Julius (Tales of Xillia 2)
(Agent) Julius (Face) Ludger's brother, who works as an agent for a special combat division of the Spirius Corporation. After a weird incident occured on Ludger's first day of work, Julius disappeared.
Units: 5-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


5-Star Units

(Agent) Julius (Icon) [Agent] Julius
(Agent) Julius (Icon) [Agent] Julius
Type Slash LV 1 (99)
ATK 845 (3290) HP 384 (1633)
RCV 145 (763) LC 4
Arte 1 hit against one foe (300% x1)
LS Boost HP/ATK of slash/thrust/bash heroes to 1.5x
(30 LC)
Boost CircleStar ATK to 1.7x for 2 turns
Life Gain 2 Earth Shield 2
Weapon Boost 3 Link Finisher 5
(Resolution's Adjudicator) Julius (Icon) [Resolution's Adjudicator] Julius
(Resolution's Adjudicator) Julius (Icon) [Resolution's Adjudicator] Julius
Type Slash LV 1 (99)
ATK 835 (3251) HP 429 (1823)
RCV 106 (562) LC 4
Arte 1 hit against all foes (350% x1)
LS Boost ATK of slash heroes to 2.0x
(45 LC)
Change all markers into Star
Double Boost Link Boost 4
Forcefulness 3 Arte Plus 5



(Agent) Julius(Resolution's Adjudicator) Julius


(Agent) Julius (Icon)(Resolution's Adjudicator) Julius (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Agent) Julius (Face)(Resolution's Adjudicator) Julius (Face)


Julius Chromatus AttackJulius Chromatus IdleJulius Chromatus RunJulius X2 AttackJulius X2 IdleJulius X2 Run

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