Japan Unit
This page is for a unit that was only available in the Japanese version of Tales of Link.
Information for the Worldwide version of the unit was never released.

Melee Arte 騒嵐風車
Damage one foe and prevent the Sleep ailment for 1 turn (150% x1)
Leader Skill 熱き漢の風車
Boost ATK of thrust/bash heroes to 2.6x
Active Skill 風車屋の漢 Req. LC: 25
Boost ATK of wind heroes to 2.5x for 1 turn
HP/ATK +150
Increases LC maximum by 3
Increases aura appearance rate by 18%
Increases starting value of link gauge by 5
EX Awakening
Awakened Unit
Hero Fes (Taiko Festival)
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