard) Zelos (Index)

(Microphone Hog) Zelos (Index)

(One Magical Night) Colette (Index)

(Oathsworn Swordsman) Lloyd (Index)

(Favored Maiden) Colette (Index)

(Chosen of Mana) Colette (Index)

(Fair Nobleman) Zelos (Index)

(Born Lucky) Colette (Index)

(Hot-blooded Waiter) Lloyd (Index)

(Master Swordsman) Lloyd (5-star) (Index)

(Lord of Twin-Sword) Lloyd (Index)

(Gymnastics Rep) Colette (Index)

(Unifying Calm) Kratos (Index)

(Candid Teen) Lloyd (Index)

(TEKKEN) Presea (Index)

(Lord Wilder) Zelos (Index)

(Angel's Light) Colette (Index)

(Shackled Prisoner) Regal (Index)

(Four Seraphim) Kratos (Index)

(Katsuyuki Konishi Shirt) Lloyd (Index)

(Flash of Blue Wings) Kratos (Index)

(Farseeing Sword) Kratos (Index)

(Sword of Damnation) Kratos (Index)

(UA) Lloyd & Colette (Index)

(Angelic Devil(?)) Colette (Index)

(Taciturn Lumberjack) Presea (Index)

(Axe-Packing Girl) Presea (Index)

(A Faithful Bite) Colette (Index)

JP 1186 Zelos (Index)

JP 1222 Kratos (Index)

JP 1276 Lloyd (Index)

JP 1368 Presea (Index)

JP 1397 Sheena (Index)

JP 1414 Zelos (Index)

JP 1443 Colette (Index)

JP 1456 Lloyd (Index)

(Chosen) Colette (Index)

(Master Swordsman) Lloyd (4-star) (Index)

(Wisewoman) Raine (Index)

(Four Seraphim) Yggdrasill (Index)

(Chosen Protector) Lloyd (Index)

(Lumberjill) Presea (Index)

(Super Popular Emcee) Zelos (Index)

(Elemental Summoner) Sheena (Index)

(Blademagic Master) Kratos (Index)

(Chatty Swordsman) Zelos (Index)

(Magic-User) Genis (Index)

(Twin Holy Sword) Lloyd (Index)

(Kind-Hearted Girl) Colette (Index)

(Elegant Swordsman) Zelos (Index)

(Stunning Technician) Zelos (Index)

(Archaeology Fanatic) Raine (Index)

(Steadfast Emcee) Zelos (Index)

(Hot-blooded Swordsman) Lloyd (Index)

(Seal Expert) Sheena (Index)

(Daredevil) Presea (Index)

(Awakened Mage) Genis (Index)

(UA) Zelos & Lloyd (Index)

(Watchful Guardian) Kratos (Index)

(Woodcutter Maiden) Presea (Index)

JP 1200 Genis (Index)

JP 1228 Raine (Index)

(Twin-Sword Warrior) Lloyd (Index)

(Fledgling Chosen) Colette (Index)

(Teacher) Raine (Index)

(Magic Swordsman) Zelos (Index)

(Reticent Axewoman) Presea (Index)

(Sorcerer) Genis (Index)

(Summoner) Sheena (Index)

(Popular Emcee) Zelos (Index)

(Beautiful Swordsman) Zelos (Index)

(Little Pickpocket) Colette (Index)

(Exquisite Swordsman) Zelos (Index)

(Skilled Pacing) Zelos (Index)

(Straightforward Lad) Lloyd (Index)

(Heartless Mercenary) Kratos (Index)

(Girl of Few Words) Presea (Index)

Tales of Rebirth

Tales of Rebirth Logo

(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Index)

(Sword of the Tundra) Veigue (Index)

JP 4255 Annie (Index)

JP 4367 Saleh (Index)

(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh (Index)

(Sword of Calegia) Veigue (Index)

(God Eaters) Veigue (Index)

(Wicked Vampire) Saleh (Index)

(Claire Obsession) Veigue (Index)

(Violet Tempest) Saleh (Index)

(UA) Veigue & Annie (Index)

(Frozen Greatsword) Veigue (Index)

(Icy Intensity) Veigue (Index)

(Genie of the Lamp) Veigue (Index)

JP 1227 Mao (Index)

JP 1255 Annie (Index)

JP 1260 Mao (Index)

JP 1367 Saleh (Index)

(Rain Maiden) Annie (Index)

(The Freezing Edge) Veigue (Index)

(Wood Archer) Tytree (Index)

(Fire Wielder) Mao (Index)

(Panther of Calegia) Eugene (Index)

(Vengeful Girl) Annie (Index)

(Flame Fighter) Mao (Index)

(UA) Mao & Eugene (Index)

(Frost Fencer) Veigue (Index)

(Warrior of Rain) Annie (Index)

JP 1148 Mao (Index)

JP 1254 Tytree (Index)

JP 1262 Mao (Index)

JP 1338 Hilda (Index)

JP 1437 Eugene (Index)

(Ice Swordsman) Veigue (Index)

(Magic Symbolist) Annie (Index)

(Silver-Haired Warrior) Veigue (Index)

JP 1264 Mao (Index)

Tales of Legendia

Tales of Legendia Logo

JP 4319 Senel (Index)

(Emperor) Senel (Index)

(Blessed Maiden) Shirley (Index)

(Eternal Chick) Norma (Index)

(Gadorian Knight) Chloe (Index)

(Summer Brawler) Senel (Index)

(White Kimono) Shirley (Index)

(Captain of the Royal Guard) Walter (Index)

(Fluffy Friend) Jay (Index)

(UA) Senel & Chloe (Index)

(Lending a Hand) Senel (Index)

(Dream Savior) Shirley (Index)

(Fist That Guards the Sea) Senel (Index)

(Blistering Fastclaw) Senel (Index)

(Star of the Sea) Shirley (Index)

(Azure Teriques) Shirley (Index)

JP 1319 Senel (Index)

JP 1453 Grune (Index)

(Fist of Lightning) Senel (Index)

(Wonder Chick) Norma (Index)

(Paladin) Chloe (Index)

(Sonic Boy) Jay (Index)

(Avatar of the Sea) Shirley (Index)

(Battle God) Senel (Index)

(Researcher) Will (Index)

(Wings of Darkness) Walter (Index)

(Blinding Fastclaw) Senel (Index)

(Supplicant of the Sea) Shirley (Index)

JP 1201 Norma (Index)

JP 1409 Schwartz (Index)

(Fighter) Senel (Index)

(Bubble Maiden) Norma (Index)

(Ocean Protector) Senel (Index)

(Kindly Ferine) Shirley (Index)

Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the Abyss Logo

(One Who Seizes Glory) Van (Index)

JP 1462 Nebilim (Index)

JP 3124 Anise (Index)

(Courtyard Training) Luke (Index)

(Trusty Bodyguard) Guy (Index)

JP 3374 Jade (Index)

JP 3478 Tear (Index)

(Fonic Tuner) Tear (Index)

(Crimson Fleetwing) Asch (Index)

JP 3823 Sync (Index)

(Scourge of the Sea) Luke (Index)

(Halloween Treat) Anise (Index)

(Stroke of Midnight) Tear (Index)

JP 4232 Guy (Index)

JP 4258 Tear (Index)

JP 4291 Jade (Index)

JP 4329 Asch (Index)

JP 4365 Anise (Index)

JP 4454 Tear (Index)

(Devastating Cutie) Anise (Index)

(Sword of Swords) Luke (Index)

(Necromancer) Jade (Index)

(Berserker) Luke (Index)

(Evening Stroll) Luke (Index)

(Alluring Figure) Tear (Index)

(Passage Commander) Luke (Index)

(Fonic Hero) Luke (Index)

(Amazing Entrance) Guy (Index)

(Manor Vampire) Jade (Index)

(Fonic Hymn Master) Tear (Index)

(Royal Escort) Guy (Index)

(Blushing in Finery) Luke (Index)

(Royal Grit) Natalia (Index)

(Melodic Healer) Tear (Index)

(Locrian Sergeant) Tear (Index)

(Last Swordsman) Luke (Index)

(Lovely Chanter) Tear (Index)

(Emperor's Right Hand) Jade (Index)

(Resolved to Fight) Luke (Index)

(The Bloody Maestro) Asch (Index)

(Sword Guardian) Guy (Index)

(Songstress Minx) Anise (Index)

(Blushing Maiden) Tear (Index)

(Sword Instructor) Van (Index)

(Fon Master Guardian) Anise (Index)

(Devil Girl) Anise (Index)

(Soldier's Day Off) Jade (Index)

(A Real Man's Summer) Asch (Index)

(Understanding Friend) Guy (Index)

(Special Ops Commander) Asch (Index)

(Sharp Gaze) Asch (Index)

(Swimming Rep) Tear (Index)

(Divas' Concerto) Tear (Index)

(Call from the Beyond) Jade (Index)

(Malkuth's Shining Star) Natalia (Index)

(Snowy Night) Luke & Mieu (Index)

(God-General) Sync (Index)

(God-General) Asch (Index)

(God-General) Legretta (Index)

(God-General) Largo (Index)

(God-General) Arietta (Index)

(God-General) Dist (Index)

(Head Chancellor) Van (Index)

(Second Conductor) Luke (Index)

(Cheery Candy Crafter) Anise (Index)

(Flower Songstress) Tear (Index)

(Light of the Sacred Flame) Luke (Index)

(Imperial Paragon) Jade (Index)

(Battle Master) Jade (Index)

(UA) Asch & Luke (Index)

(Meeting in the Rain) Asch (Index)

(Resplendent Queen) Natalia (Index)

(Archery Virtuoso) Natalia (Index)

(Red Pirate) Luke (Index)

(Cutie Devil) Anise (Index)

(Splendid Transformation) Tear (Index)

JP 1179 Asch (Index)

JP 1180 Luke (Index)

JP 1181 Ion (Index)

JP 1199 Jade (Index)

JP 1232 Guy (Index)

JP 1240 Luke (Index)

JP 1258 Tear (Index)

JP 1274 Natalia (Index)

(TOF 2017) Luke (Index)

JP 1291 Jade (Index)

JP 1329 Asch (Index)

JP 1365 Anise (Index)

JP 1445 Luke (Index)

JP 1454 Tear (Index)

(TOLINK!!) Luke (Index)

(Singer of the Verse) Tear (Index)

(Kimlascan Princess) Natalia (Index)

(Grown-up Child) Anise (Index)

(Golden Knight) Guy (Index)

(Flashing Twin Fang) Luke (Index)

(Cool Beauty) Tear (Index)

(Sigmund Tactician) Guy (Index)

(Albert-style Fighter) Luke (Index)

(Swift Blade) Guy (Index)

(Young Viscount) Luke (Index)

(Youthful Cantor) Anise (Index)

(Secretive Swordsman) Asch (Index)

(Deft Swordsman) Asch (Index)

(Patriotic Princess) Natalia (Index)

(UA) Luke & Guy (Index)

(Insightful One) Jade (Index)

(Knight Commandant) Van (Index)

(House Curtiss Soldier) Jade (Index)

(Changed Eyes) Luke (Index)

(Queenly Decorum) Natalia (Index)

JP 1347 Tear (Index)

JP 1351 Van (Index)

JP 1352 Asch (Index)

JP 1353 Ion (Index)

JP 1354 Luke (Index)

JP 1355 Tear (Index)

JP 1362 Legretta (Index)

JP 1384 Sync (Index)

JP 1446 Luke (Index)

(Duke's Son) Luke (Index)

(Fonist) Tear (Index)

(Puppeteer) Anise (Index)

(Guardian) Guy (Index)

(Red-haired Royalty) Luke (Index)

(Shield of the Oracle) Tear (Index)

(Swordsman) Guy (Index)

(Puppeteer) Anise (Soul Arena Version) (Index)

(Unparalleled Swordsman) Asch (Index)

(Fonist) Jade (Index)

(Longbow Bearer) Natalia (Index)

JP 1447 Luke (Index)

Tales of the Tempest

Tales of the Tempest Logo

JP 4331 Rubia (Index)

JP 4457 Caius (Index)

(Wild Spirit) Caius (Index)

(Her Father's Footsteps) Rubia (Index)

(The Perfect Gift) Rubia (Index)

JP 1331 Rubia (Index)

JP 1333 Rubia (Index)

JP 1363 Arria (Index)

JP 1457 Caius (Index)

JP 1458 Caius (Index)

(High Priestess) Rubia (Index)

(Beast Prince) Caius (Index)

(Virtuous Cleric) Rubia (Index)

(Girl Minister) Rubia (Index)

(UA) Rubia & Caius (Index)

JP 1335 Rubia (Index)

JP 1459 Caius (Index)

(Awakened Lineage) Caius (Index)

(Apprentice Priestess) Rubia (Index)

JP 1337 Rubia (Index)

JP 1460 Caius (Index)

Tales of Innocence

Tales of Innocence Logo

(Kindly Saint) Ange (Index)

JP 3494 Ruca (Index)

JP 3534 Kongwai (Index)

(Sword of Finality) Spada (Index)

(Savior of Souls) Kongwai (Index)

(General Reborn) Ange (Index)

(Beguiling Vampire) Kongwai (Index)

(Warrior Reborn) Ruca (Index)

(Otherworldly Mage) Kongwai (Index)

(Holy Sword Reborn) Spada (Index)

(Legendary Gunner) Illia (Index)

(King Battler) QQ (Index)

(Charming Gaze) Kongwai (Index)

(Otherworld Awareness) Kongwai (Index)

(The Contemplator) Kongwai (Index)

(UA) Ruca & Spada (Index)

(Dapper Jokester) Hasta (Index)

(Tie the Thoughts) Ruca (Index)

(Youthful Knight) Spada (Index)

(Let the Drum Hit) Ruca (Index)

JP 1167 Ruca (Index)

JP 1182 Kongwai (Index)

JP 1226 Ange (Index)

JP 1340 Illia (Index)

JP 1357 Spada (Index)

JP 1410 Ricardo (Index)

(Warrior's Soul) Ruca (Index)

(Ultra-Hot Emcee) Ange (Index)

(Deadeye Gunner) Illia (Index)

(Death-Clad Man) Ricardo (Index)

(Knight) Spada (Index)

(Saint) Ange (Index)

(Martial Artist) Hermana (Index)

(Broadsword Master) Ruca (Index)

(Otherworldly Warrior) QQ (Index)

(Flashy Dress) Spada (Index)

(Veteran Sniper) Ricardo (Index)

(Multi-Gunner) Illia (Index)

(Broadsword Tyrant) Ruca (Index)

(Virtue's Twin Blades) Spada (Index)

(Man of Mystery) Kongwai (Index)

(Wizard) Kongwai (Index)

(Fist of the Battlefield) Hermana (Index)

JP 1169 Ruca (Index)

JP 1279 Ricardo (Index)

JP 1317 QQ (Index)

JP 1359 Spada (Index)

(The Resurrected) Ruca (Index)

(Free Aristocrat) Spada (Index)

(Mercenary) Ricardo (Index)

(Merchant's Son) Ruca (Index)

(Magician) Kongwai (Index)

JP 1171 Ruca (Index)

JP 1361 Spada (Index)

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World Logo

JP 4257 Marta (Index)

JP 4396 Emil (Index)

(Lovely Cheerleader) Marta (Index)

(Cheer Captain) Emil (Index)

(Cioccolata of Love) Marta (Index)

(Contract of Love) Marta (Index)

(Battlefield Valkyrie) Marta (Index)

(Might of Ratatosk) Emil (Index)

(Fearsome (?) Werewolf) Emil (Index)

(Enigmatic Past) Marta (Index)

(Dream Savior) Marta (Index)

JP 1257 Marta (Index)

JP 1314 Alice (Index)

JP 1341 Emil (Index)

JP 1356 Emil (Index)

JP 1382 Marta (Index)

JP 1394 Decus (Index)

JP 1395 Alice (Index)

JP 1396 Emil (Index)

(Ratatosk Mode) Emil (Index)

(Darkstorm Warrior) Richter (Index)

(Trusting Girl) Marta (Index)

(Slasher in Black) Richter (Index)

(Divine Swordsman) Emil (Index)

(Battle Maiden) Marta (Index)

JP 1358 Emil (Index)

JP 1383 Marta (Index)

(Aloof Traveler) Richter (Index)

(Spinner-Wielder) Marta (Index)

(Knight of Ratatosk) Emil (Index)

(Mysterious Girl) Marta (Index)

JP 1318 Decus (Index)

JP 1360 Emil (Index)

Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia Logo

(Sparkling Gaze) Estelle (Index)

JP 1400 Schwann (Index)

(White-Rebellion Knight) Flynn (Index)

(Lone-Wolf Bowman) Raven (Index)

JP 3435 Yuri (Index)

(Battlefield Healer) Estelle (Index)

(Beach Mermaid) Judith (Index)

(Friend to the Princess) Rita (Index)

(Prowler in the Mist) Yuri (Index)

(Grand Marshal) Estelle (Index)

(White Christmas Present) Flynn (Index)

JP 4233 Rita (Index)

JP 4343 Raven (Index)

JP 4349 Judith (Index)

JP 4350 Estelle (Index)

JP 4364 Flynn (Index)

JP 4371 Estelle (Index)

JP 4440 Yuri (Index)

(Grand Mage) Rita (Index)

(Noble Princess) Estelle (Index)

(Righteous Blade) Flynn (Index)

(Vagabond Wolf) Raven (Index)

(Magical Bee) Rita (Index)

(Festivalgoer) Yuri (Index)

(Festival Bloom) Estelle (Index)

(Yukata-clad Genius) Rita (Index)

(Spurrer to Victory) Flynn (Index)

(Spellcasting Beauty) Judith (Index)

(Silver Holy Knight) Flynn (Index)

(The Swiftstrike Blade) Yuri (Index)

(Shadowed Judge) Yuri (Index)

(New Year's Prayer) Yuri (Index)

(New Year's Party) Estelle (Index)

(Mysterious Dandy) Raven (Index)

(Unshaken Resolve) Estelle (Index)

(Austere Fop) Raven (Index)

(Floral Fascinator) Rita (Index)

(Blue-Eyed Knight) Flynn (Index)

(Dark Blademaster) Yuri (Index)

(Amateur Mage) Rita (Index)

(Lance of Judgement) Judith (Index)

(Humanitarian Noble) Estelle (Index)

(God Eaters) Judith (Index)

(Bottom of the Barrel) Raven (Index)

(Sweets Magician) Rita (Index)

(Elegant Witch) Judith (Index)

(Knight's Garb) Yuri (Index)

(Sparkly Magic Girl) Estelle (Index)

(Divergent Justice) Duke (Index)

(Master Mage) Rita (Index)

(UA) Yuri & Flynn (Index)

(Cheery Candy Crafter) Flynn (Index)

(Tear-Soaked Youth) Patty (Index)

(Troubled Youth) Karol (Index)

(Canine Combatant) Repede (Index)

(Guardian of the Truth) Judith (Index)

(Blastia Seeker) Judith (Index)

(A Toast to Fortune) Estelle (Index)

(Sin Bearer) Yuri (Index)

(His Own Rules) Yuri (Index)

(Captivating Profile) Judith (Index)

(TOF2016) Yuri (Index)

(Lower Quarter Knight) Yuri (Index)

(The First Step) Flynn (Index)

(Dancing Aria) Rita (Index)

(UA) Estelle & Rita (Index)

(Mad Assassin) Zagi (Index)

(Aloof Wolfmaster) Yuri (Index)

(Witch's Costume) Estelle (Index)

(Santa on a Stallion) Flynn (Index)

JP 1163 Repede (Index)

JP 1198 Yuri (Index)

JP 1233 Rita (Index)

JP 1278 Yuri (Index)

JP 1332 Yuri (Index)

JP 1343 Raven (Index)

JP 1348 Patty (Index)

JP 1349 Judith (Index)

JP 1350 Estelle (Index)

JP 1364 Flynn (Index)

JP 1371 Estelle (Index)

JP 1403 Yuri (Index)

JP 1440 Yuri (Index)

(TOLINK!!) Yuri (Index)

(Dragoon) Judith (Index)

(Blade of Justice) Yuri (Index)

(Dark Lion) Yuri (Index)

(Trickster) Raven (Index)

(Knight Captain) Flynn (Index)

(Mage) Rita (Index)

(Elusive Middle-Ager) Raven (Index)

(Super Star) Raven (Index)

(Shimmering Sword) Flynn (Index)

(Offbeat Swordsman) Yuri (Index)

(Magic Science Pioneer) Rita (Index)

(Canine Traveler) Repede (Index)

(Self-taught Swordsman) Yuri (Index)

(Kindly Princess) Estelle (Index)

(Five-o'Clock Shadow) Raven (Index)

(Elegant Princess) Estelle (Index)

(Comely Spearmaiden) Judith (Index)

(Anti-Nonsense) Rita (Index)

(Unsurpassed Lance) Judith (Index)

(Pirate in Training) Patty (Index)

(Hunting Blades) Karol (Index)

(Loyal Hound-to-Be) Repede (Index)

JP 1164 Repede (Index)

JP 1334 Yuri (Index)

(Vigilante) Yuri (Index)

(Lancer) Judith (Index)

(Healer) Estelle (Index)

(Genius Researcher) Rita (Index)

(Downtown Swordmaster) Yuri (Index)

(Genius Researcher) Rita (Soul Arena Version) (Index)

(Fishy Old Man) Raven (Index)

(Overly Serious Boy) Flynn (Index)

(Kingdom Celeb) Yuri (Index)

(Cleric) Estelle (Index)

(Ranger) Raven (Index)

(Lancer) Judith (Soul Arena Version) (Index)

JP 1165 Repede (Index)

JP 1336 Yuri (Index)

Tales of Hearts

Tales of Hearts Logo

JP 4272 Kohaku (Index)

(Driftwood Damsel) Kohaku (Index)

(Summer with You) Kor (Index)

(Songstress Warrior) Kohaku (Index)

(Devoted Knight) Chalcedony (Index)

(Aspiring Virtuoso) Beryl (Index)

(Trusty Fellow) Gall (Index)

(Leggy Warrior) Kohaku (Index)

(Shining Idol) Kor (Index)

(Guiding Beacon) Kohaku (Index)

(Iron Resolve) Hisui (Index)

(Shining Spiria) Kor (Index)

(Radiant in Rain) Kohaku (Index)

(Oathsworn) Kor (Index)

(Luminous Swordsman) Kor (Index)

JP 1223 Kor (Index)

JP 1272 Kohaku (Index)

(Somatic Bondsman) Kor (Index)

(Blossom Blitzer) Kohaku (Index)

(Reaper) Hisui (Index)

(Whirlwind Sniper) Hisui (Index)

(Courier Coordinator) Ines (Index)

(Wannabe Academician) Beryl (Index)

(Crystal Knight) Chalcedony (Index)

(First Calligraphy) Kohaku (Index)

(Old-School Somatic) Gall (Index)

(Unfeeling Machine) Kunzite (Index)

(Boss of Bosses) Ines (Index)

(Gale-Force Archer) Hisui (Index)

(Fervent Swordsman) Kor (Index)

(Kicking Demon) Kohaku (Index)

(UA) Hisui & Kohaku (Index)

(Blanche Maiden) Beryl (Index)

(Beautiful Battler) Kohaku (Index)

(Meteoric Swordsman) Kor (Index)

(Superhuman Strength) Ines (Index)

(Brushes of Dream) Beryl (Index)

(Somatic) Kor (Index)

(Stout-Hearted) Kohaku (Index)

(Double Trouble) Hisui (Index)

(Shoreline Shimmer) Kohaku (Index)

(Summer Style) Kor (Index)

(Fighter) Kohaku (Index)

(Jovial Swordsman) Kor (Index)

Tales of Graces

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(Gently Given Bouquet) Asbel (Index)

JP 1461 Emeraude (Index)

(Tireless Seeker) Pascal (Index)

(Flash of Steel) Asbel (Index)

(Laden with Loot) Cheria (Index)

JP 4187 Cheria (Index)

JP 4224 Sophie (Index)

JP 4231 Richard (Index)

JP 4242 Asbel (Index)

JP 4315 Pascal (Index)

(Help with Decorating) Sophie (Index)

JP 4442 Cheria (Index)

(Wild Girl) Sophie (Index)

(Enlightened Healer) Cheria (Index)

(Enlightened Warrior) Asbel (Index)

(Assault Sniper) Pascal (Index)

(Heir to the Throne) Richard (Index)

(Battle Sentinel) Asbel (Index)

(Vest Parka Wearer) Asbel (Index)

(Angel of the Shore) Cheria (Index)

(Valkyrie) Cheria (Index)

(Flash Maiden) Cheria (Index)

(Assault Striker) Sophie (Index)

(Defender of Dreams) Asbel (Index)

(Wild Princess) Sophie (Index)

(Sweet Seduction) Pascal (Index)

(The Rose Prince) Richard (Index)