Mt Harnica

Mt. Harnica Road

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Up the Mountain!25 (Puppeteer) Anise (Icon)
[Puppeteer] Anise
Follow Him25
Swiftly Onward25
Catching Sight of Someone37
Monster Element: Earth Element Exp x 2: Sunday, Wednesday
Guests: Ryuka

Sawtooth Road

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
The Treacherous Path25 (Fonist) Tear (Icon)
[Fonist] Tear
Rockslide Warning25
Watch Your Step!25
Worried Hurry37
Monster Element: Fire Element LP x 1.5: Tuesday, Thursday
Guests: Ryuka

Phatos' Shortcut

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Through the Cave25 (Shortbow Maiden) Chelsea (Icon)
[Shortbow Maiden] Chelsea
Distant Droplets of Water25
Along the Ashen Road25
Where Are The 'Residents'?37
Monster Element: Water Element LP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Ryuka

Bandits' Den

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Get 'em, Underlings!25 (Duke's Son) Luke (Icon)
[Duke's Son] Luke
Heh! Not Bad!25
Surround Them!25
You Ain't Gettin' Away!37
Monster Element: Dark Element EXP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Ryuka, Leon

Rope Bridge - Base

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Out of the Frying Pan...25 (Somatic) Kor (Icon)
[Somatic] Kor
Break Through, Move On25
Escaping Disaster37
Monster Element: Wind Element EXP x 2: Sunday
Guests: Ryuka, Leon

Rope Bridge - Gaping Maw

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Monster of the Seed25 (Martial Artist) Jude (Icon)
[Martial Artist] Jude
Scatter the Herd25
The Looming Shadow25
Dracotyrant Gilaburn37
Monster Element: Light Element LP x 2: Sunday PM, Saturday PM
Guests: Ryuka, Leon


Mt. Harnica/Transcripts

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