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This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Journey with Nikola in search of a fabled relic...

  • This is Sara's first meeting with Nikola, despite the order of events in-game.


Sara and co. visit Sumina, large ruins rumored to have belonged to the legendary Rezo, after being tipped off to its location, for Folgana. Folgana mentions that a piece of armor that they acquired in a previous job could be used in Sumina to unlock its full potential. As the party ventures through the ruins, they meet Nikola, a mysterious young girl who too is searching for the true form of one of Rezo's fabled creations. What is Nikola's intentions? What is the true strength of the armor you acquired?


Part StageStaminaBattles
The White Armor's Secret
1For Smithing's Sake75
2Material Search!75
3Over Here?75
4Over There?75
5Don't Give Up!77
Encounter with a Girl
6Her True Power85
7The Trio and Their Pet85
8Terrific Teamwork85
9Pleasant Progress85
10Hitting the Mark95
11A Silvery Mane95
12Standing in the Way97
Falling and Fleeing
13Escaping the Trap105
14So Far to the Surface105
15Walking and Climbing105
16Helping One Another105
17From Out the Dark115
18Light in the Darkness115
19Light at Last117
Passing the Trial
20The Talking Monster125
21Tooth and Claw125
22A Violent Battle125
23Back to Back125
24Guns and Swords135
25Blades and Bullets135
26Revealing Power137
The Final Trial
27For the Burden145
28Sword of Damocles145
29Conflicting Hopes155
30Spirit of Battle155
31Blades Combined205
32Bullets Combined255
33Obtaining the Power307


Hero Stone Hero Stones x5 (1 after each part)

Base Gear Evolution Material
White Omen White Omen
White Omen White Omen
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity N HP 42 (42)
Max Lv. (LB) 5 (0) RCV 47 (47)
White Stone White Stone
White Stone White Stone
HN Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves White Omen into White Quickening.
White Quickening White Quickening
White Quickening White Quickening
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity HN HP 58 (58)
Max Lv. (LB) 10 (0) RCV 122 (122)
White Orb White Orb
White Orb White Orb
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves White Quickening into Thorned Tora.
Thorned Tora Thorned Tora
Thorned Tora Thorned Tora
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity R HP 116 (116)
Max Lv. (LB) 40 (0) RCV 239 (239)
Passive Liastora's Light
Boost RCV by 100% when at 10% or less HP
White Soul White Soul
White Soul White Soul
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Thorned Tora into Radiant Liastora.
Radiant Liastora Radiant Liastora
Radiant Liastora Radiant Liastora
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 0 (0)
Rarity SR HP 208 (238)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (5) RCV 405 (465)
Passive Liastora's Radiance
Boost RCV by 200% when at 10% or less HP



Sara So this must be Sumina. Right where Folgana said it would be.
Lippy It's quite dense with magical energy. But my smartphon isn't showing the sorts of ominous readings seen at blightlands.
Sara The home of Rezo the Alchemist...
Folgana Howdy there, (user). Hello Sara, Lippy.
Sara Folgana?!
Lippy Well, this is unexpected. We haven't seen you in quite some time.
Folgana Indeed! That's why I wanted to come say hi when I saw you walking by.
Sara So this is just a chance encounter?
Folgana A complete coincidence! But incidentally, I saw you helped with a guild job the other day...
When you were exploring those ruins, did you happen to find a set of white armor from a treasure chest?
Sara What? How would you know about that?
Folgana Well, I'm a big fan of your work! And I just happened to notice that.
Sara So just another coincidence, then...
Folgana Come now, don't look so suspicious! Coincidences do happen, you know. Besides, I totally saved your butts back there!
Sara You did...?
Folgana But never mind that. I wanted to tell you about that armor.
You see, that's actually not the armor's true form.
To learn more, you should visit the workshop of Rezo the Alchemist. He's a master craftsman of magical gear!
I expect that you'll be able to unlock the armor's true form there. I'm sure it would aid you on your travels!
But of course, it's up to you whether you choose to believe me or not.
Sara Folgana said we could upgrade the armor with the materials we find here...
Lippy The manner in which he approached us was characteristically suspicious, but if what he said was true, then this could prove to be a worthwhile detour.
Sara Imagine having armor made by a legendary craftsman! How could we not follow up on that? Come on, (user)!


Sara So this White Stone is what we need for the upgrade?
Lippy Yes, but it is not the only material we will require.
From my analysis, we need two more magical crystals to unlock the armor's true form.
Sara Then let's go find them!
Where do you think we should search, (user)?
This place is huge. I think we need to work out a system so we don't get confused.
Yeah, that sounds like a plan. We'll start close and gradually work our way outward.
??? Well, I'd not expected to find others here. Lost travelers taking refuge from the elements? Somehow... I think not.
Sara Who are you?
Nikola A pleasure to meet you. So I take it you're here for the same reason I am...?


Lippy So you've acquired one of Rezo the Alchemist's lost works, and are hoping to unleash its true power?
Nikola Yes. I was given a strange red gun and told of this place. So here I am.
Sara Well, would you like to join us, then? I don't know what to expect here, but the more people the better!
Nikola I suppose I wouldn't mind that, but...
Are you so sure that you can trust me?
Sara Huh?
Nikola I could be a bad person, you know.
Sara No... I'm pretty sure that you're not.
Nikola What makes you think that?
Sara It's just... intuition, I guess. And there's no explaining intuition. Is that reason enough?
Nikola It's reason enough for me. You seem like a very good person, Sara. Thank you.
And since you're such a good person, I won't do anything bad myself. Now, let us begin exploring!
Sara Psst, (user)... There's something kinda weird about Nikola, don't you think?


Lippy You're a very strong fighter, Lady Nikola.
Nikola That's kind of you to say, but I don't hold a candle to (user) and Sara. I'm a little envious of their skills.
Sara You're envious of us?
Nikola Yes. I want to become stronger. Much stronger. Until I'm stronger than all of them.
Sara All of them? All of... who?
Nikola Do you really want to know?
I don't mind talking about it, but... I'm not entirely sure if I should be telling someone like you.
Sara Nikola?
Do you... feel shaking?
Nikola The ground! It's──
Sara Aaaaaaaaah!
??? All ye who seek power. Your intentions shall be tested.


Sara Mmmrph... Owwwww...
Is everybody okay? (user)?! Are you hurt?
Oh, thank heavens!
Lippy I remain unharmed as well! I recalled at the last possible moment that I have a limited ability to float, and was able to slow my descent.
You can imagine my embarrassment. We've been on foot for so very long that it had completely slipped my mind.
Sara Does anyone see Nikola?
Nikola I'm over here. I'm not hurt.
It appears we've fallen from a considerable height.
Sara Seriously? We fell from way up there?!
Lippy Let us be grateful to have survived.
Sara I am, but... I don't see much hope of climbing back up.
Nikola And perhaps worse yet, that trembling did not feel like a natural phenomenon.
I fear we may have fallen into a trap. Some... deterrent against intruders. There may not even be a way out.
Sara A deterrent against intruders... Huh...
What's that, (user)? Yeah... yeah, you're right! There has to be some way out!
Lippy Indeed. Let us explore the perimeter of the area. If I get a reading, I will inform you immediately.
Sara Don't worry, Nikola. As long as we work together, I know we'll find a way out of this.
Nikola You and your friends are such optimists. I think I kind of admire that.
Sara All right! Let's find that way out!


Sara We've finally found our way back!
Lippy I hadn't anticipated the monster attack at the exit... Thankfully you were much more perceptive than I, Lady Nikola.
Nikola We should consider the possibility that there could be more traps.
Let us take a moment to get our heads together before we proceed.
Sara Okay. Time for a break?
Lippy Then I shall prepare a simple meal.
Sara Thanks, Lippy! I am a little hungry.
How about Nikola?
Nikola That sounds wonderful, thank you.
Lippy I should have that ready shortly.
Sara What's that book you're holding, Nikola? Are you keeping a journal?
Nikola Something like that, yes. It was a birthday gift from my father. It's very important to me.
Sara You're keeping a journal of your travels?
Nikola It isn't a journal, exactly... I guess you could call it a list.
A list of things I don't want to forget. Names, places, that sort of thing.
I flip through it at times like these, to make sure I don't forget them.
Sara That's a great idea! I should do something like that too! Aw, but who am I kidding, I wouldn't stick with it.
Nikola Ah, yes. It is certainly... not for everyone.
Sara Nikola...?
Lippy My friends! Tea is served. Please, refresh yourselves.
Nikola Come, Sara. Let us enjoy it before it gets cold!
Sara R-Right.


Nikola The only area we've yet to explore is through here. Let's take a look.
Sara What the...
What's a cage doing inside a cave?! And these monsters...
Monsters Gwaaaaaahhh!
Lippy From the noise they're making, I expect there will be quite a number of them.
Nikola I do believe you're right.
Sara Is that monster... talking?!
Lippy There's no trace of any seed of ruin... But this is clearly no normal monster!
Nikola If that's your wish. I accept the challenge.
Sara They're coming right for us! Watch out, (user)!


Sara The monsters... What's that light...?!
Lippy They're being absorbed into the white armor!
Nikola "Prove your worth..." I suppose the reason is obvious. Let us continue on.
I expect that the person testing us awaits just ahead.
Sara You got it! But let's tread carefully. Right, (user)?
??? And now for the final trial...


??? Ye have done well to make it this far.
To ye who seek power, I offer a final challenge.
Sara It's huge...!
Nikola You are the craftsman, Rezo, who made these artifacts?
Rezo At the moment, I am merely a ghost.
Lippy Might I ask why you you're doing this?
Rezo Not all men can handle great power. It destroys them, and it destroys everything around them.
Those who desire mine arms and armor must prove their worth through this trial.
Now show me thy strength, and show me thy soul!
Nikola I intend to. It is why I am here.
Sara We're ready for this! Let's do it, (user)!


Rezo I am satisfied that ye possess the strength to wield mine arms and armor.
But what of your souls? Why do ye seek such power?
Nikola Do we truly need to answer that?
Rezo Yes. Having brought this power into the world, it is my duty to inquire.
What is thy answer, (user)?
I see...
To protect the world, and those important to thee. I judge thee worthy.
Do not lose sight of thine intentions!
Lippy This is the final key!
Nikola You truly are... such wonderful people. Your light is nearly blinding.
Sara Nikola...?
Rezo And what is thy answer, Nikola? Why do thou seek such power?
Nikola You wish to know my intentions...
Yes, well... The answer is a simple one.
Nikola Revenge on the senators who deceived and murdered my father and mother. Revenge on those who incited civil war and sold out our nation.
Revenge on those who sent me from a palace to a prison, who committed atrocities against my people, and who got rich off our stolen futures.
Even now they feast and cavort while my country has fallen, and my people starve. So I want the power to fill their gluttonous bellies with lead.
I want the power to erase every name written on my list. I want it for that reason and that reason alone.
Rezo The power of hatred...
To thee I cannot give──
Nikola I'm not interested in debating morality. This is the key to unlocking its power? I'll help myself.
Rezo Thou... Thou art corrupted by power.
The corrupted shall find only misfortune. May the curse of power blight thy path.
Nikola Misfortune and curses? I possess little else. But now it's my turn to return the favor, and I shall do it with your gun.
Lippy Lady Nikola...
Nikola Lippy. Your tea was delightful. Thank you.
Sara, (user)... I thank you for your assistance. I'm in your debt.
From the bottom of my heart, I pray for your safety on your journeys to come.
Sara Nikola... I'm... I'm so so sorry... I didn't know your situation. I've said such foolish things!
But does it really have to be this way? I don't want to lose you!
Nikola My dear Sara. You truly are a kind person. I thank you.
It's occurred to me that our having met was likely the result of a certain someone's meddling...
Sara Huh...?!
Nikola And it was thanks to him that I was able to enjoy this time with you.
I am truly glad to have met you. And I wish you all the best.
Sara Nikola...
(user)... I'm sorry... No, I... I'll be okay.
Thanks for asking.
If we ever run into Nikola somewhere, I want to try to talk to her again.
Lippy Should such an occasion occur, I shall have to have an appropriately exceptional meal at the ready!
Sara Thank you Lippy. It's a good idea. We'll talk over a good meal.
And maybe, just maybe... we can get through to her.
Rezo's Lost Equipment ──fin──

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