Micaldio (Tales of Link)
(Golem User) Micaldio (Face) A young man who lost his parents in a research accident. He's determined to complete their work with the help of the autonomous golem, Kamal, that they they bequeathed to him.
Units: 4-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


4-Star Units

(Golem User) Micaldio (Icon) [Golem User] Micaldio
(Golem User) Micaldio (Icon) [Golem User] Micaldio
Type Bash LV 1 (70)
ATK 510 (1417) HP 861 (2894)
RCV 94 (220) LC 15
Arte 3 hits against one foe (84% x3)
LS Boost HP of bash heroes to 1.5x
(7 LC)
Deal 7 damage to all enemies
First Link Weapon Boost 4
Strength 3



(Golem User) Micaldio


(Golem User) Micaldio (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Golem User) Micaldio (Face)


Micaldio Link AttackMicaldio Link IdleMicaldio Link Run

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