Nitoa (Tales of Link)
(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa (Face) Until three years ago, their countries were allies. They trained together, they lived together... So when Rigitte and she met on the battlefield as enemies, her soul trembled.
Units: 4-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


4-Star Units

(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa (Icon) [Resplendent Warrior] Nitoa
(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa (Icon) [Resplendent Warrior] Nitoa
Type Thrust LV 1 (70)
ATK 315 (1225) HP 302 (1271)
RCV 161 (842) LC 6
Arte 4 hits against all foes (50% x4)
LS Boost ATK of thrust/shot heroes to 1.4x
(15 LC)
Deal a 1.2x-power neutral attack to all foes
Link Recovery Inspirit Attackers 2
Weapon Boost 4



(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa


(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Resplendent Warrior) Nitoa (Face)


Niota Link AttackNiota Link IdleNiota Link Run

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