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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


With Santa out of commission, it seems Sara and co. must take over his most esteemed role as the shining beacon of Christmas! Ludger & Elle, Rose, Cheria, Luke & Mieu, and Grassvalley must don Santa outfits to take down Smith who threatens to terrorize Christmas of the world!


# Stage Stamina Battles
Protecting Dreams
1 Christmas' Last Hope 3 5
2 Outrageous Presents 3 5
Not good at this...
3 Rematch 5 5
4 Awkward Fellow 5 5
All-Seeing God-Lord!
5 An Outfit's Grudge 5 5
6 Wicked Emperor's Gaze 5 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x3 (1 after each part)

Saint Memories Saint Memories
Saint Memories Saint Memories
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 522 (522)
Rarity SR HP 111 (111)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 0 (0)
Passive Christmas Night's Emotion
At battle start, boost ATK by 5% for 3 turns

Previous Durations

  • Duration: 12/11 (Sun) 08:00 - 12/26 (Mon) 07:59 PST (2016)




—Christmas Eve—
Elle I get to be Santa Claus tonight! Along with Ludger and all our friends!
Ludger You sure do!
Grassvalley These costumes are surprisingly warm. And they look so cute!
Rocks It looks incredible on you!
Cheria Really? They seem a little bit... revealing...
Sara I think everyone looks incredible!
Grassvalley But what about you and (user), Sara? Are you sure you don't want to wear Santa costumes?
Sara Yeah. We'll be backing you guys up, so it's best we stay in street clothes so as not to attract any attention.
Santa All right, are we ready to get on with this?
Grassvalley Sure.
Santa The two districts in this town that have larger population of children are called the Parklands and Roadhouse Way.
Ludger So you think we should split up into two teams to make the deliveries?
Luke The Parklands has a lot of orphanages and churches that I've toured before, so I know the area pretty well. I can lead that team.
Grassvalley Okay, so who wants to work with Luke on that team?
Elle I worry about Luke. I'll come along to look after him.
Luke What? You're not going anywhere. You wait here like a good little ankle-biter.
Elle But I need to make sure you deliver the presents to the kids like you're supposed to!
Luke What's that supposed to mean? Why wouldn't I?!
Sara Heh heh. Good luck with that, Elle!
Ludger Well, I'm going where Elle goes.
Mieu And I'd follow Master anywhere!
Rose All right... Now for the Roadhouse Way team.
Sara (user) and I have been in town for a while, and know a little bit about that area.
Cheria Okay, the teams are settled. Let's get started!
Grassvalley Sounds good to me.
Elle All right! Come on Ludger, let's get going!
Ludger Okay, so if anyone sees Smith while making the deliveries, take him down. I know we'll all be busy, but... that's how it's gotta be.
Lippy Hmmm. It's certainly quiet here.
Cheria Roadhouse Way is like that at this time of night. Everyone's asleep.
Rose Our job would be that much harder if they weren't! Santa's gotta work in secret while the kids are having their vision of sugarplums, right?
Grassvalley Everyone, look!
Sara Wh-What? That costume is so garish I can barely stand to look at it!
Skyknight Hmph. Show some respect to the new saint of the Yuletide!
Cheria Out of our way, you fraud of a saint! Blessed droplet, drive away evil in this name! Lightning Blast!
Skyknight B-Bwaaaahhh! Who dares?!
Rose That's our garish fake Santa all right.
Cheria Time to pay for your deceit!
Skyknight More vulgarians who don't know how to appreciate my style? Death is better than you deserve!
Grassvalley Incoming, (user)!
Rocks Please be careful, everyone!


Rose Wow, that was a piece of cake. Is that really the world's most powerful Santa suit...?
Lippy Hmm. He did seem marginally more powerful than he was on our previous encounter, but I'd hardly call him a threat.
Skyknight P-Please! Forgive me! I'm so, so sorry!
Cheria Then reflect upon what you've done and start acting like it!
Rose So now what do we do with him? Send him to the local order of knights on charges of Santa impersonation?
Skyknight N-No! I won't let you imprison me! Bloom, my winter blossom! Tears of Eternal Perdition!
Grassvalley Whoa, that's bright!
Rocks Milady!
Rose You've gotta be kidding me... He had a flash grenade?!
Skyknight Ha ha ha ha! You blew your chance! now no one can stop me!
Grassvalley He got away!
Rose Looks like he's flying towards the Parklands district...
Cheria We can't follow him until we've finished delivering these presents!
Lippy Dear me, you're right! But... If we don't pursue him now, we'll lose sight of him entirely!
Grassvalley Cheria is right, Lippy. We have to deliver all of these presents tonight!
Rose Yeah. Besides, if he's in the Parklands, I'm sure Ludger and Luke will take care of him for us.
Sara What's that, (user)? Isn't this the reason we came along as back-up...? Yeah, I... I guess you're right!
Okay, (user), you and Lippy go join up with Ludger's team. I'll stay here to support the Santas.
Grassvalley Sounds good. I'd feel a lot better knowing they have back-up, just in case.
Rose Yeah... I've got a bad feeling that there's more trouble ahead tonight. Be careful.
Cheria We'll join up with you as soon as we can, (user) and Lippy. Stay safe until then, okay?
Lippy We shall, Lady Cheria.
Grassvalley This didn't seem like such a big deal when we agreed to it, but wow, this is a whole lot of presents.
Rocks There is one for every child in the district, after all.
Sara All right. I'll help with the hauling while you guys focus on doing the Santa thing!
Cheria I'm so excited thinking about the smiles on the children's faces when they wake up to find a present beside them!
Rocks Allow me to help with the heavy lifting!


Elle It sure is quiet around here.
Ludger You weren't kidding, Luke. There are a ton of churches and orphanages around here.
Luke Oh, hey! That's Lippy and (user)!
Lippy Good evening, everyone.
Mieu Is everything going well with Sara's team?
Lippy Well, we fought and bested that Smith fellow, but once again he managed to escape.
Luke How could you let him get away?!
Elle Does that mean that the fake Santa is gonna come this way now, Ludger?
Ludger Most likely, yeah. If he started on Roadhouse Way, this is where he'd come next.
Luke Well, speak of the devil. The bastard's right there, on the roof of that church!
Elle That's him! The fake Santa!
Skyknight Wha... Whaaa!
D-Don't just yell out at people like that! I was so startled I almost fell off this roof!
Luke We meet again. You ready for a rematch?
Skyknight Bwaahhh! N-No! I... I refuse to be beaten by the likes of you!
Luke Huh? What do you mean, "the likes of me"?
Skyknight A... A long time ago I was forced to kowtow to a violent, foul-mouthed bully like yourself!
Luke What are you talking about? That's got nothing to do with me!
Skyknight I am none other than the reincarnation of the God-Lord "t," ruler of Yule! My true powers remain sealed away...
But I will be born anew on Christmas, and reap all the blessings of the Heavens on this most glorious holiday!
Lippy Ah, I understand. Your friends didn't want to play along with that scenario?
Skyknight Silence!
Christmas has always been my time to shine, but whenever I put my ashen mind to creating new inventions, they take them away, and mock me!
Such torments I have faced at their hands! But there is no one who can stop me now!
Ha ha ha ha ha! But do not mistake this for revenge. This is the second coming of the All-Seeing God-Lord!
Ludger Smith, I feel like I get where you're coming from a little better now. I sympathize, but I don't quite understand...
Luke Well I don't get anything at all! God-Lord "t"? Who rules Yule? What?!
You go around spouting nonsense like that and it's no wonder you get bullied!
Elle I'd think you'd be nicer, considering your own personality is not much better!
Luke Shut up, Elle! You're not helping!
Skyknight I've been crafting Christmas presents befitting my style as the God-Lord! Presents as novel and stylish as my Santa suit!
Elle Stop it! No one wants your presents! They wanted the presents from the real Santa!
Skyknight Wh-What...?
Ludger Don't you remember how intensely you anticipated presents from Santa when you were a child?
Skyknight Oh, you needn't worry about that. Surely any child would adore one of my presents. Bwa ha ha ha!
Ludger But when you were a kid, wouldn't it have upset you to get something else, instead of the present you asked for?
Skyknight Wh-What? How did you...?! Well, yes... Once in my youth I mistakenly wrote down the wrong name and didn't get the present I wanted because of it...
Ludger And now you want to make these kids suffer the same fate?
Isn't it a Santa's job to bring great presents to the good children of the world? Ones that'll bring them joy?
That's why I'm asking you to stop delivering your strange presents that will bring only tears to their eyes!
Elle Yeah! Your presents aren't going to bring any joy to anyone!
So keep 'em to yourself!
Lippy Master Ludger and Lady Elle are right. Please consider their words!
Skyknight Shut up! All of you, shut up! I've come too far to stop now! What of my pride?
Luke This guy's never gonna listen to us! Why don't we just give him another beating? That'd solve everything, right?
Skyknight B-Bwaaahhh! Okay... C-Come and get me, then!
Luke Your wish is my command, buddy!


Lippy Excellent work, my friends!
Skyknight D-Damn it! I'm gonna get you for this!
Luke More empty threats? How clueless can you be? Do it, Mieu!
Mieu Yes, Master! Fire!
Skyknight Bwaaahhh!!! Ow ow ow ow!
Luke We got you now, weirdo. Guess third time's the charm.
Now hold still and behave!
Skyknight Augh! Urgh... *thud*
Luke Finally settled down, huh?
Church Look, it's Santa!
The good Santa just beat the bad Santa!
Lippy Dear me... We seem to have awoken the neighborhood children with all our commotion.
Church You were so cool there, Santa!
Yeah! Do that arte again!
Ludger Uh... Er...
Elle Ludger! You're blushing!
Luke Well, Smith's finally surrendered, so our work here is done. Which is great, because I'm beat.
Church Um...
Hey, red-haired Santa!
Luke What? What do you want from me?
Church You're so strong! And so cool! I want one of your presents, Santa!
Luke Presents? Oh, right. Sure, go nuts. Go ahead and take one.
Church Oh, wow!
Me too! I want one too!
Luke H-Hey! Let go of my hair! That hurts!
Lippy The local children seem to be quite taken with Masters Ludger and Luke!
Elle We did it! We got all the presents safely delivered!
Ludger Yeah. And we got to see the smiles on the faces of all those kids!
Luke Ugh. What a pain that was! I'm never helping with anything like this ever again.
Church Excuse me, Mr. Santa? Thank you so much for all that you've done for these children.
Ludger Oh, don't worry about it. Just get those kids back to bed before they catch a cold!
Church What a kind-hearted Santa you are. You've made this a Christmas Eve to remember.
Elle Let's hurry back!
Ludger That's right, Elle. Come on, (user), we gotta meet back up with Sara's team!


Lippy I'll use my smartphon to locate the current position of Lady Sara's team. Bear with me for just a moment, please.
Skyknight Urgghh...
Luke What are you mumbling about? You still can't get up?
Skyknight Bwaaaahhh! Don't hurt me! I renounce violence! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
Luke Why did you even wake up if you're just gonna grovel and moan all day? Just go back to sleep already.
Ludger Maybe we really got through to him with what we said earlier?
Skyknight Obstructing the rebirth of the God-Lord "t"... This cannot... *mumble mumble*
Luke Yeah, he's still babbling about that God-Lord nonsense. You didn't get through to squat.
Lippy Everyone, stop what you're doing! Prepare to defend yourselves! I'm sensing that something terrible is about to happen!
Luke Wh-Whaaaat?!
Elle L-Look at the fake Santa! His costume's glowing!
Lippy Everyone, be careful! I sense a powerful presence emerging!
Skyknight Arise, Smith! Do not allow them to beat you so easily!
Mieu His Santa suit is talking!
Ludger What is going on here?!
Skyknight Santas always restrict themselves to costumes of red and white. They never even deign to look my way.
Smith! If you had not dared to wear me, I would have rotted in that dresser forever. Do not forget your pride in having chosen me!
Eccentric design? Unconventional colors? What of it! I am a splendid Santa suit, designed to be worn with aplomb!
And now the Santa Association must pay for the disrespect they've shown me! I will take Christmas away from them!
Smith! I bestow upon you the honor of hosting my awakening! They shall know our true power!
Luke Uh-oh.
God-Lord He he ha ha ha ha! I am Nicholaus, All-Seeing God-Lord! Reborn at last after eons of exile!
Am I delusional? Mad? NO! No no no! Absolutely not! I control everything! And no one can stop me now!
Christmas is mine now, the whole world over! And I shall brook no complaint!
Sara Ludger! (user)! Here you are!
Ludger Sara! We've... got a bit of a problem here.
Rose Whoa, what's up with that?! He's even more garish than he was before!
Cheria I guess that weird Santa suit really does possess some sort of strange power.
Luke Aw, crap. And it's channeling that power into Smith!
Rocks The Santa suit is... what?!
Grassvalley I don't know how it works, but... I guess he's been powered up somehow?
Lippy That appears to be the situation, yes.
Ludger Elle! Run to safety! This could get dangerous!
Elle I... I will... But Ludger...
Teach that bad Santa suit that Christmas is supposed to be a happy time for all!
Ludger I will! Everyone, be careful. I don't think Smith's just a normal man anymore.
Sara Yeah. This time we're gonna put an end to this for good!
God-Lord Ha ha ha ha! Allow me to thank you for all that you've done... By showing you how truly powerless you are!


God-Lord Yeeeaaarggghhh!!!
Cheria We got him! We won!
God-Lord No. No no no no! Categorically no! I won't let this end!
After I was ignored for so long... After my pride was trampled for so long... I will never let this end!
Rocks You mustn't take this any further! There could be serious repercussions on you as well!
Grassvalley Huh? Did you just see that glimmer in the sky...?!
Lippy Something is diving from above! And with incredible force!
Reindeer Kyuiiiiii!!!
Mieu That's reindeer for "sorry to keep you waiting!"
Santa I came as quickly as I could!
Rose! Thanks to your guild, I was able to get a new sleigh in time! Send them my regards!
Rose Glad to be of service!
Santa Thanks for covering for me, guys! Cheria's cooking has me back in fine fettle!
God-Lord Hmph. No mystery what you've come for. The establishment always gangs up to persecute defeated visionaries!
Luke Again with the nonsensical blather! Just man up and accept your punishment already!
Santa Hmmm... Due to their deep empathy for each other, the souls of the costume and its wearer seem to have fused into one...
Will you hear what I have to say? I've come to apologize on behalf of the Santa Association!
God-Lord You've come to... what?!
Santa As befits a one-of-a-kind costume made by a master tailor, the Association hid you away for safekeeping, out of respect and veneration!
God-Lord What...? Out of respect...?
Santa Precisely! Your preservation was one of the central tenets of our organization!
But I respect that, having been made as the ultimate Santa suit, you wished only to fulfill your destiny. And for that, I apologize deeply.
God-Lord And you apologize for that now...? After ignoring me all these years?
Santa From now on, we would be honored to use you for your intended purpose. And Smith! For you - I have a Christmas present.
God-Lord What's this? A crocheted blanket...?
Santa Do you remember that time you were on a stagecoach, and you saved an elderly woman suffering from stomach pains?
You intervened in time to keep it from becoming something more serious.
In her gratitude, that woman crocheted this for you.
Cheria Don't you see? You're worthy of receiving Christmas presents too!
Lippy Dear me! The strong feelings of resentment and negativity around them have dissipated!
Skyknight Ohhh... It's so warm... It's just like the one my grandma made for me when I was a baby...
Ah... I get it now. This is the happiness that a present can bring...
Santa Ho ho ho ho! What joy to see you smile at last! And I feel a load lifted off my chest as well!
Mieu Wow... How amazing to see a real Santa in action! You got Smith to open his heart to you like it was nothing!
Skyknight Santa is... truly an incredible man.
I beg of you, Santa! Accept me as a disciple! I will train hard! I'll become a better man!
Santa Hmmm... Well, for better or for worse, you do seem to have some sort of affinity with that Santa suit...
But the training will be grueling! Far worse than you imagine! Are you man enough to grit your teeth and bear it?
Skyknight Yes! I will do it! Please!
Luke That's great and all, but listen... I better not catch you messing with anyone ever again!
Skyknight B-Bwaaahhh!!! I... I understand! I repent of my misdeeds, and thank you for showing me the righteous way!
As proof of my gratitude, I want each of you to accept a heartfelt Christmas present from me!
Elle Huh?!
Grassvalley What is this...?
A "Vestigius Remembrancer of Spectacles Past"... Oh, it's a scrapbook of discovery points!
Cheria A "Skilleterator of Essences Draconic." This appears to be a dragon-slaying blade that can also be used as a pan for an oil-free fryer...
Rose "A Globulet Array Mercantile." It's... a magical abacus that can instantly calculate profit and loss?
Luke "A Gentleman's Gladius Coticule Acicularus." A self-sharpening longsword made of pure whetstone...?
Mieu "Felini... habili... ments?" Well, it looks like a cheagle-sized plush katz costume!
Ludger A "Hectokilovault?" Seems like a piggybank that won't open up until 100,000 gald has been deposited inside...
Elle I got an apron that transforms the wearer into Wonder Chef! I wonder if I'd know how to cook if I wore this?
Skyknight Well? Do you like them?
Luke Well, uh... I guess this'll really cut down on weapon maintenance...
Cheria I bet I could make Sophie a wonderful crablette with this!
Grassvalley This scrapbook is really lovely. Thank you!
Rose I've never seen a calculating arte like this before. This'll really come in handy!
Luke Well, outside of the stupid names, it looks like everyone really liked them!
Skyknight But... It is in the naming in which I imbued my deep personal affection for each recipient!
Sara Heh. That's... neat. You're gonna have your hands full with this one, Santa. Good luck!
Elle I can't wait for next year's Christmas, Santa!
Santa It will be a splendid one indeed, little girl!
Skyknight I'm grateful for Santa's present, and I'm grateful that you've all accepted mine! It was a circuitous route that brought me here, but I am glad that it has.
I vow to become a splendid Santa, worthy of this Santa suit, and bring Christmas joy to all the children of Liafyse!
Elle I'll be pulling for you, Smith!
Ludger As will I.
Skyknight Oh no! I just realized I completely forgot to give presents to Sara, Lippy, and (user)!
What can I do? I'm completely out of gifts...
Santa Ho ho ho ho! Then allow me! Please, accept these gifts from me!
Lippy Your boots, Master Claus? Dear me... This craftsmanship is exquisite!
Sara Wow, check it out, (user)! Those are really cool!
Elle I hope everyone everywhere has a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!!!