Roard Region

Liada Roadway

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Okay, Next Destination!45 (Gun and Glyph User) Pascal (Icon)
[Gun and Glyph User] Pascal
A Leisurely Pace45
A Relaxing Journey45
In the Vast Fields45
The Next Seed47
Monster Element: Wind Element LP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Neverbreeze Woodslands

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Through the Deadly Woods45 (Knight of Ratatosk) Emil (Icon)
[Knight of Ratatosk] Emil
Scanning the Surroundings45
Without a Trace45
Monsters Along the Way45
The Exit to the Village47
Monster Element: Light Element LP x 1.5: Tuesday, Thursday

Ios Village

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Following the Swordswoman45 (White-Hot Swordsman) Stahn (Icon)
[White-Hot Swordsman] Stahn
Surrendering to the Rush45
"Gold" Up Ahead45
Golden-Haired Swordswoman47
Monster Element: Fire Element LP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Hojiroshi Roadway

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
The Great Lord of Spirits45 (Burning Flame) Lilith (Icon)
[Burning Flame] Lilith
Sword Dancer45
Magic Unleashed45
Supple Yet Skillful45
An Ancient Bloodline47
Monster Element: Water Element LP x 1.5: Tuesday, Thursday
Guests: Milla

Corina Mountain Road

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
The Path To That Place45 (Genius Researcher) Rita (Icon)
[Genius Researcher] Rita
Never Look Back45
Roar of the Beast45
Mysterious Magical Anomaly45
Fighting as One47
Monster Element: Earth Element EXP x 1.5: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Guests: Milla

Bewitching Thicket

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
A Strange Presence45 (Hunter) Chester (Icon)
[Hunter] Chester
The Baleful Forest45
The Deep Darkness Ahead45
The Sinister Outlands45
Land of Shattered Power47
Monster Element: Dark Element EXP x 2: Sunday
Guests: Milla

Blightland of Lanastary

StageStaminaBattlesCompletion Reward
Battle in the Blightland45 Guardian Summon Ticket
Guardian Summon Ticket x5
Awakened Fiend45
Life-or-Death Challenge45
Darkness of Despair45
Ghosts from the Mist47
Spirit of Ruin Vicelich610
Monster Element: Multi Element LP x 2: Sunday PM, Saturday PM
Guests: Milla


Roard Region/Transcripts

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