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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Sara and co. spot a young man searching frantically over the village. He says his name is Hisui, and that a deviant may have brought his sister, Kohaku, somewhere unsafe. Sara and the others agree to help Hisui fend off this so called deviant and bring Kohaku back safely. But is something else going on..?

Story Stages

# Stage Stamina Battles
Worrying Big Brother
1 Kohaku, Where Are You? 5 5
2 Following the Presence 5 5
3 Arrows from Two Bows 6 5
4 Fretful Brother 6 5
5 Rushing Ahead 7 7
6 Down the Old Trail 7 5
7 Tracking the Deviant 8 5
8 The Illusory Veil 8 5
9 Smashing the Hindrance 9 5
10 Dirty Deviant 15 7
  • Rewards UA Hisui & Kohaku on completion

Clash Stages

Stage Stamina Drop Rates
Duel with Hisui
Hisui Easy 8 3% UA Hisui & Kohaku
5% 4-Star Hisui
20% SR Elemental Weapon
72% R Sphere
Hisui Normal 10 5% UA Hisui & Kohaku
8% 4-Star Hisui
30% SR Elemental Weapon
57% R Sphere
Hisui Hard 15 10% UA Hisui & Kohaku
15% 4-Star Hisui
40% SR Elemental Weapon
35% R Sphere
Hisui Unknown 18 20% UA Hisui & Kohaku
25% 4-Star Hisui
40% SR Elemental Weapon
15% R Sphere
Hisui Hell or Heaven 20 30% UA Hisui & Kohaku
30% 4-Star Hisui
40% SR Elemental Weapon
Hisui Chaos 25 50% UA Hisui & Kohaku
50% 4-Star Hisui

Boss Information

All enemies are water element.

Easy Hisui
Normal Hisui
Hard Hisui
Unknown Hisui
Hell or Heaven Hisui 9,300 1,150,000 Special Attack for 11,160 damage
Special Attack for 13,113 damage
Special Attack for 11,904 damage
Row Attack for 5,580 per unit plus Paralysis (3 turns)
CircleTriangleStar Tile Attack for 9,765 damage per unit
Chaos Hisui 16,000 16,000,000 Special Attack for 19,200 damage
Special Attack for 22,560 damage
Special Attack for 21,480 damage
Row Attack for 9,600 per unit plus Paralysis (3 turns)
CircleTriangleStar Tile Attack for 16,800 damage per unit
Desperation move for 216,000 damage
Chaos Kohaku 9,500 5,000,000 Triangle Tile Attack for 11,400 damage per unit plus Poison (3 turns)
Resurrection (Heals most HP)


Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones (one each for clearing the story and the clash)

(Double Trouble) Hisui (Icon) [Double Trouble] Hisui
(Double Trouble) Hisui (Icon) [Double Trouble] Hisui
Type Shot LV 1 (40)
ATK 252 (933) HP 214 (861)
RCV 77 (384) LC 3
Arte 6 hits against one foe (34% x6)
LS Boost ATK of heroes on CircleSquare to 1.2x
(35 LC)
Restore 25% of HP
Strength 2
Life Gain 3
  • 3-Star
(Reaper) Hisui (Icon) [Reaper] Hisui
(Reaper) Hisui (Icon) [Reaper] Hisui
Type Shot LV 1 (80)
ATK 388 (1486) HP 331 (1375)
RCV 121 (645) LC 3
Arte 3 hits against one foe (83% x3)
LS Boost ATK of shot heroes to 1.6x
(30 LC)
Change Circle into Heart
Inspirit Attackers Water Shield 2
Weapon Boost 3
  • 4-Star

(UA) Hisui & Kohaku (Icon) [UA] Hisui & Kohaku
(UA) Hisui & Kohaku (Icon) [UA] Hisui & Kohaku
Type Spell LV 1 (80)
ATK 807 (1940) HP 656 (1849)
RCV 705 (1696) LC 12
Arte 2 hits against one foe (125% x2)
LS Boost HP/ATK of shot/bash/spell heroes to 1.4x
(25 LC)
Change Circle into Square
Lucky Healing Link Finisher 3
Weapon Boost 3
UA 1 hit against one foe (30% x1)
Great: 30% chance to shatter 2 shields
Excellent: 50% chance to shatter 2 shields



???? Kohaku!
Kohaku, where are you? Say something!
Damn it! Where did she go? If I don't find her before he does...
Huh? Oh, hey!
Have any of you seen a girl in white clothes around here? Same hair color as I got.
Sara I'm afraid not. Has something happened to her?
???? She's my little sister. She wandered off and I ain't seen her since. If that guy does somethin' to her...
Sara That guy?
Hisui A real dirty deviant. He's been stalkin' her for feels like forever.
Sara A dirty deviant?! Ah, geez... We gotta find her!
We'll do whatever we can to help!
Hisui For reals? Damn, I owe you one! I'm Hisui. Her name's Kohaku.
Sara I'm Sara. This is Lippy, and that's (user).
Hisui Good to meetcha.


Hisui Kohaku! Are you all right?!
Kohaku Hisui! I'm fine.
Hisui My heart skipped a beat when I saw ya surrounded by all those monsters!
Kor Hisui, where have you been? We really needed your help here!
Hisui You're tellin' ME that? After you dragged my sister away to do heaven-knows-what to her?!
Sara Mr. Dirty Deviant, I presume...?
Hisui Damn right he is!
Kor W-Wait, what? I'm not a deviant! What are you telling people?!
Hisui The straight truth, pal!
Kohaku Hey, cut out the fight now, you two! People are watching!
Hisui Ah, yeah... Sorry.
Kohaku And who exactly are these people, Hisui?
Hisui Uh, Sara, Lippy, and (user). They helped me find you.
Kohaku My name is Kohaku. Sorry for putting you through that.
Kor I'm Kor. Thanks for the save back there!
Hisui I dunno that I'd have been able to get to her in time without you. Thanks guys.
Sara You're very welcome! I'm just glad everyone's safe. I guess... we should be going, then.
Kohaku You're leaving so soon? I know we've just met, but I'd love to learn a little more about you.
Sara Oh? Yeah, sure! I gotta admit, I'm a little curious to hear about you, too!
Kohaku Let's sit down over there and chat!
Kor I'd like that!
Hisui You keep the hell away from them!
Kor Huh? Why?
Hisui I'm not leaving a deviant like you near Kohaku one moment longer!
Lippy Great Savior? Perhaps we should leave these two to... talk amongst themselves, and join the ladies for a spell?


Hisui Huh? You wanna throw down with me?
Well, you helped me out back there, so all right. I don't play around, though!
Huh. You're a feisty one, eh?
Fair enough! Let's go!

Previous Version

Duration: 04/? - 04/? (2016)

  • The UA unit was not available during this version of the event.

Clash Stages

Stage Stamina
Hisui Lv10 16
Kohaku Lv20 17
Hisui & Kohaku Lv30 18
Hisui Lv40 19
Kohaku Lv50 20
Hisui & Kohaku Lv60 21
Hisui HARD 25
Kohaku MANIA 28
Hisui & Kohaku UNKNOWN 30
  • Enemies are neutral element in Lv30 and below
  • Hisui is Wind and Kohaku is Fire in Lv40 and up