Mikana (Tales of Link)
(Historian) Mikana (Face) An archaeologist surveying ruins from antiquity. No one knows how old she is or where she's from, and there are rumors that's [sic] she connected with insurgents.
Units: 3-Star | 5-Star
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5-Star Units

(Funereal Tome) Mikana (Icon) [Funereal Tome] Mikana
(Funereal Tome) Mikana (Icon) [Funereal Tome] Mikana
Type Spell LV 1 (99)
ATK 622 (2423) HP 640 (2722)
RCV 317 (1672) LC 12
Arte 6 dark-type hits against one foe (50% x6)
LS Boost HP/ATK of shot/spell heroes to 1.4x
(30 LC)
Boost TriangleStar ATK to 1.7x for 2 turns
Link Finisher 2 Forcefulness 4
Link Recovery 3 Armor Boost 5

3-Star Units

(Historian) Mikana (Icon) [Historian] Mikana
(Historian) Mikana (Icon) [Historian] Mikana
Type Spell LV 1 (60)
ATK 364 (1044) HP 244 (818)
RCV 384 (1139) LC 12
Arte 3 earth-type hits against one foe (70% x3)
LS Boost HP of shot/spell heroes to 1.2x
(25 LC)
Boost TriangleStar ATK to 1.2x for 2 turns
Armor Boost 2
Strength 3



(Funereal Tome) Mikana(Historian) Mikana


(Funereal Tome) Mikana (Icon)(Historian) Mikana (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Funereal Tome) Mikana (Face)(Historian) Mikana (Face)


Mikana Link AttackMikana Link IdleMikana Link Run


Mikana Story Image

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