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Mieu's master, Luke, is having quite a hectic and unlucky day. He's missed lunch, torn his favorite handkerchief, and even managed to miss dinner as he orders a dish from a restaurant that had just run out. In order to improve his master's mood and help him find his "luck", Mieu sets off on an adventure to help return Luke's fortune!


# Stage Stamina Battles
Never a Lucky Break
1 Muddied Gel 3 5
2 Broken Blade 3 5
Where is my Master's "luck"?
3 Where is "Luck"? 3 5
4 How Should I Know?! 3 5
Lost and Found Crew?!
5 Leave It To Me! 3 5
6 Let's Try This Way! 3 5
Protect the Lucky Kam-Kam!
7 Mieu'll Protect You! 3 5
8 Yeahhh! Or Something. 3 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x4 (one after each part)



On a certain road...
Luke's quest to expand his horizons hits another snag...
Luke Oops... Damn it! I dropped another apple gel.
Tear Luke! That's the tenth one! When are you going to listen to me and stop eating while you walk?
Luke You've been keeping track? That's pretty creepy, Tear.
Tear What did you say to me?
Luke Nothing. Nothing at all!
Mieu But Master is hungry, and gels are all we have to eat!
Tear I guess Luke did end up missing lunch today...
Luke That's right! That old jerk at the restaurant, telling me they'd just sold out of what I'd ordered!
Tear And then we ended up getting swept up into that brawl before your second-choice order arrived...
Mieu Poor Master! He's suffered so...
Luke And my handkerchief got all torn up in that brawl! I just can't get a break!
Tear What are you planning to do with that handkerchief, Luke?
Luke Well it's no good to me now! I'll probably just sell it at the next town. The material is probably still worth a little something.
Tear That's very frugal of you, Luke. I'm impressed with how much you've grown.
Mieu You can sell things you don't need for money?
Tear Well, it depends on the thing.
Luke Uck. This gel's all muddy now. What am I supposed to do? This was my last one...
Tear You can't eat something you've dropped Luke. You just have to throw it away.
Luke You think I don't know that?! I wasn't going to eat a muddy gel!
Mieu Master! I'll blow off the mud for you!
Luke Yeah, that's just what I need── a layer of cheagle spit on top of the mud. No way I'm putting that thing anywhere near my mouth.
Mieu Mieuuuu...
Tear Well, at least you didn't just leave it where you dropped it. I suppose that's progress.


Luke Bwaaah!
Tear Luke!
Mieu Master?!
Luke Owww...
Damn it! What lunatic would dig a hole right here?!
Mieu Master! Did you trip? Are you seriously hurt?
Luke Shut up, Thing! I'm not gonna get seriously hurt by tripping on a damn hole! Owwwww...
Damn it... I bumped my tailbone! And now my clothes are all muddy!
What the hell is going on today? Ever since lunch it's been one disaster after another! What did I do to deserve this?!
Tear I'll grant you that you got a tough break at lunch, but tripping is your own fault.
It's important that you focus on tasks and pay attention to where you're going.
Speaking of tasks, I trust that at the next town, you'll buy enough apple gels to replace the amount you ate and the amount you dropped.
Luke What? I hate shopping! Why do I have to do it?
Tear That isn't obvious to you? Because you're the one who wasted all of our apple gels!
Mieu Don't worry, Master! I'll help you shop!
Luke Shopping is a people job. You're just a Thing!
Mieu Mieuuu...
Tear Luke! Don't take your frustrations out on Mieu!
Look, I can see the town. We'll be there soon enough.


──In town──
Tear Let's stay at this inn tonight. It's right on the main road, so it should be quite convenient.
Luke It seems like kind of a dump to me. But I could see how this might seem good enough to you, Tear.
Oh, look! It's got a restaurant!
Okay, we're eating. We're eating right now.
Tear Luke, would it kill you to just... *Sigh* Fine, let's eat.
Luke Hurry up, Tear! I'm starving to death here!
Tear Calm down, Luke. Are you ready to eat, Mieu?
Mieu Of course! Anything to help ease Master's hunger!
Customer Can I get a chicken sandwich?
Shopkeeper Coming right up!
Luke Chicken sandwiches, huh? Oh! That looks like their specialty!
Damn, I love chicken sandwiches! I'm gonna get me one of those!
Hey! A chicken sandwich for me, too!
Shopkeeper Ah, sorry sir! The previous customer ordered the last one. Can I get you something else?
Luke Whaaaaaaat?!
Tear Luke! Don't get so upset over every little thing! Just order something else.
Luke Damn it. What the hell is going on? Why can't I catch a break today?
Mieu Oh, Tear! Tear! What's a "break"? Why can't Master catch one?
Tear It just means he's run out of luck, and now bad things are happening to him.
Mieu Master's out of luck?!
Luke You're damn right I am! How else can you explain everything that's happened to me today? And now I gotta make do with something else...
Mieu Oh no! Master is in serious trouble!
Tear Lots of things here look good. Look, they even have cherry pie. You want a piece of that, Mieu?
What happened? He was right here...
Luke! I can't find Mieu!
Luke You mean Thing? Yeah, he just left. Probably off chasing some good smell. I'm sure he'll be right back.
Tear Looks like you're torn handkerchief is gone too. Where does Mieu think he's going with that?
Mieu Master is in a real bad mood.
Times like this are when I need to work extra hard for Master!
First, I'll turn this handkerchief into money, and then go shopping! I'll bring the apple gels to Master...
And then I'll go see if I can find him some more luck!
Worry not, Master! I'll find you more luck! Then you can eat all the chicken sandwiches you want!
And thus began Mieu's tiny little adventure...


Mieu But where can I find Master's luck?
I don't have any clues... Where am I supposed to search?
??? Awwwww... I was so close! If only I'd gotten there a bit sooner.
Just my luck to arrive at the ruins after a bunch of thieves had tossed the place. Now what am I supposed to do?
??? Huh? Something soft just hit my foot...
Mieu F-Forgive me! I was lost in thought and I walked right into you!
Norma Oh. My. Gosh! IT'S LITTLE MIEU MIEU! What's on your mind, little guy?
Mieu Huh? Oh... Norma! It's you!


Norma Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay. I see what's going on here.
So Lukie dropped some apple gels, missed lunch, got swept up in a brawl, fell in a hole and tore his hanky.
And now the restaurant just sold the last of his favorite sandwich to someone else.
Mieu That's right. And it's left Master in a terrible mood!
That's why I'm trying to find Master some luck!
Norma Luck, huh? That's gonna be a tough one.
Mieu Have you seen any luck, Norma? If you have, could you tell me where?
Norma Huh... I don't think so...
(Luck doesn't work like that anyway. Man, after the ruins thing was a bust, I was thinking I'd jump at anything the might make me buck...)
(But not only does this not sound profitable, it sounds like it'd be a boring waste of──hmm, wait a minute...)
Hey, Mieu-Mieu? What are you doing with that torn hanky there?
Mieu I'm going to sell this for money! And then use the money to buy Master more apple gels!
Norma That's very industrious of you.
(Huh... That looks like pretty fine silk! Even with a tear, I bet that hanky's worth a pretty penny. Heh heh. Nothing gets by you, Norma!)
(Plus, I know Lukie's totally loaded, so there might be a sweet reward in it for me if I can help Mieu-Mieu "find" him some luck!)
All right, Mieu-Mieu! You've inspired me with your devotion to your Master. So I'm gonna help you find some luck!
Mieu Really, Norma?!
Norma Yep! And I'm a world-renowned treasure hunter, in case you've forgotten, so that help ain't gonna be just lip service, either!
Mieu Yay! Thank you Norma! I feel so much better now!
Norma (Hee hee... Can't wait to roll around in a big pile of Lukie's reward money!)
Mieu Why are you smiling, Norma? Did you figure out where the luck is?!
Luke Aw, there you are, Thing! What the hell have you been doing?!
Mieu Master!
Norma Hey Lukie! This is perfect timing! Little Mieu-Mieu was so worried about you that I've agreed to help him out. I trust you'll be covering my fee.
Luke Huh? What are you talking about?
Norma I'll go ahead and hold onto this hanky as a signing fee.
Luke Why the hell would I give that to you? What do you have to do with anything?
Norma What, you think you can compensate the world's greatest living treasure hunter with completion bonuses alone? Get real!
All right, Mieu-Mieu. Let's team up and find Luke some luck!
Mieu Hurray!
Norma Time is of the essence here, Mieu-Mieu! Get moving!
Mieu Yes ma'am!
Luke H-Hey! Wait up! Where are you going?!
*Pant* *pant* Damn it! Where did they go?!
Tear Luke! Did you find Mieu?
Luke Yeah, I just saw him with Norma, but then I lost 'em again. That stupid Thing...
Tear I hope we can find them again soon. This doesn't sound like a great time to be wandering around these streets.
Luke Why's that?
Tear From what I've heard, there was an incident here in town a few days ago.
Thieves broke into the library and stole some sort of mystical book. The thieves are still believed to be hiding somewhere nearby.
Apparently they've also been looting old ruins, too. We'd better find Mieu soon.
Luke Oh, this is just what I needed! Thing goes and does something stupid, but I have to clean up his mess? He'd better hope I never find him!


Mieu So Norma, how are we going to find Master some luck?
Norma Uh, well... Step one is legwork! We'll search everywhere it might be! (Just enough to put on a show that'll leave Mieu-Mieu satisfied!)
Oh ho! What's this? I got a ping on the old treasuredar! Look, Mieu-Mieu—that barrel over there seems mighty suspicious!
Mieu You got it, Norma! Attaaack!
Norma There's... no need to tackle it.
Mieu Norma! You were right! No wonder you're the world's greatest living treasure-hunter!
Norma I... I was?
I mean, of course I was!
Stick with me, kid, and this'll happen all the time.
Mieu It looks like... a book?
Norma Give it here, give it here! Huh... "Get Lucky Fast! The Sure-Fire Path to Good Fortune!"
Wow. That could not have been a more appropriate title.
Mieu Will this bring Master luck?
Norma It talks about how to have better luck, so Lukie's luck might improve if he reads it!
Mieu Wow, that's great!
But... what was this book doing in a barrel? Did somebody drop it in there?
Norma I... guess so?
I kinda get the impression it was hidden on purpose, but... whatever. We don't need to sweat the details.
Mieu Look, there's a stamp on it!
Norma Hmm... "The National Library." That's the one in the center of town.
Mieu We should return it right away!
Norma Whaaat? You want to give it back? But shouldn't we have Lukie read it first?
Mieu Of course not, Norma! When you find something that's lost, you return it to its owner right away.
After we return it, we'll ask to borrow it ourselves and have Master read it! Let's hurry!
Norma M-Mieu-Mieu! Wait for me!


Mieu Hurry! I have to hurry!
??? Where could that book have gone? I gotta find that today, or else!
Keele Of all the times for them to strike... Why'd this have to happen on my watch?!
This is all Farah's fault for hitting me with that "we can't ignore someone in need" speech. Grrrrrr...
Mieu Mieuuuuu!!!
Keele Huh? Did I just step on something?
Mieu Mieuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Keele Huh? Mieu?!
Mieu Mieuuuuu...
Keele Oh, whoops! Sorry about that. Looks like I stepped on you there.
Mieu Keele! How are you? I'll be okay! We cheagles are built tough!
Keele Well that's... good to hear, I guess. What are you doing around here, Mieu? There's nothing in this part of town but a library.
Mieu I'm returning something somebody lost! They must be so worried!
Keele You're returning lost property to a library? That's not what libraries are for, Mieu. You should find a police station or something.
Mieu A police station...?
Keele You don't even know what that is? Aw, geez...
Norma Hey! I finally caught up with you! You run way too fast, Mieu!
Oh, hey Keelio! How ya been?
Keele Keelio? Are you addressing me...?
Norma Who else would I be talking to, Keelio?
Keele My name is Keele. I'm not interested in your juvenile nicknames.
Norma So is the way to the library, Keelio?
Keele I just told you not to call me... Argh. I know you're trying to antagonize me!
If you're with Mieu, why are you bringing lost property to the library? I told him to go to a police station!
I suggest you escort him to one promptly. I don't have time to get involved in your little errand.
Norma Get off your high horse, Keelio! Come on Mieu, let's get this copy of "Get Lucky Fast!" to the library ourselves.
Mieu Right!
Keele Wait, what?! Stop right there! Repeat what you just said, Norma!
Norma Huh? I said we should get this copy of "Get Lucky Fast" to the library...
Why the big reaction, Keelio? You know something about this book?
Keele That's it! That's really it! "Get Lucky Fast: The Sure-Fire Path to Good Fortune"!
Mieu Did you run out of luck like Master did, Mister Keele?
Keele Of course not! This isn't about that! That book you're holding was stolen from the library's sealed archives a few days ago!
Mieu Whaaaaat?!
Keele That's no ordinary book. It's a magical tome!
It was written by a famous sorcerer who infused it with magical energy. It's said to bring good luck to whoever possesses it.
That book is a scholarly treasure. Wars have been fought over it!
Norma This book is... that big of a deal?!
Keele I'm just glad you found it. Give it to me and I'll see that it's returned to the archives.
Norma Hmmm? Why would I give this to you, Keelio?
Keele Because I oversee that library? That book is my responsibility.
Mieu What are you doing working at a library?
Norma Yeah, Keelio! I heard you were some fancy, big-shot scholar type now! Why would you be at a local library?
Keele Damn it, don't rub it in! This is all Farah's fault!
As soon as she heard the head librarian going on and on about wanting to take time off to visit his daughter who lives in a distant land...
Of course she has to butt in and say, "Keele's a scholar, I bet he could take care of things here." And I got dragged into this mess!
Mieu Wow, Mister Keele, you're incredible! You can do anything!
Norma And then the thieves made their move on your watch? Ouch. Makes you look like a total chump.
Keele They caught me by surprise, is all! Now that I'm aware that they're after this book, there's no way those savages will pull anything over on me again!
Norma And yet you want me to give it to you to hold by yourself? I might as well just give it straight to the thieves!
Mieu You could be in danger, Mister Keele! We'll escort you back to the library!
Keele Are you mocking me? You think I need protection from──
Thief There it is! Finally!
Keele Huh?!
Thief I never thought anyone would figure out our hiding spot! Now give us back the book and we might go easy on you!
Keele Hmph. Fireball!
Thief Bwaaaaahhh!
Keele See? No protection necessary.
Mieu/Norma [Clap clap clap!]
Keele Now that I've put your minds at ease, go ahead and hand over──
Thief Teamleader There! They're the ones with the book! Steal it back!
A Team of Thieves [Clattering footsteps]
Mieu That thief's friends are here!
Keele Just give me the book!
Thief Squadleader They got one of ours! We gotta overpower them! Get everyone together!
A Squadron of Thieves [Stomping footsteps]
Norma Wow, that's a lot of thieves. One, two, three... a hundred or so?
Keele D-Drop your weapons and d-d-disperse!
Thief Captain More! I want everyone on this! We're going in full-strength!
A Company of Thieves [Thundering footsteps]
Keele There's... There's still more of them?!
Norma Ha! You gonna ride off on your high horse Keelio? Or you gonna admit you need our help?
Because you got the ultimate treasure- hunting combo here! Nothing Norma and Mieu-Mieu can't handle!
Keele W-Well, if you're so adamant about it, you can come with me if you want. But I didn't hire you! And I'm not paying out any rewards!
Norma What?!
Well... I guess that's fine. I'll bill it to that head librarian guy.
Leave their front lines to me!
Mieu Be careful, Norma! I'm scared, but... I'll do my best to back you up!


Keele *Phew!* Somehow we made it to the library alive...
Norma See what happens when you engage the services of the world's greatest treasure hunter? Nothing says "thanks for saving my life" like a cash reward!
Keele If you have to pester me about it, then it's not so much an expression of gratitude as it is an extortion attempt.
Norma How dare you! I saved your life there, Keelio, and now you're treating me like some sort of criminal?!
Keele Ha. Have you not heard the way people talk about you?
You may call yourself the world's greatest treasure hunter, but the rest of us know you as a Norma, desecrator of ruins.
Norma *Gulp* That's... well... heh heh heh...
Luke There you are! Finally! Bad, Thing! Bad!
Tear Mieu! We were so worried about you! Is that... Keele? What are you doing here?
Keele That's a bit of a long story.
Luke Bad Thing! Bad! NOOO! What the hell were you thinking?!
Mieu Mieuuuuu!!! Don't shake me around like that! It huuuuurts!
Tear Luke! You're hurting Mieu!
Keele He's every bit the thug I remember...
Luke I wish I could do the same to you, Norma! What were you thinking, dragging Mieu into one of your stupid schemes!
Norma Hey, show some gratitude! Mieu and I were just trying to find you some good luck, Lukie!
I think praise and gratitude are in order! And I'll take both in cash.
Luke Ha, you wish! I'm not going to pay you for conning Mieu into whatever the hell this was.
Mieu No, it's true! Norma was trying to help you Master! We even found a lost library book and returned it!
Tear A lost library book...?
Keele Yes. About that...
Tear Sounds like that was quite a public service. Good for you, Mieu.
Luke A public service? Running off without permission and getting conned by this money-grubbing huckster? Yeah, great work, Mieu!
Mieu Oh no... Master is still upset! I guess I wasn't able to help him after all...
??? Keele! Is it true?! You've managed to recover the book?!
Norma Huh? Is this guy a friend of yours, Keelio?
Keele Something like that, yes. Allow me to introduce the library director of the national library.
Yes, I have it right here. Norma here, and Mieu, the cheagle, helped me reclaim it from the thieves.
Library Director "Get Lucky Fast"... This is it! The magical tome! Oh, what a relief!
When I think of the damage this might have done if it had fallen into the wrong hands... Well, rest assured I'll see to it this never happens again.
Thank you all for lending a hand! Please, allow me to offer some treats!
Would you two be willing to accept a reward for your assistance?
Norma Gosh, well... if you insist!
Ooh, look how pretty this gem is! I'm gonna be able to hock this for a small fortune! Oh yeah!
Library Director A cheagle has no use for valuables, of course...
Here, please accept this instead.
Mieu Thank you! What is it, Tear? Will you open the bag for me?
Tear Of course. Let's see...
Oh! This is... Wow.
Luke What is it, Tear?
Tear It's full of chicken sandwiches and apple gels. 50 of them!
Mieu Apple gels and chicken sandwiches?!
Luke Whoa, those chicken sandwiches look good. And I just had one snatched away from me earlier...
Library Director I brought them back as souvenirs from my visit to my daughter. They're a famous delicacy there── I had to line up to get them.
Luke And with this many apple gels, I won't need to buy any to replace the ones I ate. What a lucky break!
Mieu Master?! You caught your lucky break?!
Norma That reward was supposed to be for you, Mieu-Mieu, but it's Lukie who seems to be all excited about it.
Mieu That's perfect! That means Master's luck has returned!
Norma You certainly looked hard enough for it. So I guess in a way, you actually found it!
Tear It doesn't strike anyone else as odd that this bag held replacements for all of the things Luke lost in his misfortune?
That is quite a coincidence!
Keele Well... Mieu was in possession of that book for a short time...
It's possible that its probability altering magic had some effect upon him.
That power of good fortune had balanced out the bad luck… Though it still comes lacking scientific evidence, the hypothesis is plausible.
Tear I see... So its good fortune may have rubbed on him, making him, in effect, a lucky cheagle?
Norma A lucky cheagle! That's so cool! I want one!
Mieu Mieu...? I'm lucky now?
That's wonderful!
Luke Thing's a lucky charm? HA! No way. But I guess he did good today, so... you all can go ahead and praise him if you want.
Mieu I did good? Hurray! I'm gonna keep bringing good fortune to Master! I'm your lucky cheagle!
Luke Don't get all full of yourself! You're still just a Thing!
Mieu Mieuuuuuuu! Don't shake me like that Master!
Could it be true...?
Could simply holding the book have triggered some sort of magical luck?
Or perhaps it worked like this...
The goddess of fortune smiled upon Mieu's dedication to his Master, and granted him a bit of her power.
Either way, the lucky cheagle remains as dedicated as ever.
Dedicated to bringing good luck to his Master...
And dedicated to bringing good luck to all his friends.
Mieu In fact, the lucky cheagle is going to give some luck to all of you!
That'll do!