Meowna (Tales of Link)
(Lively Catgirl) Meowna (Face) A Therian who believes deeply in maintaining a bright and positive attitude. She was caught in a trap in her youth, but saved by a human who taught her the virtue of kindness.
Units: 4-Star | 5-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


5-Star Units

(Done Catnapping) Meowna (Icon) [Done Catnapping] Meowna
(Done Catnapping) Meowna (Icon) [Done Catnapping] Meowna
Type Bash LV 1 (99)
ATK 552 (2147) HP 1046 (4450)
RCV 8 (40) LC 15
Arte 3 hits against one foe (100% x3)
LS Boost HP/ATK of all heroes to 1.5x
(15 LC)
Give an aura to one of your present characters
Strength 2 Armor Boost 4
Lucky Healing 2 Done Catnapping

4-Star Units

(Lively Catgirl) Meowna (Icon) [Lively Catgirl] Meowna
(Lively Catgirl) Meowna (Icon) [Lively Catgirl] Meowna
Type Slash LV 1 (70)
ATK 472 (1832) HP 250 (1052)
RCV 65 (340) LC 4
Arte 5 hits against one foe (50% x5)
LS Boost RCV of slash heroes to 1.6x
(35 LC)
Restore 40% of HP
Lucky Healing Repair 4
Armor Boost 2



(Done Catnapping) Meowna(Lively Catgirl) Meowna


(Done Catnapping) Meowna (Icon)(Lively Catgirl) Meowna (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Done Catnapping) Meowna (Face)(Lively Catgirl) Meowna (Face)


Meowna Link AttackMeowna Link IdleMeowna Link Run

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