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The Savior and Sara join forces

Quest mode is the main story scenario of the game. It follows the adventures of Sara, Lippy, and the Savior (player) as they travel the land in search of Seeds of Ruin to prevent them from wreaking havoc among the land of Liafyse. The Savior actually meets Sara and Lippy as an amnesiac with no recollection of his/her past besides his/her name. The Savior agrees to use his/her unique stonecanting ability to fight with Sara and Lippy for good and search for Caesar, Sara's older brother, who appears to have been heavily influenced by a Seed of Ruin.

You must complete each section in order to continue on to the next stage. A hero stone is obtained for every first clear of a stage, and some stages give bonus rewards such as Hero Units, Guardian Tickets, or Masterwork weapons.

Part 1

Nialith Borderland (Icon)

Mt Harnica (Icon)

Deijil Region (Icon)

Roard Region (Icon)

Part 2

Storm-Shadowed Sairan (Icon)

Sairan Vortex of Schemes (Icon)

Sairan Battleground (Icon)

Part 3

Otherworld Goddess (Icon)

Gathered Starlight (Icon)

Light of Salvation (Icon)

Part 3-2

A Girl's Wish (Icon)

Ritual (Icon)

The Spiral's Edge (Icon)

Part 4

Fragment - Hollow Visions (Icon)

Premonitory Pulse (Icon)

Fragment - Spiral Record (Icon)

Journey of Memories (Icon)

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