Mystery of the Lost Forest (Banner)
Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The party is trying to run through a forest shortcut to Euraia, but somehow the detour has taken much longer than expected! They're worried that the little girl they're escorting may not make the journey when suddenly, Yuri, Estelle, and Flynn appear behind them. Yuri explains that the locals fear the forest because it seems to move and trap travelers with the image of a lone little girl...uh oh.


# Stage Stamina Battles
Weirdness in the Woods
1 Forest of Shadows 5 5
2 The Disappearing Girl 5 5
3 The Runaway's Note 6 5
4 She's Not Our Enemy? 6 5
5 Shattered Ruins 7 5
6 A Strange Inscription 7 5
7 Decoding the Epigraph 8 5
8 Monster's True Form 8 5
9 The Soul-Binder 9 5
10 Releasing the Souls 12 5

Clash Event

Stage Stamina
Spar with Yuri
Yuri Lv10 12
Estelle Lv20 13
Yuri & Estelle Lv30 13
Yuri Lv40 14
Flynn Lv50 14
Yuri & Flynn Lv60 15
Estelle & Flynn - HARD 15
Estelle & Yuri - MANIA 16
Super Tag Team! - UNKNOWN 18
Yuri - EX UNKNOWN 20
Yuri - Hell or Heaven 25
  • Yuri is Wind, Estelle is Light, and Flynn is Fire
  • Enemies in Lv50 and below are neutral element


Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones (one each after clearing the story and the clash)

(Downtown Swordmaster) Yuri (Icon) [Downtown Swordmaster] Yuri
(Downtown Swordmaster) Yuri (Icon) [Downtown Swordmaster] Yuri
Type Thrust LV 1 (40)
ATK 202 (747) HP 226 (906)
RCV 103 (512) LC 6
Arte 3 hits against one foe (67% x3)
LS Boost ATK of slash/thrust heroes to 1.2x
(30 LC)
Change Circle into Square
Double Boost
Forcefulness 3
  • 3-Star
(Dark Lion) Yuri (Icon) [Dark Lion] Yuri
(Dark Lion) Yuri (Icon) [Dark Lion] Yuri
Type Thrust LV 1 (80)
ATK 323 (1183) HP 350 (1441)
RCV 153 (817) LC 6
Arte 4 water-type hits against one foe (63% x4)
LS Boost ATK of slash/thrust heroes to 1.5x
(45 LC)
Change CircleSquare into Triangle
Link Finisher Desperation Healer
Double Boost 2
  • 4-Star



Sara I don't get it... These woods were supposed to be a shortcut to Euraia. But we've been walking for half a day!
Lippy Your calculations are correct. Yet we were told this shortcut would take only two hours...
Sara So I guess that means we're lost?
Lippy I'm afraid so.
Sara Can't you use your smartphon to find the right path?
Lippy I have been attempting to do precisely that, but with little success. Its maps have proven to be quite inaccurate.
Sara What are we gonna do? If it was just us, we could muddle through, but we gotta get this kid to Euraia!
Girl ...
Sara I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know we promised to get you home, but... It's taking longer than we thought.
Girl I'm sorry.
Sara No, no! You don't need to apologize. We're the ones who messed up here.
Lippy I still struggle to understand how such a young child ended up alone at the entrance to these woods.
Girl I have to find the dolly mommy gave me.
I lost it in these woods. I have to find it.
Lippy Ah, so that's the reason? But finding a single toy in a forest so vast might prove to be difficult.
Sara We'll do everything we can to help you, sweetheart!
Girl I'm really sorry.
Sara In situations like these, we say "thank you" instead of "I'm sorry," okay? Now! Shall we look for your dolly?
??? Sounds like you're doing fine work, but I'm gonna have to stop ya there.
Sara Who are you?
Yuri I was just about to ask the same! Ah well. Name's Yuri.
And that princess type who's running after me? She's Estelle. The guy in the knight getup is Flynn.
Estelle *pant* *pant* Yuri! What are you doing, running off like that!
Flynn Apparently he'd spotted some travelers. And a young girl among them... She could be the one.
Yuri Well, now that you know who we are, how 'bout you explain what you're doing in a forest that even locals fear?
Sara We're adventurers. We'd heard of a shortcut to Euraia through these woods, but we got lost...
Estelle Is that right? Then the rumors are true!
Sara Rumors...? What rumors are these?
Flynn It's the talk of Euraia. People say the forest has started moving, trapping travelers within it.
The only survivor who's made it through says that his party got lost immediately after meeting a lone little girl.
Sara But that would mean... It can't be...
Yuri We're here to investigate the rumors. Looks like they're actually true. Huh?! Look out!
Monster Rrrrr... Rrr... Me eat... people... Don't... you meddle...
Yuri Is that the true form of these "lost" children? That's a real dirty trick!
Girl ... I have to find my dolly.
Sara She's running after the monster?! She's in league with it? No way...!
Yuri She's awfully quick for a kid. Guess we gotta chase 'em down!


Yuri So did we get the boss monster? I still can't figure out what the heck we're dealing with here!
Sara Could you find anything on it, Lippy?
Lippy According to the results of my smartphon analysis, it is a formless monster with a strange ability to deceive humans.
Flynn Sure looked like it had a "form" to me.
Lippy Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a "phantom" or "specter." This child is of a similar nature...
...but she does not appear malevolent. She may have been one of its victims, and is now a lost and confused ghost.
Yuri And that monster was using her as some sort of bait? That's absolutely disgusting.
Sara That poor thing... Isn't there some way we can save her?
Yuri I wish there was, but... Hmm? What's that? Over there, on the ground where we killed that monster...
Girl Oh! My dolly!
Estelle That toy... That monster we killed had been holding onto it.
Girl The dolly mommy gave me... I finally found it...
Sara Whoa... She's turning into white light...
Girl Everyone, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry.
Yuri Don't be sorry, love. You didn't do anything wrong.
Girl But I caused so much pain...
Estelle No, dear. None of it was your fault. You be at rest now.
She smiled before she faded away...
Sara Yeah. She seemed happy, but... Maybe a little embarrassed too.
Lippy Let us hope she can find the way to her final destination this time.
Yuri She will. Nothing's holding her back now.
Estelle We finally made it out of the woods! Incidentally, where are you folk headed next?
Sara A good question... I'm not even sure myself! What's the plan, Lippy?
Lippy I believe Lady Rita is based here in Euraia. Perhaps we should pay her a visit and see if she's discovered anything related to the seeds?
Estelle You know Rita? Wait──are you that girl adventurer she said she met on her research trip?
Sara Ha! I probably am.
Estelle Wow, what a coincidence! We're from Euraia too, and know Rita quite well. We'll show you the way.
Sara Really? That would be great, thanks!
Yuri If you need anything else while you're in the kingdom, just let us know. We'll give you a discount on the first job.
Sara Well, you sure seem like a useful guy to have around, Yuri! We'll be sure to seek you out if something comes up.
Yuri Great. You know where to find me.
Estelle Well, onto Euraia then!
Sara Sounds good to me. Come on, Lippy, (user)!


Yuri When I said I was up for anything...
...I never imagined you'd show up wanting to spar.
I don't like to draw my blade on a client, but I'll do what I gotta to satisfy a customer.
But I never half-ass a job! If you want a fight, you'll get it. Avoiding injury will be up to you.
Let's begin!