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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Sara spots ruins a ways into the distance and urges the party to explore! When they arrive, they quickly catch up to Rita exploring the ruins for ancient technologies. With their perfect timing, Rita requests that the party help escort her and defeat any monsters that might try to interrupt her research. The party agrees and takes the opportunity to also explore the reasons. Not too long afterwards, Remi shows up in an...interesting fashion.


# Stage Stamina Battles
Ruins and Reunions
1 Ruins of Lost Arts 7 5
2 What'd I Forget 7 5
3 I Still Can't Remember 7 5
4 Curioser and Curioser 7 5
5 Did the Ruins Change? 7 7
The Ancient Armor
6 Turning Back Monsters 8 5
7 Still More Monsters 8 5
8 Monsters Without End 8 5
9 Culling Their Numbers 8 5
10 Reversal of Fortune 9 5
11 Just a Bit More! 9 5
12 Lost and Found 9 7
Mysterious to the Max
13 The Awakened Guardian 10 5
14 Fleeing Not an Option 10 5
15 A Direct Challenge 10 5
16 Intensifying Battle 10 5
17 No Room for Error 11 5
18 Protector, Protected 11 5
19 Finding the Flare Orb 11 7
Reputation Restoration
20 Penned In 12 5
21 Face the Enemy 12 5
22 Struggling Onward 12 5
23 Ceaseless Foes 12 5
24 From Hearts of Heroes 13 5
25 The End is Near 13 5
26 Why Did We Fail? 13 7
The Armor's True Power
27 Guardian in the Way 14 5
28 Put Your Power to Use 14 5
29 We've Come Too Far 15 5
30 Swords and Sorcery 15 5
31 Powers Combined 18 5
32 Seeing True Power 20 5
33 Flare Soul 25 7


  • Do not sell any of the special drops. All are needed to forge the armor.
  • The base equipment was given out as a log-in bonus.
Base Gear Evolution Material
Crimson Omen Crimson Omen
Crimson Omen Crimson Omen
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity N HP 42 (42)
Max Lv. (LB) 5 (0) RCV 47 (47)
Flare Stone Flare Stone
Flare Stone Flare Stone
HN Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Crimson Omen into Crimson Quickening.
Crimson Quickening Crimson Quickening
Crimson Quickening Crimson Quickening
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity HN HP 58 (58)
Max Lv. (LB) 10 (0) RCV 122 (122)
Flare Orb Flare Orb
Flare Orb Flare Orb
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Crimson Quickening into Petaled Reeti.
Petaled Reeti Petaled Reeti
Petaled Reeti Petaled Reeti
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity R HP 131 (131)
Max Lv. (LB) 40 (0) RCV 214 (214)
Passive Flames of Tutella
Reduces fire damage by 30%
Flare Soul Flare Soul
Flare Soul Flare Soul
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Petaled Reeti into Vermillion Efreeti.
Vermillion Efreeti Vermillion Efreeti
Vermillion Efreeti Vermillion Efreeti
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity SR HP 245 (245)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 378 (378)
Passive Spellfire of Tutella
Reduces fire damage by 50%



Sara Check out that structure off in the distance! What is that? Ruins, maybe?
Lippy I fear that it is too far away for me to make out, Lady Sara.
The Great Savior seems to be struggling to see it as well.
Sara Ah, sorry. But I bet it's something! Let's go get a closer look.
It really is ruins!
I'm no expert, but they look pretty old to me. I wonder what era we're looking at here? Should we investigate?
Lippy Look there, Lady Sara. We appear not to be the only visitors to these ruins. Hmm... She cuts a familiar figure...
Rita You guys! Oh, this is perfect!
I want to investigate these ruins, but this place is lousy with monsters. You up for pulling some escort duty?
Sara Rita! That sounds fine to me. We were hoping to explore ourselves.
So what exactly are you looking for? I bet you wouldn't have come all this way if it wasn't something good...
Rita Walk with me and I'll clue you in.
I've heard rumors than you can find lost technologies from the era of ancient magic in here.
I've been too busy to see for myself, but I finally managed get down here to investigate.
But that doesn't mean I have all day to chat! Let's be quick about this.
Sara Lippy, I have this nagging feeling that there's something I've forgotten...
Lippy That's most peculiar, as I do as well! But I just can't remember what it is that I've forgotten...
Sara Well, maybe it'll come to us as we walk?


Sara What's the deal with these ruins? The deeper we get, the less ruins-y they look.
Lippy Indeed. The interior and the exterior look nothing alike.
Rita It looks like this is some sort of laboratory. Things just got interesting!
Hmmm... This equipment here looks pretty ancient.
Sara There's a book over here.
Rita Let me see that!
Huh... They could really do that, huh? Wow. The tech from that era was really something!
Sara What does the book say, Rita?
Rita I'll run it down for you...


Rita ...So in other words, with a Flare Stone, Flare Orb, and Flare Soul, we could upgrade this old armor!
Sara Psst, Lippy... Did that explanation make sense to you?
Lippy Only the last sentence, I fear.
But it was a testament to Lady Rita's grasp of the topic that she was able to render it into layman's terms for us!
Rita Yeah, I could tell from your glazed-over faces that none of the technical stuff was getting through.
Sara Sorry. It's just not really my thing...
Rita Don't feel bad about it. I doubt anyone other than me understands this stuff.
Anyway, back to this old armor.
Apparently it was so powerful that they did all this just to contain it...
I wonder what power would justify all this work they spent sealing it away?
Perhaps the more interesting question is, how did they even go about devising a seal that could contain such—
Monsters Raaaaawwwr!!!
Rita Damn it! Shut up! Can't a girl conjecture in peace?
Sara, I want you and your friends to help me get those things out of here!
Sara Uh... Okay!


Rita Stupid monsters. I was really onto something there.
Well, once I get my head back together, the first step will be finding that Flare Stone and Flare Orb.
Luckily, there's a good description of both items in the tex—
Monsters Raaaaawwwr!!!
Remi Rita! Look out!
Monsters Raaaaawwwr!!!
Remi Aaah!
Sara Remi! Hee-yah!
Rita Remi! Are you okay?
Remi Is Rita safe?!
Rita I'm right here. See for yourself! Now, what are you even doing here? I told you it would be too dangerous!
Remi What I'm doing here is acting as your guardian! It's my duty to protect you no matter how great the danger!
Rita Again with this...
Sara Rita, please try to calm down!
She's just as worried about you as you were worried about her!
Rita You think I was worried about her? I just told her not to come because I didn't want her getting in the way!
Remi Rita...
Rita I'd send you back, but it would be too dangerous for you to go alone. So I guess we're stuck with you.
Remi You mean I can stay? Thanks, Ri—bwaaah!
Rita How did you... There isn't even anything here to trip over! Ugh. This is going exactly as well as I expected.
Sara Remi, did you just drop this?
Remi Oh, thank you!
Sara What is this, anyway? I've never see anything like it.
Rita Hey, hold up. Remi! Where did you get that?!
Remi I found it in a room on the way here. I'd never seen anything quite like it, so I thought you might want to study it.
Sara It's really beautiful.
Remi You can have it afterwards if you like!
Rita The hell she can! That's a Flare Stone!
Sara What?! This thing? This is how we'll unseal the armor...?
Rita Well, it's not enough to unlock the armor's full power.
We need that Flare Orb I was telling you about. It should be within these ruins somewhere, so let's go find it!


Sara The monsters are getting stronger.
Rita Better make sure you stay with the group, Remi.
Remi Yes ma'am!
Lippy Could that be our Flare Orb over there? It seems to be well secured, suggesting it's an item of some importance.
Rita That does seem a little conspicuous...
Remi It really does!
Rita But I'm not so sure about this. There was nothing about this mechanism in the book. Let's take a closer look.
Sara Is that some sort of button there?
Remi Oh, that must open it! Let's give it a push!
Rita Wait, I wouldn't—
Golem Rrrrrrrrrrrr...


Rita Remi! Don't ever do anything without my leave again! That button practically had "TRAP" stenciled all over it!
Remi I'm so sorry, Rita. The thought never even occurred to me!
Rita That's basically the problem, yes.
Sara Don't be so hard on her. If she hadn't pressed the button, we might never have gotten the Flare Orb!
Lippy As well as the map to the Flare Soul that was in a golem's possession.
Perhaps they were made to watch over this armor?
Rita That's a reasonable hypothesis. Now, the Flare Soul is... Let's see...
Remi Let me check the map. It'll give me a chance to redeem myself!
Rita Do you even know how to read a map?
Remi I know that I can try! Now, I guess we're...
Ummm... Where are we, now?
Sara This might not be the greatest idea...


Remi Okay everyone, follow me! This way!
Sara You certainly seem excited about this, Remi.
Remi Naturally! I'm eager to prove to Rita that I can be a help and not just a hindrance.
Sara Well if there's anything I can do to help, let me know!
Remi Thanks, Sara! You're such a nice person.
Sara I'm really not. I just feel like I was partially responsible for what happened earlier.
Remi But I was the one who immediately pushed a suspicious button for no good reason! It isn't your fault at all!
Rita If you two hens are done clucking, maybe Remi could look at the map and actually tell us where to go?
Remi Oh, of course. Right away, Rita!
Rita ...
Remi Hmmmm... According to the map, we need to make a right turn here, and then continue straight ahead.
All right everyone, turn right!
Rita Remi! Watch your feet!
Sara Remi, are you okay?
Remi Y-Yeah... But there isn't supposed to be a dead end here...
Rita From all the junk strewn around, it looks like this room is some sort of garbage dump.
Lippy Everyone! The noise attracted monsters!
Rita ...
Remi Argh, I've messed up again! I'll handle this!
Rita Not by yourself you won't. Stand down.
Sara, (user)! We're taking down these monsters!


Rita So, that happened.
What's the deal, Remi? Why'd you lead us into a dead end?
Remi I can't figure that out myself! There was supposed to be a passage here.
Oh... sorry. I was holding the map upside down.
Lippy Would you mind if I took a look at that map, Lady Remi?
Oh dear...
It appears we've already passed the room where the Flare Soul is kept.
Rita You can imagine my surprise.
Remi I'm so sorry.
Rita Lippy, you're on map duty now. Remi, you focus on not tripping over random objects as you walk.
Remi Y-Yes ma'am.
Lippy Very well. Now, if everyone would be so kind as to follow me...


Lippy Assuming I've read this map correctly, the Flare Soul should be around here.
Remi There's something creepy about this room. Maybe it's those giant statues...
Sara Could it be in that chest, Rita?
Rita I think so! That's exactly the way it was described in the book.
Rita Do it, Remi.
Remi Do... what? You don't want me to open it, do you?!
Rita That's exactly what I want. Just without all the backtalk.
Remi After what happened last time, I've been resisting the urge to touch anything...
But now, at last, I have a chance to redeem myself! No matter the danger, I will comply with your orders, Rita!
You'll see how useful I can be!
Open sesame!
Golem Rrrrrrrr...
Remi The golems... I knew it!
Rita All right Sara, (user)... Here we go!


Rita We've assembled all the pieces at last. Now we can restore its true power...
Sara The armor, it's...!
Rita They certainly had some fascinating technologies back in the era of ancient magic.
Lippy There's something unsettling about this armor. I wonder if that's because of the power that had been sealed away.
Sara ...
Rita Well, we're done here.
Sara Wait, you're just leaving? Aren't you going to take the armor?
Rita I'm only interested in the technology, and I'm satisfied with what I've seen. The armor's yours if you want it.
Sara Wow, thanks! We'll take good care of it.
Rita You'll need it. I was thinking I'd hire you guys the next time I need an escort for one of my research projects.
Remi R-Rita... Does that mean... I'm fired?!
Rita No one said anything about that! The two of us just aren't quite strong enough. We could use a little more help.
Remi Oh, phew. That's a relief!
Rita Anyway, we'll be in touch when we need you. Stay safe until then!
I'm getting out of here.
Remi R-Rita? Wait for meeeeee!!!
I'll Prove My Worth to You, Rita! ──fin──