Hero Stone (Large)

There are many resources a player obtains while playing Tales of Link. These include: Gald, Hero Stones, LP, and Hero Points.

Hero Stone Hero Stones

Hero Stones are used for a wide variety of purposes, most commonly for summons. They can also be used to revive during a battle, expand inventory and friends list limits, and to purchase other items like gels. They are obtained by finishing a quest for the first time, as mana rewards in the Soul Arena, by collecting daily log-in bonuses, from completing events, clearing all stages in an area (quests and events), and very rarely from missions. Players can also purchase Hero Stones from the in-game Shop.

Gald Gald

Gald is used in the fusion and evolution of gears. Although it is the most common currency in the universe of Tales of Link, it is not actually used to purchase any items. It can be obtained by running normal quests, missions, events, or selling gear. Gear of maximum level, fully limit broken, and evolved will sell at a higher price than gear at base level. Metals, which drop in random quests, sell for a high amount as well. The Key of Galdbird opens a dungeon that exclusively drops metals for gald.


LP is used to level up units. Lower rarity heroes require less LP to level compared to higher rarity heroes. LP is mainly obtained by releasing heroes and guardians, but can also be obtained by doing ordinary quests, Cooking Missions, and daily contracts. Various events and summon bonuses may also offer LP. The dungeons opened by Key of Darkness and Key of Metal are specifically for grinding LP as they drop many units, referred to as LP Tanks or Dark Wings, which sell for a higher amount of LP than typical units.

Hero Points Hero Points

Hero Points are a unique resource used in the Hero Point Summon to obtain Gear and Guardians. Hero Points are mainly accumulated by using a friend's party when going on a quest, by doing contracts, or sometimes in some events such as Soul Arena. Ten (10) Hero Points are obtained for using a Friend's Hero, and 5 Hero Points for using an Adventurer's party. There is also a daily contract that gives 100 Hero Points for doing a single quest.

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