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Missions allow players to get extra heroes and gear every hour or two. In a mission, Lippy takes an inactive unit out to complete said mission. The unit taken will be temporarily unavailable and unlisted under View Heroes until the completion of the mission.

Mission Levels

All missions begin at level 1, but the level will increase the more times a mission is completed. At level 1, missions only take an hour to run, and on all subsequent levels, missions take two hours to run. Players can also choose to use a hero stone to complete a mission immediately. The higher the level of the mission, the greater chance that a higher amount of units or gear may drop.

Mission Level Information
Level Req. Time Next
Lv1 1hr 3
Lv2 2hr 22
Lv3 2hr 25
Lv4 2hr 100
Lv5 2hr 100
Lv6 2hr
Lv7 2hr 100
Lv8 2hr 100
Lv9 2hr 200
Lv10 2hr 200
Lv11 2hr
Lv12 2hr 300
Lv13 2hr 300
Lv14 2hr 300
Lv15 2hr 400
Lv16 2hr 400
Lv17 2hr 500
Lv18 2hr 500
Lv19 2hr 500
Lv20 2hr 500


A mission automatically completes when it is checked after the mission time is up. When a mission is completed, there can be three different types of results.

  • An ordinary success can give two or three units or gear.
  • An Excellent success can yield up to five units or gear.
  • The rare Outstanding Bonus gives a free hero stone along with the pieces of gear or units.

Occasionally, missions may be marked with "Excellent Chance x2," meaning the mission has a higher chance of getting an Excellent success.

Mission Types

There are three different types of basic missions: Cooking, Hunting and Mining.

Mission Lippy Get

Cooking Missions

Cooking missions will give heroes upon completion. They also give a small amount of gald and LP.

Hunting Missions

Hunting missions will give weapon gear upon completion. They also give a small amount of gald.

Mining Missions

Mining missions will give armor gear or evolution items upon completion. They also give a small amount of gald.

Special Missions

Usually tied to Special Events or Forge Events, these missions are available only for a limited time. These missions can take up to four hours instead of the usual two. Gear or heroes related to the event will be rewarded upon completion.