Saleh (Tales of Rebirth)
(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Face) A member of the King's Shield, a group of Force users under direct royal control. The most powerful members are known as the "Four Stars," of which Saleh is one.
Units: 5-Star | 6-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


6-Star Units

(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Icon) [Mind Crusher] Saleh
(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Icon) [Mind Crusher] Saleh
Type Spell LV 1 (120)
ATK 714 (3482) HP 645 (3459)
RCV 418 (2761) LC 20
Arte 13 wind-type hits against all foes (32% x13)
LS Boost ATK of heroes on Circle to 2.8x
(40 LC)
HP drop to 55% but boost ATK to 3.5x for 1 turn
Earth Shield Double Boost 7
Link Finisher 5 I also brought my own gel

5-Star Units

(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh (Icon) [Maelstrom Lord] Saleh
(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh (Icon) [Maelstrom Lord] Saleh
Type Spell LV 1 (99)
ATK 516 (2009) HP 657 (2793)
RCV 279 (1471) LC 12
Arte 4 wind-type hits against one foe (88% x4)
LS Boost HP of spell heroes to 1.2x, ATK to 1.8x
(30 LC)
Boost Star ATK to 2.0x for 2 turns
Forcefulness 2 Strength 4
Inspirit Attackers 3 Pinch Healer 2
(Wicked Vampire) Saleh (Icon) [Wicked Vampire] Saleh
(Wicked Vampire) Saleh (Icon) [Wicked Vampire] Saleh
Type Thrust LV 1 (99)
ATK 541 (2108) HP 562 (2391)
RCV 208 (1079) LC 6
Arte Restore 50% of damage dealt as HP (250% x1)
LS Boost ATK of thrust heroes to 2.0x
(45 LC)
Change all markers to Triangle
Wicked Vampire Arte Plus 3
Weapon Boost 3 Forcefulness 5



(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh(Mind Crusher) Saleh(Wicked Vampire) Saleh


(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh (Icon)(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Icon)(Wicked Vampire) Saleh (Icon)

Face Portraits

(Maelstrom Lord) Saleh (Face)(Mind Crusher) Saleh (Face)(Wicked Vampire) Saleh (Face)


Saleh Halloween AttackSaleh Halloween IdleSaleh Halloween RunSaleh Rabbit AttackSaleh Rabbit IdleSaleh Rabbit RunSaleh Rebirth AttackSaleh Rebirth IdleSaleh Rebirth Run

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