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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Sara and co. continue to look for leads on the mysterious "Seven Wonders" around the school while Stahn and Leon infiltrate the school as students. Stahn and Leon have become increasingly popular among the student body, and Muzet even comes to join the festival! With Muzet's help, the party manage to find the mysterious "Seven Wonders," but their goal appears to be to cause slight discomfort among the student body. With such a peculiar objective, what could the Seven Wonders really be up to?

Main Stages

# Stage Stamina Battles
School Festival
1 The Rendezvous 3 5
2 Joining the Others 3 5
The First Wonder
3 Down the Corridor 3 5
4 Source of the Scream 3 5
Chasing Mysteries
5 Ravenous Gluttony 5 5
6 Shiny Bronze Statue 5 5
7 Shaka-Shaka-Shaka~ 5 5
Chaos in the Schoolyard
8 Powdery Magic Circle 5 5
9 Mystic Rebellion 5 5
10 Attack on the Mage 5 5
Seven Wonderful Wonders
11 When Furniture Flies 5 5
12 Chalkboard Warfare 5 5
13 Seven Wonders Revealed 5 10
  • Many monsters will change tiles to hearts in this event.


Hero Stone Hero Stones x5 (After Stages 2, 4, 7, 10, and 13)

Napple Candy Napple Candy x5

Porange Candy Porange Candy x5

Previous Duration

  • Duration: 4/02 (Sun) - 4/09 (Sat) 7:59 PST (2016)
  • Duration: 7/20 (Wed) 08:00 - 7/27 (Wed) 07:59 PST (2016)



Part 1

[Boisterous chattering]
Girl Student The Poliwigle-Watching Club's presentation is being held this way!
Don't miss it!
Boy Student Our class has made our legendary Mabo Curry! Make sure to grab a bowl!
Sara Wow, this fair is really hopping, (user)! I've never been to a school festival before.
Lippy It has a very different energy from the municipal festivals we've attended in the past, doesn't it?
Lippy The youthfulness of our hosts gives the event such vitality!
Sara Yeah. I wish we could just walk around and enjoy it, but...
Sara We've got to find Stahn and Leon and see how the "infiltration" is faring.
Stahn This way we can thoroughly investigate the school, inside and out!
Stahn Leon and I will investigate from within, while you guys research the phenomena from the outside.
Stahn We'll each find out all we can, then meet up to compare notes!
Lippy After three weeks of conducting door-to-door interviews...
Lippy ...we're still lacking solid leads as to what's going on in this school.
Sara Well, Stahn and Leon have been attending classes for a while now.
Sara I'm sure that when we compare what we've each learned, some of the pieces will start to fit together.
Lippy I do hope so! Let's find them and get started!

Part 2

Sara All right, this should be the rendezvous spot. I hope they made it.
 ??? Hi there, (user)! Hey Sara, Lippy. Good to see ya.
Sara Stahn!
Stahn Quite a turnout at the fair, huh? Glad you could make it.
Sara Uh, what's that you've got there, Stahn?
Stahn Oh, it's takoyaki. Our class made it for the fair.
Sara Uh... okay.
Stahn I was working the booth, and when I said I was going out to meet someone, they asked me to advertise it a bit.
Stahn It's a powerful coupling of fresh octopus and savory okonomiyaki!
...That's our marketing slogan.
Stahn And not only are the ingredients high quality, but my class has developed a new way to cook it!
Stahn That's why we're selling our takoyaki under the name "Flaming Octopus." Try one!
Lippy Your marketing campaign is certainly... aggressive.
Student A Yo, Stahn! Sorry to cut in, bro. But thanks for your help hauling in those materials.
Stahn Ah, no problem, bro! It was no big!
Student A Still, I owe ya one, bro. I'll buy you a mabo curry at the cafeteria next time.
Stahn No worries, bro. If there's anything else I can

help with, you just hit me up, all right?

Student B Hey, Stahn! Thanks for saving me from those bullies the other day. I owe you big.
Stahn You know I got your back, bro! But it wouldn't hurt for you to toughen up a bit, too. Wanna hit the weight room later?
Student B Sure, that'd be great! Thanks!
Sara Wow, you've certainly adapted to school life quickly, Stahn.
Stahn At first I was all about our mission, but all anyone wanted to talk about was this school fair...
Stahn So I helped out whenever some muscle was needed and, well, I guess I made a few friends along the way. Heh heh.
 ??? The amount of time you've wasted on this nonsense is staggering.
Sara Leon!
Leon What?
Lippy Sir Leon... You don't seem to have enmeshed yourself into school life as thoroughly as Stahn has...
Leon Of course not. I didn't come here to make takoyaki!
Leon If my "partner" was more focused on his mission than living out his schoolboy fantasies, we'd have made more headway!
Stahn Hey, I'm totally focused on the job! The friends I'm making are providing all sorts of great information!
Leon All they've done is repeat the same thin rumors that Elize told us. We've no actionable intel at all.
 ??? As if you're generating any great leads by moping around all day, Leon!
Stahn Hey, Elize! Hi Teepo!
Elize Good day, everyone.
Lippy Well, it appears we're all present. Wonderful. But... is that true, Leon? You've had little success as well?
Leon Undercover operations like these take time. And the student body has been preoccupied with fair preparations.
Teepo I'm sure the way you're being watched constantly isn't helping either.
Stahn What?! What's Teepo talking about? Have you been made?! How? By who?
Leon No. That's not what she means.
Elize In his attempt to be inconspicuous, Leon is apparently refusing to talk to anyone in school.
Elize But his strategy totally backfired. Now everyone in school thinks he's all cool and mysterious.
Teepo It's all anyone talks about!
"Did you hear where Leon just went?"
"Did you hear what Leon did yesterday?"
Teepo He's got lots of admirers. The students are watching him everywhere he goes.
Stahn Whoa, sounds like you're pretty popular, Leon! Good for you!
Leon There's nothing good about it! All these prying fools...
Lippy I stand corrected, then. In your own way, you fit in every

bit as well here as Stahn does.

Elize My classmates have taken to calling Leon "the Black Rose."
Elize Oh, and everyone calls Stahn "Superjock."
Stahn Whoa, seriously? "Superjock," huh? I like that.
Leon What do I have to do with roses? That's ridiculous.
Sara Hee hee. Just look at you, Elize!
Elize What? Why? Do I have something on my face...?
Sara No! You look great.
Sara You seemed so down the last time we talked. I was really worried about you.
Sara It's nice to see some of the old sparkle back in your eyes.
Elize Oh! Yeah, I guess I have been feeling better.
Elize It's just such a relief having all you guys around.
Sara That's wonderful. And you look adorable in your school uniform, by the way.
Elize Thanks, Sara.
Sara I'm almost a little jealous. I wonder how I'd look in one?
Leon All right, stop. We're here to compare information. You can talk about clothes later.
Sara Oh. Right!
Lippy All right. Let's begin reviewing what we've learned...

Part 3

Lippy First, what have you able to discover about the school?
Leon As Elize said, there does seem to be something strange about it.
Teepo See? SEE? I TOLD YOU!
Elize But we still haven't been able to find anything concrete about the Seven Wonders. It's all just rumors.
Stahn The rumors are spreading fast, though. At this point, I doubt there's anyone in the school who hasn't heard them.
Elize And the more the rumors spread, the more intense it's becoming.
Lippy Intense...?
Stahn I know what she means. I can feel my skin crawling sometimes.
Stahn It really feels like there's something here.
Lippy So the ominous feelings she spoke of three weeks ago are growing stronger...
Stahn Were you guys able to find anything, (user)?
Sara Like you guys, we didn't have any big breakthroughs or anything.
Lippy We spoke to an old man who lives near the school the other day. He told us something that was quite interesting.
Sara Apparently the rumors about the "Seven Wonders" had already begun circulating when he was a child.
Teepo They're really famous stories!
Lippy I imagine the version he knows is the same one that's being told today.
Lippy But we should confirm that's true. For example, can you tell me the "Ravenous Beast" story that you've heard at school?
Teepo It's pretty much just as it sounds!
Elize The school newspaper researched all Seven Wonders for their display at the fair this year.
Elize How did it go? Apparently one day, all of the school's lunches and all of the stored ingredients disappeared.
Teepo When they opened the pantry, not a crumb remained.
Stahn Huh... So no one really knows if it was a beast or not. But there was something that went after all the food.
Stahn Maybe we can lure out that something with our Flaming Octopus? What do you think?
Leon I don't see why it would be any more effective as bait than the rest of the food being sold here.
Stahn That's because you haven't tried it! It is leagues beyond the stuff that the other classes made!
Stahn When we made the sample batch, our teacher was so moved he wept. Like, literally wept!
Elize Stahn? What are you even talking about?
Student's screaming Bwaaaaahhh!!!
Sara Huh?
Student’s screaming Our napples! Our napples!!!
Sara What's going on?
Elize Napples... They're a type of food...
Elize Could it be the Ravenous Beast?
Stahn It's coming from the row of food stalls! Let's go!

Part 4

Elize The scream was coming from this way!
Stahn Hey, what's wrong?
Did something happen?
Student Stahn!
Student Man, you're not gonna believe it! Our candied napples, they're...
Muzét These are so delicious!
I wonder if I could have one more?
Lippy Y-You...?!
Student Isn't she gorgeous? And all she wants is to eat our candied napples! She's like totally obsessed!
Student I'm so glad we decided to make candied napples for the fair!
I was so excited I couldn't help but scream!
Sara That's what he was screaming about...?
Muzét Hee hee. And I'm certainly glad I had a chance to meet these candied napples!
Elize Muzét...?
Muzét Oh my! If it isn't Elize!
And... Oh! Give me a moment here...
Lippy A Great Spirit attending a school fair?! Whatever are you doing here, Lady Muzét?
Muzét (user)! And your little friends!
Why, let's see... what am I doing here?
Muzét ...
Muzét Oh, right! As a Great Spirit, I've come to study human society!
Muzét There appeared to be some sort of festival here, so I came to experience this most human of rites for myself.
Lippy Ah, I see. Why, I believe Lord Maxwell herself visited the beach earlier for a similar reason.
Lippy A most admirable pursuit.
I'd have expected no less from you, Lady Muzét.
Muzét [Giggles]
Teepo And here I thought you just wanted to snatch some candied napples... Silly me!
Elize Let's let her slide on this one, Teepo.
Muzét So what are you all doing here?
Muzét Huh! Well, if Elize is in trouble, you can count on me to help!
Any friend of Milla's is a friend of mine!
Elize That's very nice of you, Muzét.
Teepo If you're sure you can fit it into your schedule of screwing around while Milla's awa—
Lippy M-Master Teepo!
You mustn't say such things to a Great Spirit!
Stahn That's right! As a Great Spirit, Muzét, can you sense anything about this school? Anything unusual?
Muzét Hmm. It does seem a little... noisy... But I don't sense anything particularly dangerous.
Stahn Huh... I was hoping you might be able to, you know, point us in the right direction.
Muzét Well... For some reason, strange waves of danger seem to be emanating from that thing you're holding...
Muzét What is that? Is it really even food?
Stahn Witness the power of a Great Spirit! She respects the Flaming Octopus!
Stahn I worried that our cooking technique might be too dangerous to unleash on this world...
I may have been right.
Lippy What exactly is it that Master Stahn and his classmates have managed to create here...?
Student Um, excuse me?
Muzét Yes?
Oh! You're the student that was selling the candied napples.
Student Yes! And we're very grateful for your business.
Muzét It was my pleasure.
They were delicious.
Student But, um... the thing is... you haven't paid for them yet...
Teepo Muzét! Are you stealing food again?
Muzét Yes, but... they looked so good!
Elize Well, someone has to pay for them. I guess it'll be me.
Teepo You better pay us back for this, Muzét!
Elize How many do we owe you for?
Student 67 candied napples.
Elize She ate that many?!
Stahn Wow. That is impressive...!
Leon Do not interpret that as a challenge.
Teepo You're such a glutton!
Do spirits even need to eat?!
Muzét Wait, did I really eat that many? I'd say I ate maybe 20, at the most.
Student Are you sure? That's odd...
We subtracted how many were left from how many had been there...
Sara Wait a minute...
Stahn Could it be?!
Stahn The Ravenous Beast!
Leon Are you suggesting the Seven Wonders are occurring here at the school fair?
Sara It's just like the story! The food disappeared without anyone noticing!
Muzét The missing candied napples...
Wasn't it that other boy who ate them?
Sara What other boy? Who do you mean?
Muzét He went that way. I'm sure of it.
Muzét Let's follow him!
Elize That path leads back to the school...
Lippy Everyone, follow Muzét!

Part 5

Sara Well, we checked out the back path...
Muzét We did. And there he is!
Teepo What...?
Who are you talking about?
Elize There's nobody here, Muzét.
Muzét Hmm? You can't see them?
So they're that kind of kid...
Leon "That kind of kid"...?
Try to communicate coherently!
Muzét You just need to focus!
They're right there!
Muzét If you believe that they're there, you'll see them. Concentrate on it.
Sara If we believe...
Sara ...
Sara Oh, wow!
 ???? *pant* I did it! 30 napples! I ate them right under their noses!
 ???? Whoa! That's awesome!
That'll give 'em something to talk about. All right, now it's my turn!
Lippy What are they...?
Muzét They're not monsters.
They're not spirits either, although they're clearly spiritual beings.
Muzét They seem to be quite ancient. That one was eating napples just a short distance away from me.
Muzét I guess humans can't usually see them.
Muzét When incorporeal beings spend a long time somewhere, they can absorb some of the region's mana, and acquire special properties.
Muzét I hadn't noticed their unique attributes earlier, but...
 ???? Huh? Who the heck are you?!
Sara Look! They've noticed us!
 ???? Whoa! We're getting there!
It's really happening!
 ???? All right! It won't be long now.
Elize What's "really happening"?
"It won't be long" until what?
Stahn I don't know what you guys are talking about, but all the strange stuff that's been happening at the school—that was your doing?
 ???? Yep!
Elize The missing lunches and stored food...
The stolen candied napples...
Seven Wonders That was all me! The napples were my favorite. That there is why they call me the Ravenous Beast!
Seven Wonders I'm the one who looks like a shining statue at night!
Seven Wonders When you hear music in an empty classroom, that's my handiwork!
Sara So the Seven Wonders...
They're you?
Seven Wonders Exactly!
Leon What do you hope to achieve with your little pranks? Ah, I don't even care. Just stop.
Leon Your little games are scaring the students.
Seven Wonders That's the whole point!
What else would be [sic] doing?
Stahn Look, it's not just freaking people out—it's causing serious incidents! Real problems that need to stop!
Seven Wonders If we want to "freak people out," there have to be some real victims. That can't be helped.
Seven Wonders We may have accomplished a lot, but our long-standing goal has yet to come to fruition.
Seven Wonders Until that day comes, we've no choice but to devote ourselves wholly to spreading unease as the Seven Wonders!
Teepo Why do you have to be this way! Just stop! Stop, or I'll get angry!
Seven Wonders We're not gonna stop, and we're not gonna let you stop us, either!
Seven Wonders If you try, we'll make you sorry!
Muzét Tut-tut. Such nasty little children! It looks like auntie Muzét needs to teach you how to behave.
Lippy L-Lady Muzét! There's no need to escalate this situation!
Seven Wonders Heh heh. You seem pretty sure of yourself!
Seven Wonders Maybe you wouldn't be if you knew who you were dealing with!
Seven Wonders I'm Ravenous Beast, the Seventh Wonder. I'll show you what I can do with these fangs!
Seven Wonders [Chomp chomp chomp]
Stahn Whoa! He just shredded that food. That's incredible...
Leon ...
Shimmering Statue I'm #6, the Shimmering Statue!
A statue of a school president from generations past.
This is what I do!
Shimmering Statue [The statue shimmers brightly.]
Stahn Geez, look at that statue sparkle! That's really pretty.
Lippy ...
Wandering Musician I'm Wonder #5, the Wandering Musician! My little friend here can get anyone's heart racing. Wanna hear me play?
Wandering Musician [Rattle rattle rattle]
Stahn Whoa, feel the beat!
That gets my blood bumping!
Sara (Maracas? Is that really making music...?)
Seven Wonders [Chomp!]
Let's do this!
Sara Let's... do what, exactly?
Seven Wonders [Chomp!]
Coming atcha!!!
Sara Wh-what?!
They're attacking us...?!

Part 6

Ravenous Beast Gwaaaahhh!
Shimmering Statue Number 7? Are you okay?!
Wandering Musician Damn it!
I can't believe they were able to break through our triangle formation!
Leon That was supposed to be a triangle formation? You were just running in circles while eating, shimmering, and waving maracas.
Ravenous Beast But that's our most psychologically devastating attack!
Shimmering Statue Haven't we afflicted you with a creeping sense of unease?
Wandering Musician Aren't you feeling moderate discomfort?
Elize I mean, it was unusual, I suppose.
I was... perplexed?
Ravenous Beast We're not going to be able to beat them with unease and discomfort alone!
Stahn To be fair, I was getting worried! I very nearly dropped my Flaming Octopus on the ground!
Stahn That would have been big trouble! We dropped a piece once, and the explosion blew Lutz clean out of the classroom and all the way down the hall—
Leon Shut up. Nobody wants to hear your insane takoyaki stories.
Teepo Actually, I've kinda grown to like 'em!
Ravenous Beast Mental damage isn't gonna be enough. We need to physically harm them!
Shimmering Statue They may be able to stop the three of us...
Wandering Musician But the Fourth Wonder is in the schoolyard—he'll fight them for us! He knows how to get physical!
Seven Wonders Yeah!
Teepo Hey! They're getting away!
After them!
Muzét They mentioned the schoolyard. We should follow them there.
Stahn Right. But I still don't get it.
Why are these guys playing so many pranks on the students?
Lippy They've mentioned a desire to instill a sense of unease in the student body.
Lippy But if terrorism was their goal, it seems they could have done far worse things than they've been doing.
Stahn Yeah, we're missing something here.
Leon There's no sense in trying to understand the logic of madmen. Now hurry after them!
Sara All right, Leon!
We're right behind you!

Part 7

Elize Well, this is the schoolyard...
Muzét Where'd those kids go?
Lippy Dear me!
Lippy I've only just sensed it!
A dimensional rift has been established around this entire schoolyard!
 ???? Heh heh heh.
Now you're inside my ring.
Take a good look around!
Lippy What? You're the one who drew this white magical ring? But why...?!
Stahn You're one of the Seven Wonders!
White Ring Artist Number four, to be exact!
The White Ring Artist, if you please.
White Ring Artist The strange and ominous pattern that has been drawn around the schoolyard— that's my doing!
[Rumble rumble]
Sara ...
What is that kid riding on?
Lippy That's a special tool for drawing quicklime lines on the ground.
White Ring Artist It's how I draw my magic rings as quickly and efficiently as possible!
Lippy Not exactly standard practice for this sort of thing...
White Ring Artist My magic ring has turned this schoolyard into a dimensional rift!
Ravenous Beast That's why he's the Fourth Wonder!
Shimmering Statue He's used his rifts to trap students on the way home from school, scaring them and making them miss curfew!
Wandering Musician And look how useful it is in a fight! Number Four's the best!
Lippy Making students miss their curfews...? That is certainly a modest way to use such an impressive power...
White Ring Artist Ha ha ha! No one can enter or leave the rift! You're trapped here until it expires. But don't worry— we'll play with you till then.
Elize Why are you doing this?
White Ring Artist To instill unease! To advance our goal! But I'll tell you no more—if you knew, you'd only try to stop us.
Leon If this one won't talk either, then our course is clear.
Cut them down and end this here.
White Ring Artist Easier said than done.
You have me to contend with now—and the Third Wonder too!
Stahn Another one of these guys...?
Ghost Musician Ha ha ha!
I am the Third Wonder, the Ghost Musician!
Ghost Musician Care to hear the tune I play?
Come, my puppets!
A group of students Urrrrgggghhh...
Sara Are those students from this school?!
Elize It's them!
Sara Do you know these kids, Elize?
Elize Yes... I encountered them when I was investigating by myself...
Teepo They're all the kids who got dizzy and fainted after seeing the weird phenomena!
Ghost Musician Indeed they are! The dizziness weakens their psyches, allowing my melody to take root!
Ghost Musician And now, at the school fair, they awaken anew! Come! Rise, my puppets!
Students Urrrggghhhh...
Lippy What have you done to them?!
Sara I don't like that look in their eyes... Are they being possessed by a seed?!
Student A Bro, come at meeeee!
Student B We're gonna kick your buuuuutts!
Student C Get outta heeeeeere!
Lippy N-no...they've just become students exhibiting poor behavior!
Ghost Musician Witness my gift! I amplify their natural hostility towards school and society, turning decent kids into delinquents!
Lippy Why would you do such a thing?
Ghost Musician When the male students abruptly become disobedient, it shatters public order, and fills the student body with unease!
Ghost Musician "Why would they do such a thing?" "They used to be such good kids!" Such is the discomfort I sow!
Lippy Why are you trying to so modestly destabilize this school?
Ghost Musician We can't afford to scare everyone away. We just want to make them uneasy... We're threading a delicate needle here!
Lippy Hmmm. I'm not sure that we're really getting anywhere with these questions...
Ghost Musician Normally, the hostility of these students is focused at their school— breaking windows and such. But what if I redirect that anger towards YOU?!
Students Yeaaaaaaaaah!
Bring it ooooooonn!
Sara The students are coming right at us!
Muzét So long as we're trapped in this rift, escape does not appear to be an option.
Stahn What are we going to do?!
Leon Defeating the one that controls them appears to be the quickest solution.
Lippy Ah, indeed!
Lippy Try not to engage the students, Great Savior! Focus your attacks on the Seven Wonders!

Part 8

Elize Deadly Gaze!
Ghost Musician Bwaaaahhh!
Elize We've stopped the musician!
Leon One down, one to go.
Do it, Stahn!
Stahn Heeyaaahhh!
Searing Gale!
White Ring Artist Arrrrggghhh!!!
Teepo The rift has disappeared!
Ravenous Beast They've beaten the Third Wonder?! This can't be happening...!
Shimmering Statue This is bad. We're gonna need to tell the First and Second Wonders...
Wandering Musician Their powers are unbeatable!
We can still turn this around!
Sara Unbeatable powers...?
What could that mean?
Leon We can worry about that later.
Leon Let's hang back for now and let them lead us to the remaining Wonders.
Teepo Always the schemer, Leon!
Lippy Dear me...
Students Urrgghh... Gwaaaaahhh...
Lippy Everyone, a moment, please!
The students we've freed...
There's something not right.
Sara That look in their eyes...
Are they still being controlled?!
Students Gaaaaaaaahhh!!!
Lippy I fear I've miscalculated terribly! Defeating their controller hasn't freed them, it's only enraged them!
Stahn Aw, geez... What do we do now?!
Student A Rrraaaaaawwwrrr!!!
I'm the strongest kid in this school!
Student B No, I am!
Student C I could take you both!
Student D You wanna piece of me?!
Come and get it!
Student E Bring it on, then!
Lippy Dear me... This is most unseemly!
Ravenous Beast Ooh! Looks like the ruffian kids are starting to turn against each other!
Shimmering Statue I guess they're picking fights to show how tough they are?
Wandering Musician Wow, they're still hostile even with the Third Wonder down. He really did a number of them! And now they'll make the perfect distraction!
Seven Wonders Let's hurry back to the First Wonder!
Stahn W-Wait!
Students Rrrrrraawwrrr!!!
[Punch! Kick!]
Stahn Hey, cut it out! Aww, dang it— now we got a brawl on our hands! What are we gonna do?
Lippy From the way the Wonder powers seem to work, I'd expect the effects to dissipate if they lose consciousness...
Leon Then let's let them fight.
Once they knock each other out, the problem will solve itself.
Stahn You really think so...?
Leon Let's just stay out of their way and keep pursuing the Wonders.
Sara I dunno...
I'm a little worried about them.
Elize The fight's getting really rough!
Student B Heeeeeeyaaaaaahhh!!! Heaven-fall Chop!
Student C You son of a...
Youthful Purity Kick!!!
[Slap! Tackle!]
Stahn ...
Elize Stahn?
Stahn I'm sorry.
I can't just walk away from this!
Leon Stahn? What are you—
Stahn [Whistles]
Lippy Stahn...?
Stahn You know why they call me that! So who's the strongest kid here? That'd be the one who can take ME down!
Student C You think you're so tough?
You think I can't take you?
Student D The Superjock himself...!
I'm gonna put you in the GROUND!
[Pounding footsteps]
Leon What the hell...!
I said to ignore them!
Stahn If we just let them fight, who knows how bad it would get? They could get seriously hurt!
Stahn Let me handle this mess——
I'll aim at the pressure points for knockout. Hope that will minimise the damage.
Stahn You guys go on ahead.
I'll catch up.
Sara But Stahn...!
Elize There's too many of them!
Even for you!
Teepo But the remaining Seven Wonders may be the greater danger... We need to find them quickly!
Leon That moron...
He never considers the consequences!
Elize Leon.
Muzét Go and help your friend, Leon.
Leon My what?!
Muzét We can handle the Seven Wonders.
Leon Do you think you've read my mind?
Leon Well you're wrong! A fool he may be, but that man is a soldier of Karon. I can't squander a military resource!
Muzét That's sweet.
Teepo You're such a good friend, Leon!
Elize I'm honestly kind of moved!
Stahn Ha! Hee-yah!
Student A Urggh... Ooof...
Stahn Urggghh... Damn it...
Beating these guys without hurting them is harder than I thought it'd be...
Student B Keeeyaahhh!
Stahn Aw, crap!
I didn't see that one...
Student B Urck?!
Stahn Huh?
Leon Pathetic. If you hope to win, you'd best all come at me at once.
Stahn Leon!
Leon Did you think you could incapacitate this many students so easily?
You need to learn your limitations.
Stahn Thanks, Leon.
But are you sure you're up for this? You can't draw your sword against kids!
Leon You think I don't know that?
Let's just finish this already.
Stahn Thanks. I appreciate it.
Leon I'll take the ones to the right.
Stahn Sure. I got the group on the left.
Students Rrraawwrrrr!!!

Part 9

Teepo There! They ran into that classroom!
Sara They said they were going to the First Wonder... That's gotta be their leader...
Teepo If we take out the leader, the school will be saved!
Sara I guess, but... I dunno.
Are these kids really that much of a danger?
Elize I just wish we knew what they wanted! All their talk about making people uneasy...
Teepo They're causing real problems!
Muzét If their behavior is bringing harm to mankind, we need to make them stop. But I'm sure they have their reasons.
Muzét It wouldn't hurt to hear them out.
Sara Yeah, Muzét. I think you're right.
Muzét Then let's hear what they have to say.
[Elize pulls the door open.]
Teepo All right, Wonder Boss!
Come out and talk!
Sara Why is this classroom so dark? It's still daytime!
[The door slams shut.]
Elize Huh?
I left the door open...
Lippy It's sealed shut!
Muzét Another Wonder. Hello.
Classroom of Ruin Ha ha ha! Feel the chilling unease brought by me, the Classroom of Ruin! Mine is the power to darken classrooms, and hold doors closed!
Lippy More mild unease? I must admit that I was bracing myself for something a little more... exotic.
Teepo Compared to dimensional rifts and mind control, that's pretty lame!
Classroom of Ruin It is the most basic and fundamental of fears. Do not underestimate it!
Lippy I guess that actually makes a certain amount of sense.
Ravenous Beast See! That's what makes the Second Wonder special!
Seven Wonders? A modest power, perhaps, but it can combine with my own to make a significant impact!
Shimmering Statue Show 'em, number 1!
Lippy You're the leader of the Seven Wonders, I presume?
Demon's Cradle I am indeed the First Wonder...
None other than...
the Demon's Cradle!
Demon's Cradle You may have managed to foil my fellow Wonders, but your meddling ends here.
Ravenous Beast All right, we've come this far. There's only one thing left to do!
Shimmering Statue We'll cheer you on!
Seven Wonders Hoo-ray, hoo-ray
Room of Ru-in!
Seven Wonders You can beat them
You're a shoo-in!
Seven Wonders Hoo-ray, hoo-ray
Demon's Cra-dle!
Seven Wonders Your heart is mighty
Your fists are fa-tal!
Sara Guys, I don't like this.
They're peforming cheers—
this is not villain behavior!
Demon's Cradle Thanks guys! I feel the love!
Let's do this, Number 2!
Classroom of Ruin On it!
Demon's Cradle Together we will shake this school to its foundations! Tremble at the power of our dual Mystic Arte!
Elize What the heck...!
[Desks and chairs fly into the air.]
Lippy All the furniture's flying around!
Muzét This one appears to have telekinetic abilities.
Demon's Cradle I can shake up any and all classroom objects at will! That's why they call me... the Demon's Cradle!
Demon's Cradle Trapped in a classroom with moving desks and chairs! Truly, that is the essence of fear and unease!
[A disk slides across the floor.]
[A chair flies through the air.]
Sara Watch out!
Is this happening through the school?!
Shriek from far away Bwaaahhh!
What the hell is going on?!
All the chairs are flying around!
Shriek from far away What the— my desk fell over! Waaah! They're all falling over!
Shriek from far away Kyaaahhh! The anatomical models are moving! They're coming at me! Help me! Somebody help me!
Lippy The entire school appears to be in a state of chaos!
Demon's Cradle Now you see the true might of the Seven Wonders! Do not forget our names in your fear and unease!
Elize If we don't stop them,
the school fair will be ruined!
Sara Right! First we stop the mystic arte, then we get to the bottom of why the heck they're doing this!

Part 10

Classroom of Ruin *Gulp* Oh no...
Seven Wonders They beat Classroom and Cradle!
Demon's Cradle It's all over...
We're done for...
Demon's Cradle Waaaahhh!!!
Sara The desks and chairs have stopped.
Elize The doors are no longer sealed!
Sara So all the students who were trapped in other classrooms are free to go?
Stahn Are you guys all right?
Lippy Master Stahn! Master Leon!
I am most relieved to see you unharmed.
Stahn Yeah, all the ruffians have been subdued. I couldn't have done it without Leon...
Stahn And my Flaming Octopus!
Leon It was a spectacle I'd sooner forget.
Sara I'm sorry, but how exactly was the Flaming Octopus involved...?
Lippy That takoyaki seems to be as powerful and functional a magical artifact as my own divine smartphon...
Muzét We've beaten the Seven Wonders. No longer shall the students here have to endure a mild sense of unease.
Sara Yeah, so that's... good, I guess? This just doesn't feel like much of a victory...
Ravenous Beast Waaaaaaahhh!
Shimmering Statue Dark times are upon us again!
Wandering Musician *Sniff* It's not fair!
Sara Is anyone else getting the sense that... we're the bad guys here?
Elize But... we were just trying to protect the school! Why were these kids causing so much mischief?
Muzét I think it's time we figured that out.
Muzét Have you kids calmed down?
Are you ready to talk?
Classroom of Ruin *sniff*
We told you already...
Muzét Yes, yes, you just wanted to make the students uneasy. But why?
Teepo What is going on here?
When did Muzét become so reasonable?!
Seven Wonders We are... spiritual beings who have lived here since ancient times.
Seven Wonders We were born from the mana in this region, so we can't ever leave here.
Seven Wonders We used to coexist happily with the people here.
Seven Wonders They would worship us, and that would give us energy. As long as they thought we were real, we were.
Lippy Ah, that makes perfect sense. You're a type of locale spirit.
Sara So that's why Muzét said you'd see them if you believe they're there.
Seven Wonders We lived here for a long, long time. And then one day...
Seven Wonders The people started to construct a building, and kids started assembling here...
Seven Wonders What you call a "school."
Seven Wonders We were scared and confused, but we're a part of the land here.
Seven Wonders So we lived among the students, and a few of them were able to perceive us— that's how the rumors started.
Seven Wonders They'd say they could feel a "weird presence." They started talking about the "Seven Wonders."
Seven Wonders It created a whole new way for us to live!
Seven Wonders Whenever we did weird things, the students would talk about us, and we'd gain energy from that.
Seven Wonders The weird phenomena seemed to make school more interesting for the students, so everyone was happy.
Seven Wonders Even if they weren't worshipping us, they believed we were there, and that was enough to keep us real.
Seven Wonders We stopped minding being called the Seven Wonders, and started to embrace it.
Seven Wonders But then, one day...
The principal of the school sealed us away!
Sara What? Why...?!
Seven Wonders Very few people are able to see spirits. And the ones who can't tend to view us with suspicion.
Seven Wonders The rumors had spread beyond the school, and even though we hadn't hurt anyone, new students were afraid to enroll here.
Seven Wonders The principal at that time was worried about the school's reputation, so she hired a sorcerer to seal us away.
Seven Wonders Students came and went, and each new class believed in us less and less.
Seven Wonders We spent a long time trapped in that dark void.
Seven Wonders But finally, we had an opportunity! Students started researching the old Seven Wonders stories as part of a presentation for the school fair.
Seven Wonders As the students learned about us, and talked about us, they started to believe in us, at least a little...
Elize Oh! That was the Journalism Club!
Seven Wonders And because of that, we were able to regain a little bit of our strength.
Seven Wonders It was enough to manifest ourselves again, and we had to take advantage of the opportunity!
Seven Wonders So bit by bit, we started doing weird tricks again. And the more the rumors spread, the stronger we became!
Seven Wonders Tricks that made the students uneasy tended to have the biggest impact, so we focused on those.
Seven Wonders The sense of unease and fear would linger in their hearts, producing energy for longer periods of time.
Seven Wonders After being sealed away and nearly forgotten, we almost disappeared entirely!
Seven Wonders So we figured that if we could do something at a big event with lots of people, like the student fair— it would really get people talking.
Seven Wonders And then we might have enough energy to free ourselves! We figured it might be our last chance to come back!
Seven Wonders That was our plan. Everything we'd done was building up to this.
Sara That... explains a lot.
Seven Wonders This battle was about breaking our seal and regaining our freedom...
Sara So this was your home. You were here long before the school even existed...
Lippy Since they're bound to the earth here. They need to find a way to coexist with the people at the school...
Seven Wonders We wanted too, but... Maybe there's just no place for locale spirits here anymore.
Sara You poor creatures...
Seven Wonders And now we will disappear for good. I suppose that is our punishment for the unease we've inflicted on the students of this school...
Sara ...
Sara Guys, I... I think...
Lippy Indeed, Lady Sara.
I'm certain we all feel the same way.
Sara We came here thinking the students were in danger, but... they weren't. We can't ignore the ones who really are in danger.
Stahn Yeah, I mean...
They did some kinda bad stuff, but...
Stahn I think they're the ones who need our help now!
Sara But what can we do?
Elize Actually...
I think I have a pretty good idea.
Sara Really?
Elize I mean, I'm not sure it would work, but what if we did this...
—Day Two of the School Fair—
Student B Hey, did you see the Journalism Club booth? All the stuff about the Seven Wonders changed completely overnight!
Student A I saw it! It totally blew my mind!
I can't believe someone finally figured out what was really going on!
Student B I know, right?
I was always kinda scared of the Seven Wonders. Now I'm not so sure.
Student A So the one called the Spring Musician was just trying to play uplifting music when a student seemed down...
Student B And the one called the Shimmering Path lights up the road when students are coming home after dark!
Student A And they're really called the Seven Legends! They're just trying to look after the students here!
Elize If we can get people to spread positive rumors instead, it'll keep bringing energy to the spirits, and the students won't have anything to fear anymore!
Teepo That's a perfect plan, Elize!
You're so smart!
Muzét I think everything's going to be okay for you.
Divine Artiste It never occurred to us that we could survive this way...
Brave Honcho Not only do we get to live on, but we get a chance to atone for all the harm we've caused...
Epicurean Beast We'll be able to feel the sunlight once more!
Sunlit Classroom Thank you so much!
Holy Cradle From now on, we Seven Wonders will proudly become the Seven Legends! And we'll try to make sure the rumors we inspire are always happy ones!
Sara Good luck, guys!
Stahn Yeah, congrats!
Leon And now that this matter is resolved, we can finally return to Karon.
Stahn Yeah, I guess...
But I'm kinda gonna miss this.
Stahn Going to school here was... kinda fun. And I finally got used to wearing the uniform!
Stahn Don't you feel the same way, Leon?
Leon You're out of your mind.
I never want to think of this wretched experience again.
Leon That said, I guess...
It could have been worse.
Elize Thank you so much, guys.
Here, we made you something.
Muzét Ooh! Candied napples!
And candied poranges too!
Elize My class was making them, too. They're a special recipe that uses herbs.
Teepo You can taste the power of those herbs in every bite!
Sara Thanks Elize!
These will be just the thing when we need a boost on our adventures.
Stahn Aw, geez, that's right.
I gotta get you something too!
Stahn I begged you to help with this, and you guys came through big time!
Stahn I know—Flaming Octopus
on the house!
Sara Seriously?!
Stahn Yep, you deserve it!
I'm gonna go whip up a batch, so you wait right here, okay?
Leon What? No! I failed to stop you the first time, but I will not allow you to make more of something so dangerous! Stahn! STAHN!
Lippy I don't know that I've ever seen Master Leon in such a panic before.
Sara What is the deal with that takoyaki?!
And so the dreaded Seven Wonders...
...became the beloved Seven Legends.
But a new "wonder" had risen...
...and few would ever learn the truth about the Flaming Octopus...