Lippy Talk (Excited)

Great Savior! Have you come to help prepare tea? Oh, I see! If you're unsure of yourself, please remember these suggestions to help you move forward! Eventually you may outgrow them, but I hope they will help you in many encounters to come!

Ah, the tea is finished. I should hurry and deliver this to Lady Sara before it gets cold! I'll leave the list here for your viewing. Good luck, Great Savior!

  • Use LP to Level Up Evenly!
    • It's much more cost-effective to spread your LP out to level up your party members evenly than focusing it on one single hero.
  • Iron Stance (Shield)
    • Enemy with an Iron Stance reduces any damage taken to 1/5th. Attack with Marker of the same color to break it!
  • Get gears and upgrade materials!
    • Complete 'The Road Through the Plains' to unlock 'Weapon*Material Stage' by types. Challenge the stages to strengthen your party!
  • Heart Marker Hints
    • When linking four or more heart markers to heal, the next hero who appears will have an aura with 100% trigger rate!
  • Learning Abilities
    • Delivering a coup de grace to the enemy. Hero learns abilities by repeatedly acting as Finishers.
  • Equipment Suggestions
    • At the Launch screen, tap 'Gear up' button in the upper right. When you get your hands on new gear, hit that button!
  • Leveling Up Artes
    • Using an arte after a certain count has been hit will increase its level. Raising the arte's level will increase its trigger rate.
  • Recommended Skills
    • A party with proper balancing of HP recover, marker-changing, and attack-increasing skills is crucial.

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