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A mysterious letter is written with hope. As it moves its way to its destination, the winds of mischief strike and suddenly its destiny changes with a fickle breeze. The letter is attacked by a passing bird monster, and then once again blown away, this time towards a familiar fellow. As he reads the letter, his eyes widen, and he follows his instincts to help the children who authored the letter.

Not too long after, Sara and co. meet Stahn to discuss how to help the children. He suggests grabbing another member of the Karon military to assist! To his dismay, Leon reluctantly joins the crew as they head towards the school written in the letter. When they arrive, the school seems empty. Was it a prank?

They meet Elize and she explains about the "Seven Wonders" now haunting the school. To witness these dangers themselves, Stahn suggests a "covert infiltration." As school goes back into session, a curious great spirit flies in from above. What will happen next?..


# Stage Stamina Battles
The Mysterious Letter
1 Toward the Mountain 3 3
2 Who the Heck? 3 3
3 Striking Swords 3 5
The Letter's Trail
4 Across the Border 3 5
5 Clear Skies Ahead 3 5
6 Arrival at School 3 7


Hero Stone Hero Stones x2 (Stage 3 and 6)

Previous Event Times

  • Duration: 3/30 (Wed) 0:30 - 4/09 (Sat) 7:59 PST (2016)
  • Duration: 7/16 08:00 - 7/27 (Wed) 07:59 PST (2016)




 ??? I wonder if this letter will really get us rescued...
 ??? Well, we've nothing to lose. We might not be able to get through this by ourselves.
 ??? Even still... if help doesn't arrive soon, it might be too late.
 ??? We have to hope it gets delivered in time...
 ??? ...and that they send help fast!
Their last hope is carried away in a postman's bag...
Postman Okay, lots of deliveries today. Now, where's this letter headed...?
But in this world...
...The wind often brings mischief.
Postman Whoa! Hey!
The letter...!
Their hope now rides on the wind...
Bird Monster Peck!
Peck! Peck! Peck!
Bird Monster ...?
Wolf Grrrrrrrr!!!
Bird Monster Caw! Caw! Caw!
[The bird monster soars away.]
Their hope now borne by monstrous wings...
Stahn Man, it feels good to be back in the capital, especially after a job like that...
Stahn I just wanna find myself a decent meal and...
[A crumpled piece of paper tumbles from the sky.]
Stahn Hey!
What just hit me...?!
Stahn Huh? A letter?
Where'd this come from?
Stahn Ah geez... Is this for real?
I gotta go rescue those kids!
At long last, their hope lands in his hands, and our story begins.
Stahn Anyway, I could really use your help, (user).
Sara Uh... Right.
I'm sure the answer will be yes, but...
Lippy Master Stahn, might you be willing to share a little bit more about the nature of this crisis?
Stahn Oh, of course! Sorry.
Stahn Here. Read this!
Sara A letter?
Stahn It's all written right there. It's an SOS addressed to the order of knights!
Lippy An SOS?!
Why, whatever has occurred?
Sara Let me see that...
"Our school is in grave danger. Any able knights, please come help!"
Sara "The Seven Wonders are upon us! Please, come quickly!"
Sara And then they wrote the name of the school and drew a map to it. What the heck is this...?
Stahn I don't know anything beyond what's written there. The letter literally just fell out of the sky.
Stahn It's possible there was another page or something, but that's all I found.
Stahn Maybe they were in a hurry, or there was some other reason they couldn't write a longer letter...
Lippy Hmm. It does seem a little light on detail for so serious a request...
Lippy It's hard to imagine that the knights would have moved on this. They'd have likely dismissed it as a prank.
Stahn Yeah... and they'd probably be right.
Stahn But what if it's not a prank? I can't ignore a plea for help.
Sara "Grave danger," they say... If this isn't a prank, then they're probably in pretty dire straits at this point.
Stahn It was addressed to the knights, and I'm just a soldier, but... somehow it found its way to me.
Stahn But I doubt they're gonna be picky about who's coming to save them.
Stahn So I'm gonna go check it out, and see if it's for real.
Stahn If it's just a prank, then, well... at least I'll have peace of mind.
Stahn But if it's legit, then I might need to have a few more good men at my side.
Stahn that's why I was hoping you might be willing to help, (user).
Stahn You'll do it? Thank you, (user).
Sara After a sales pitch like that, there was no way he was gonna turn you down. Heck, Lippy and I are coming too!
Lippy Indeed! Time may be in short supply, so we should begin the journey straight away.
Stahn Of course you're right, but... There's one more person I wanted to invite along first.
Stahn I've heard he's on a monster-slaying mission in the mountains west of here, so maybe we could swing by there first?
Sara Sure, that works.
Sara Let's do what we can to help Stahn, (user)!
Sara But I can't help but wonder who it is he has in mind to fill out our little rescue party...


Sara We've climbed all the way to the top of this mountain and there's still no sign of anyone!
Stahn All I know is that he's supposed to be somewhere in the area.
Lippy Your friend is a part of the monster eradication squad?
Stahn No, there's no squad. It's just him.
Sara He fights them alone?
Is that safe?!
Stahn It is for him. He could take down any monster on this mountain in a single stroke. He's the best knight we've got!
Stahn He's an incredible swordsman but he's not the most social guy. He always prefers to work alone.
Lippy Dear me...
Lippy That sounds quite a bit like someone we know.
Sara It does? Who?
Lippy That was a monster's death wail just now!
Stahn Everyone, let's hurry!
Leon That job was busywork at best. Back to the capital, I guess.
Stahn There! There he is!
Hey, Leon! Over here!
Leon ...
Stahn We've been looking for you! Wait there, we'll come to you. I need your help with something!
Leon [Leon turns away.]
Stahn Hey! Hey, Leon! Didn't you hear me? What are you turning away for? Wait there! We're coming to talk!
Lippy It appears Master Stahn's friend was indeed Sir Leon. Small world.
Stahn Leon, we need your help! Will you come with us?
Leon No.
Nothing ever goes smoothly when the two of us work together.
Stahn Leon, please!
Something really bad might have happened!
Leon "Might?" You expect me to move on speculation? Hey! Let go of my cape! What is the meaning of this?
Stahn What's the meaning of this...? I'm so glad you asked! I knew you'd be willing to listen. I'll fill you in--
Leon What? No! I was referring to your attempt to physically restrain me!
Lippy Sir Leon does not seem inclined to make this easy for Master Stahn, but... it seems he's willing to come.
Stahn Why you? Because we're friends!
Leon What? When exactly did that happen? I've already wasted enough time listening to your drivel!
Leon If I agree to visit this school of yours and confirm there's no incident, will you shut up? I'd sooner do that than endure another moment of this.
Stahn Great, let's get moving then!
Stahn I've already researched the quickest route to the school on the map. Just follow after me!


Stahn According to this map, the school should be just ahead.
Sara Really? You're sure it's this way?
Leon Stahn, what's that gate over there?
Stahn I dunno!
Leon I do. That's a border crossing. We'd be leaving the nation of Karon.
Stahn Huh, is that right?
I've never been this way before... Wow, so that's a whole other country!
Lippy So whatever odyssey this letter took to reach you, it apparently began in another nation.
Leon Do you not understand what this means? You and I serve in the Karon military!
Leon Even if what the letter said was true, we have no business intervening in another country's affairs!
Stahn I don't see what that has to do with anything. People might be in trouble-- what does their nationality matter?
Leon I'm telling you that it does matter! If we ended up causing some sort of problem in another country, it could turn into a diplomatic crisis!
Leon This is what I get for indulging you. I should have made sure I knew what I was getting into...
Sara Well you've come this far, right? You might as well come and check things out with us.
Sara Just scouting it out isn't gonna cause a crisis! So let's go! I can tell how worried you are about the kids.
Leon Hardly. But you do as you like. I will go along to make sure none of you causes an incident.
Sara You always have a million objections but then you stick with us anyway. It's really sweet of you, Leon.
Leon Shut up.
Stahn All right guys, we're almost there! Onward!


Lippy This is it. The school from the letter!
Sara It was really a ways outside of Karon, huh?
Sara We never had a school like this in the town where I grew up. Our only teachers were the adults in the neighbourhood.
Sara I gotta admit, seeing this makes me a little bit jealous!
Stahn Really? This school doesn't strike you as strange at all?
Sara Huh?
Stahn I mean, there's nobody here! Shouldn't a school be full of students?
Lippy ...
Stahn Yeah, I don't see any signs of anyone.
Stahn Maybe we're too late?
Maybe whatever the crisis was... has already happened?
Lippy Respectfully, Master Stahn, I don't believe so.
Stahn No?
Lippy It is entirely possible that there is another explanation for the school seeming so empty.
Stahn Such as...?
Lippy School not being in session?
Stahn Huh?
Lippy I see no traces of damage to the school buildings.
Lippy And if some tragedy had befallen the students here, I think it's likely that we'd have heard news to that effect during our journey here.
Lippy The students may simply have a day off.
Leon There's nothing at all out of the ordinary here.
Leon You've been duped by a child's prank, exactly as I feared. We have no further business here.
Stahn Hold on a minute! We've come all this way, so we should at least go inside, and see if we can find the student that wrote the letter.
Leon I sincerely doubt that a student who attempted to prank the order of knights would so easily admit to the crime.
Stahn Well, maybe we won't find the writer, but we could at least ask around! See if anything strange has happened lately.
Leon Who would you ask? The school is empty.
Stahn Well, okay, sure...
But we could stay at a local inn tonight, and maybe ask around tomorrow?
Leon Waste your own time if you like. I'm going home.
Stahn No, wait! Fine! We'll do it right now! We'll find someone to ask!
Sara Oh, Stahn, look! There's someone right there! A girl, maybe?
Stahn Where? Oh... yeah, I think I can see someone, kind of...
Stahn I can't believe you saw her from here. That's really impressive, Sara!
Sara Yeah, I've always had sharp eyes.
Stahn All right! Let's go ask her some questions!
Leon If you're so eager, do it yourse--
Leon Hey! I've told you before!
Do not pull on my cloak!
Sara We should go too.
Come on, Lippy! Come on (user)!
 ??? Another day without any clues... What are we going to do?
 ??? This is bad.
Stahn Hey! Excuse me, miss? Do you go to this school?
 ??? Huh? M-M-Me?
I-I... I do go here.
Sara Hey, is it just me, or... does that girl look kinda familiar?
Stahn Do you mind if we ask you a few questions about your school?
Stahn We found this letter. Does it mean anything to you?
 ??? Oh...!
 ??? This is the letter I wrote!
Leon What?!
Stahn Really? You wrote this!
Elize Y-Yes, I did.
Sara Elize?!
Elize Huh? Sara?!
Teepo (user)? Lippy? What are you guys doing here?!
Sara I can't believe it. I never thought for a second that this might be your school, Elize.
Elize It's where I come when I have time to study. I never expected to see you here either!
Elize In fact, I'm still a little confused... I sent that letter to the knighthood in Kaizel. How did it end up in Karon?
Elize And what happened to the rest of it?
Stahn Well, that hardly matters now. But it looks like it got blown away, torn up by a bird, and then carried to me.
Lippy That is quite a coincidence...
Stahn But anyway, Elize, what's the story here? What's going on at this school?
Elize The truth is...
I'm not so sure myself.
Stahn Well why don't you tell us what you do know?
Elize A lot of strange things have been happening here recently.
Teepo At first it was just rumors...
Elize Kids saying they saw white shadows in the schoolyard, or strange lights in the school at night...
Elize I assumed that they were just typical schoolyard rumors, but...
Teepo There's more and more people saying they've seen stuff like that! Isn't that weird?
Leon Compared to a talking stuffed animal, not particularly.
Elize Teepo is my friend.
Leon Indeed. Go on.
Teepo All of a sudden, everyone was seeing weird things!
Teepo The Seven Wonders were everywhere!
Sara "Seven Wonders"...?
Elize They're old ghost stories that have been passed down from one class of students to the next.
Elize The Seven Wonders are the Ravenous Beast, the Shimmering Statue, the Wandering Musician...
Elize the White Ring Artist, the Ghost Musician...
Elize the Classroom of Ruin, and the Demon's Cradle.
Elize In the stories, after all seven weird phenomena occur, the school will be attacked by an unspeakable horror.
Elize And it's not just kids claiming to have seen something. I've seen unconscious kids being carried out of classrooms!
Elize The teachers brush it off, saying they fainted from stress or something...
Elize But I can't help but feel that something horrible is about to happen.
Lippy That is quite a story.
Elize The annual school fair is going to be held soon. Everyone's really excited about it. We'll have a lot of visitors from outside the school...
Elize But Teepo and I are getting worried about the legend, so we've been researching the strange phenomena.
Teepo But we haven't been able to figure out the source of it yet.
Sara And that's why you wrote the letter asking for help.
Elize Right. But it was a long story, and I didn't have enough time to write out the details, so I didn't think anyone would come.
Leon You're lucky the letter found its way to someone who doesn't trouble himself with things like "details".
Stahn That's exactly why the letter chose me! Or, you know, maybe it was just luck.
Stahn Anyway, you can rest easy now, Elize.
The five of us are here to help!
Stahn We will get to the bottom of the Seven Wonders business together!
Elize Thank you so much, Stahn! And (user), Sara...
Are you really going to help too?
Sara Of course we are!
Leon Have you miscounted, Stahn? The only way you get to "five" is if I'm part of this.
Leon I have no interest in chasing my own tail pretending these urban legends are anything other than youthful delusions.
Elize But they're not delusional! They're carrying fallen kids out of classrooms!
Teepo That's why Elize is out looking for clues every day, whether class is in session or not!
Stahn Huh...
You're monitoring the school every day? And still no leads?
Leon The lack of evidence should be all the proof you need that this is merely a collective delusion.
Teepo Your face is a collective delusion! Er... *Ahem* Go and see for yourself, Leon! What's happening is really weird!
Stahn Now that's a good idea!
Leon Seriously?
Haven't we wasted enough time?
Stahn First-hand research is never a waste of time. It's the first step towards finding a solution!
Stahn It's settled, then. We're going in! Prepare for a covert infiltration!
Sara, Lippy A covert infiltration...?
Let's review:
The School Fair
The "Seven Wonders"
And finally...
"A Covert Infiltration"
Boy Student Hey, did you hear the news? The senior class is getting some new transfer students!
Girl Student I heard! Two boys, right? I wonder what they're like?
Leon I will never understand how you talked me into this. Damn it, Stahn... This is all your fault!
Stahn Helping people in need is our job! Come on, let's go help Elize!
Together, they will face the school's mysteries.
What lies at their adventure's end?
And perhaps more importantly...
Who is that familiar figure soaring towards them right now...?
Muzét Wheeeee!
Where shall I fly to today?
Muzét As a great spirit, it is my duty to study human behavior...
Muzét Oh? What's going on down there? Everyone seems so excited!
Muzét Well, this should be fun!
And now our cast is assembled.
What strange fate awaits them?