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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


A large group of bandits plans to overtake and steal the treasure of New Dresta, governed by the wildly famous War-Princess Digrita. However, with expert strategic planning and helpful information from the mysterious Folgana, the bandits prove no match for Digrita or the party. However, in the distance, gunshots can be heard and a terrible feeling stirs within Sara. What could possibly be happening?

Story Stages

# Stage Stamina Battles
Intercepting the Bandits
1 Battlefield Blossom 5 5
2 Peerless Battle Maiden 5 5
3 Resounding Defeat 6 5
Out from the Darkness
4 Squad Seven's Missing 8 5
5 Taking Down Stragglers 8 5
6 Unsettling Presence 9 5
Target: MARKED
7 Her Fight 9 5
8 Hail of Bullets 11 5
9 Bearing Hatred 11 5
Scion of Vengeance
10 Hellfire Radia 12 5
11 The Red Flash 12 5
12 Hate Cursed Gun 15 5
  • Rewards Hero Stone 4x Hero Stones (one after each part).

Material Hunt Stages

Essence Hunt

# Stage Stamina Battles Drop Rate
1 Into the Tundra 15 5 5%
2 Awash in White 15 5 10%
3 Ancient Snowfield 15 5 18%
4 The Glistening Glacier 15 5 25%
5 Reaper of the Snows 15 5 50%
  • Rewards Hero Stone Hero Stones x1 upon completion.

Upgrade Hunt

Level Stage Stamina Battles Drop Rate
[N→HN] Find the Thunderflare Stone! 5 3 70%
[HN→R] Find Hellfire Snow! 7 3 55%
[R→SR] Find a Cap Lens! 10 3 40%
[SR→SR+] The Detonator Cloth 15 5 30%
[SR+→SR++] Detonator Cloth+ 20 5 15%
  • Rewards Hero Stone Hero Stones x1 upon completion.

Evolution Path

  • A Special Mission is available for a chance to gather forge items.
Base Gear + Evolution Material
Projectile Essence
Projectile Essence
Projectile Essence Projectile Essence
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 38 (38)
Rarity N HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 1 (0) RCV 8 (8)
+ Thunderflare Stone
Thunderflare Stone
Thunderflare Stone Thunderflare Stone
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Projectile Essence into Projectile Aura.
Projectile Aura
Projectile Aura
Projectile Aura Projectile Aura
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 54 (54)
Rarity HN HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 1 (0) RCV 12 (12)
+ Hellfire Snow
Hellfire Snow
Hellfire Snow Hellfire Snow
HN Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Projectile Aura into Equius Replica.
Equius Replica
Equius Replica
Equius Replica Equius Replica
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 84 (84)
Rarity R HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 1 (0) RCV 16 (16)
+ Cap Lens
Cap Lens
Cap Lens Cap Lens
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Equius Replica into Sterling Equius.
Sterling Equius
Sterling Equius
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 368 (478)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (5) RCV 76 (101)
(Lv. 50)
+ Detonator Cloth
Detonator Cloth
Detonator Cloth Detonator Cloth
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Sterling Equius into Sterling Equius +.
Sterling Equius
Sterling Equius +
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius +
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 426 (556)
Rarity SR + HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 60 (5) RCV 87 (112)
(Lv. 60)
+ Detonator Cloth +
Detonator Cloth +
Detonator Cloth + Detonator Cloth +
R Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Sterling Equius + into Sterling Equius ++.
Sterling Equius
Sterling Equius ++
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 519 (674)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (5) RCV 102 (132)
Passive Angel Force
Boost RCV by 3% when at 50% or less HP

Final Weapon

Sterling Equius Sterling Equius
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 519 (674)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (5) RCV 102 (132)
Passive Angel Force
Boost RCV by 3% when at 50% or less HP

Sterling Equius +
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 519 (674)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (5) RCV 102 (132)
Passive Angel Force
Boost RCV by 3% when at 50% or less HP

Sterling Equius ++
Sterling Equius Sterling Equius ++
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Shot ATK 519 (674)
Rarity SR ++ HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 70 (5) RCV 102 (132)
Passive Angel Force
Boost RCV by 3% when at 50% or less HP



I still remember that day vividly. I can watch it unfold anytime. I close my eyes.
A spears thrusts, and he falls. A gun fires, and she screams. A swords swings, and it ends.
I lost everything. We were overthrown, wiped away.
I will never forget that day.
For a long time, my eyes saw nothing but darkness.
But one day, I found the light.
This cold, heavy lump of metal, unleashing lead, inflicting pain.
This is my light.
???? Report!
First Company Captain Lady Digrita, the troops to the West are already in position.
Digrita Fine. Await further orders.
First Company Captain Yes ma'am.
Sara Geez, it's tense here... I don't know that I've ever been more nervous, (user).
Lippy So this is the legendary Digrita...
Sara I've heard the stories about her, and what an amazing general she is, but I never imagined I'd meet her!
Lippy Nor I. I'll admit to being a little on edge myself!
Sara Let's not forget who arranged this little job...
255 ──Several days earlier──
Folgana Well hey, look who's here. How have you been? How funny that we keep running into each other.
Sara ......
I'm not going to respond to a bald-faced lie.
Lippy Master Folgana, perhaps you could save us some time and cut to the point?
Folgana Heh. Well, I was just thinking that since we're such good friends, maybe I could throw a little work your way.
Sara Work?
Folgana Officially, the guild is doing the hiring, but the client wanted a hand-picked team for this job. It's an unusual assignment.
Sara What sort of assignment?
Folgana Have you heard of the kingdom of New Dresta?
Sara I've heard the legends of the War-princess of Dresta. That's where she's from, right?
Folgana Yes, precisely. Her name is Digrita. She was actually an orphan born in a frontier village outside of Dresta...
But with a sword and a natural talent for leadership, she ended Dresta's civil wars and put herself on the throne of her "New Dresta."
She's the client on this assignment.
Sara What?!
Folgana She's received information indicating that the nation's treasury will be the target of a large-scale bandit attack.
The suspected attackers were soldiers from the previous regime. They're many in number and quite strong fighters.
Dresta's more stable than it used to be, but its wars are not long behind it.
It's still full of disaffected people, and an invasion from a neighboring country is hardly out of the question.
Lippy So the kingdom can ill afford the distraction of a bandit attack...
Folgana But in each crisis lies an opportunity. Digrita plans to lead a counteroffensive against the bandits personally.
She hopes that routing the bandits will allow her to assert her strength, scaring off potential threats from both inside and outside of the kingdom.
However, much of her army is tied up at the nation's borders, and it seems she's not confident that the troops she has to spare are sufficient for the job.
So she's putting out feelers to hire, as she puts it, "heavy hitters, but ones I can trust."
What do you think? Ingratiating yourself to the ruler of New Dresta certainly couldn't hurt.
Why, she may even have useful information about that certain something you're looking for.
Sara He said if we were interested he'd put in a recommendation with a big shot at the guild, and I figured that'd be the last we'd hear of it.
Two days later the guild formally gave us the assignment. Who the heck is Folgana, really?
Lippy His methods are certainly suspicious, but his meddling has always seemed to work to our benefit in the past... He is quite the puzzle.
Sara Well, there's no backing out now, so let's focus on the job ahead.
Digrita There's trouble in the air. Everyone, draw your weapons.
Sara Huh?!
Guild's mercenary What? Is she serious? I haven't even...
Drestan soldier Just shut up and do it. This has happened before.
On the battlefield, Lady Digrita can sense things that no one else can.
Digrita They're already in formation. Waiting on some signal, perhaps?
They'll charge in and engage the Fifth Company, who are standing guard. We'll take them by surprise from the side.
I've heard you're strong fighters. Do not disappoint me.
They're coming.
Bandits Rrrrraaawwwrrrrr!
Digrita That flash was the signal! Follow me! Now!
Sara She's so fast!
Drestan soldier Don't fall behind! Come on!
BanditA Ha ha ha ha! I knew the Drestan military was a joke, but this is pathetic!
All right, take it all, just like we──
Digrita "Just like we...?" Was there more?
Ah, forgive me. I suppose you won't be able to answer in your current condition. It was rude of me to ask.
BanditB Wha-Wha-What the... What are you...
BanditC Oh no. That's... That's Digrita!
BanditB Wh-What's she doing here?! This isn't how it's supposed to go!
Digrita Hmmm...?
Well, let's cull the herd a bit first.
All forces, attack! I won't suffer stragglers!


Digrita The battle is nearly over. The Fourth Company will pursue the fleeing bandits.
Lippy Lady Digrita is truly a force on the battlefield! I don't understand how those slender arms can wield a heavy blade with such strength...
Sara And she's as fast as the wind! The "War-princess of Dresta," indeed!
Digrita Excellent work everyone.
I was especially impressed with this group of mercenaries from the guild──(user), Sara, and Lippy, was it?
I saw what you did out there. Fighting to protect not just each other, but my soldiers as well.
Thanks to you, we didn't lose a single one of the new recruits.
Sara Whoa, (user)... Her Majesty knows our names...!
Digrita Just Digrita, if you please. I find such formality embarrassing.
Sara Y-Yes ma'am, Lady Digrita!
Digrita Heh. You can skip the "lady" part too, for all I care... Hmmm... That is a puzzle, isn't it?
Sara I'm sorry?
Digrita Just something I noticed earlier. Captain!
First Company Captain Yes ma'am!
Digrita There's something I want you to look into. Also, bring me a prisoner.


Prisoned Bandit Damn it! Get yer dirty hands offa──
Digrita Do quiet down. There are only two things I want to hear coming out of your mouth.
You praising your luck for being captured instead of killed, and... The answers to my questions.
Comply, and I'll let you continue to draw breath inside of a cell. Do you understand me?
Prisoned Bandit Y-Yes.
Digrita Question one. Where were your positions?
Prisoned Bandit We were in three groups, to the West, East, and South.
Digrita Indeed. How many men in each formation?
Prisoned Bandit 1,000 per group.
We'd heard that last wretch of a king stashed a ton of loot in this treasury during the civil war.
We came with everything we had, and now look at us.
Digrita Final question. One of your fellow soldiers said "this isn't how it's supposed to go." What did he mean?
Prisoned Bandit We were had, that's what!
We planned this around intel from a spy we've known since way back. The story was that you were leavin' the treasury undermanned to reinforce the borders.
But as soon as we get inside, we were surrounded on all sides! That little sneak conned us good!
Digrita I see. That's enough, then. Take him away.
Sara Lady Digrita?
First Company Captain Lady Digrita, the matter you asked me to look into──it was as you suspected.
Digrita I was afraid of that.
Lippy Has something happened?
Digrita The Seventh Company, stationed to the North, has yet to rejoin us.
Sara What? But why...?
Digrita From the terrain, I knew we wouldn't be attacked from the North, but I deployed them there as a precaution.
Their orders were to rejoin us if there was no sign of enemy activity.
Lippy So what happened to them? Why didn't they come back?
255 [Bang!]
Sara Was that a gunshot?!
Digrita From the North... Hmm.
Eighth Company, you're with me. We're marching North.
Eighth Company Captain Y-Yes ma'am! Right away!
Digrita The First Company will take over here. You're in charge, Captain.
First Company Captain Lady Digrita... Y-You're taking the Eighth Company...?
Digrita You've served me a long time. You know what that means.
First Company Captain Y-Yes ma'am...
Digrita (user), Sara, Lippy. Will you join me?
Sara Huh? Why would you want us...?
Digrita The way a person fights tells me all I need to know about them. I want you with me.
Sara Y-Yes ma'am!
Digrita We will likely face remnants of the enemy's forces, but I trust that you can handle them.
Sara ......
Lippy Lady Sara? Is something wrong?
Sara Sorry, I... I just have a really bad feeling about this. I don't know why. Anyway, let's go with her.


Digrita The Seventh Company's position should be just ahead.
Sara I dunno about this, guys. That bad feeling is only getting worse the closer we get...
Digrita Halt.
Eighth Company Captain What is it, Lady Digrita? Have you sensed something?
Digrita The smell of blood is in the wind. It's fresh.
This way.
Lippy Over there! I see someone! Or... a body, at least...
Digrita Let me see.
He's from the Seventh. I see no signs of struggle... It appears he was felled by a bullet between the eyes.
Either an assassin struck from the shadows, or the shooter was dramatically more skilled than this soldier.
Sara Either way...
Digrita Our enemy is still nearby. Be on guard.
255 [Bang!]
??? Yeeeeaaaaarrggghhh!!!
Sara Another gunshot!
Digrita And a scream. Both close. Follow me.
Do you remember them?
The three attendants in the castle: Sami, Lynn, and Flayo.
They were wonderful people.
Good women with bright futures. Until you took that from them.
Perhaps you've forgotten? But I remember.
I remember the way they laughed. I remember their joyful smiles.
But you wiped those away, and replaced them with terror.
That was my eighth shot. One more and it's over.
Then all of the hatred and resentment that still sleeps within Faulkline... All the grief of its people...
...can finally be put to rest.
Sara It's... you.
Nikola Sara...?
Oh my. It's lovely to see you again.
Sara Nikola...


Sara What are you doing here, Nikola?
Nikola My dear Sara. You know what I'm doing here.
Sara So that man... You...
Nikola He was one of the names in my notebook. One of the traitors who destroyed my country, Faulkline.
Digrita Well, this sounds like an interesting story.
Nikola You...
Forgive me, Your Majesty. It is an honor to meet the renowned War-princess of Dresta.
Please accept my apology for this unsanctioned trespass into your land.
Digrita It is a vast and open land. Hikers and sightseers are allowed to travel through it freely.
But you've clearly not come to enjoy the national beauty of New Dresta. I will hear the reason for your visit.
Nikola Of course, Your Majesty.
Digrita Are you the reason I've not heard from my Seventh Company?
Nikola I am, Your Majesty.
Every man in your Seventh Company...
...served, long ago, as soldiers of Faulkline.
But their true loyalties were with the Senate. And as their pawns, they did unspeakable things on that fateful day.
They are part of the reason that I am filled with such hate.
Sara Nikola...
Nikola But somehow these monsters found their way into the Drestan military, where they could hide behind your castle walls.
It has certainly made exacting vengeance difficult.
Digrita And that is why you manipulated the bandits into attacking the treasury──to lure them out.
Nikola Well, it certainly would have been a challenge to work my way into the home of a legendary war-princess.
Digrita So you provoked a battle that would allow you to target them. But what would you have done if I had been with them?
Nikola These men are low-lives and thugs. I anticipated that they would volunteer to guard the north flank, where they were unlikely to see battle...
...And then sneak out of sight, using the opportunity to steal some treasure for themselves. Isolated from your army, they'd be easy prey.
[Nikola tosses a bag on the ground.]
Nikola I couldn't believe how perfectly everything worked out! Hehehe.
Digrita I see. That was quite clever.
I had known that the Seventh was rife with thugs and brigands, but I'd had no idea that they were involved in the fall of Faulkline.
Nikola You know of Faulkline?
Digrita As I was building New Dresta, I studied the fates of other nations. I had known that the enemy within is the greatest threat, but Faulkline shocked even me.
Nikola If I may be so bold as to offer a word of advice, Your Majesty, you should be more careful about who you trust.
Digrita Sadly, I haven't had that luxury. I've been forced to accept any man I felt could be of use to Dresta.
The only way I know to assess a man's worth is to fight beside him in battle. But I will strive to be more careful.
Nikola I see. Then should I assume...
...that you made the decision to bring more traitors here in order to observe them on the battlefield?
Sara More traitors...? What do you mean?!
Lippy The Eighth Company...?
Nikola More tools of the Senate. They were my other target here.
Have you already spent the treasure you plundered from my castle? Did you come to Dresta in hopes of stealing more?
Where have you hidden the treasure you stole from the treasury while the other companies were battling the bandits?
Eighth Company Captain What are you talking about? She's out of her mind!
Nikola Had you coordinated your scheme with the Seventh Company?
Is it stolen treasure that's weighing down that pack on your back?
Digrita As I recall, it was you who recommended I recruit the Seventh Company.
Eighth Company Captain Lady Digrita! Don't tell me you're taking the word of this lunatic over your own loyal men?!
Digrita Her words have only confirmed what I had already sensed during the battle with the bandits.
You don't wield your sword like a warrior. You wield it like a bully.
This woman is correct. I only had you fighting at my side so that I could get your measure as men.
Eighth Company Captain ......
All right, enough of this! I'm sick of hearing you two blather on.
Sara ...!
Eighth Company Captain Ya know, I told those old cowards in the Senate...
"Ya take any of 'em alive, and it'll only cause problems down the road." Shoulda killed you then and there.
Ya better believe we're not gonna make the same mistake!
Soldiers Heh heh heh!
Eighth Company Captain They say dead men tell no tales, and I'm guessin' that's true for women too. Kill 'em all, boys! I don't want no witnesses to regicide.
They'll figure it out soon enough, but we'll be long gone by then.
You hear me? Not a single survivor!
Soldiers Yessir!
Nikola Oh, you'll be long gone, all right.
Not a single survivor! Why, you've stolen all my lines.
Sara Nikola... I know I asked you before, but... Is this really the only way?
I can't bear to see you like this.
Nikola My dear Sara, please... Keep your kindness away from me. I'd hate to see it tainted.
Sara ......
Digrita Defensive stances, everyone! They're coming in fast!


Eighth Company Captain D-Damn it... Who are these people?!
Digrita Shall we put an end to this?
Nikola Yes, but I'm afraid it won't be a quick end for this one.
I'll start with his legs—
Sara Nikola! Stop!
Nikola Sara!
Get your hand off of my gun.
Eighth Company Captain Ha! Fools!
Lippy He's getting away! He ran towards that building!
Digrita I will pursue him. Follow me.
Nikola Sara...
Sara I'm sorry, but... I can't bear to watch you fight just to kill people like that...
Nikola Staying my hand changes nothing.
I will continue to pursue that man, and when I catch him, I will shoot him.
That is the only light I know.
Sara Nikola!
Nikola Goodbye.
Sara She's gone after him! (user), Lippy... I... I don't know what to do!
Lippy I'm afraid that I'm as confounded as you are.
What do you think, (user)?
Sara Yeah... You're right. Maybe we don't know how to stop this, but walking away won't help anyone.
We have to go after Nikola. (user), Lippy... let's go.


*Pant* *pant*
Damn it... I gotta use it...
That treasure's my last chance. The one I stole from Faulkline.
It's now or never!
Sara Nikola! Digrita! Where is everyone?
Digrita Cormunt Waltz!
Nikola Bullet Blizzard!
Eighth Company Captain Hahaha!!! Not a scratch! This armor's incredible, right? It's from the era of ancient magic.
Lippy That armor... It's radiating an incredible amount of power...
Digrita That's quite the armor. I should have brought a hammer.
Sara Armor so tough that even Digrita can't cut through it?!
Nikola It makes me sick to my stomach to see one of my father's treasures protecting trash like you.
Eighth Company Captain Hahaha! I thought it might come in handy one day. That's why it's the only one I never sold!
Now that the shoe's on the other foot, let's talk about what really happened!
All high and mighty with your quest for revenge! Everything that happened that day was your own damn fault!
Nikola My fault, you say?
Eighth Company Captain If your family had any power then, none of that would have happened!
How like that dope of a peacenik king to have this armor and everything else stolen away from him. Might is the only right── you're just a poor loser.
Digrita Tell that to the king I deposed.
Nikola Hehe. What do you think, Sara? Are you pleased you stayed my hand?
Sara Nikola, I... I...
Nikola Forgive me.
You are a truly good person. I should not taunt you for that.
Please, concern yourself no further. This man is my enemy. And I will remedy this.
I don't want you to be sad.
Eighth Company Captain Hahaha! And what's a weakling like you gonna do to me? I'm gonna take you for everything you got, just like last time!
Nikola ......
If might is the issue, I have plenty of it now.
Lippy Dear me! Nikola has begun to radiate powerful magical energy herself...!
Nikola Take me for everything I have, you say?
If it's as you say, that those with power can take from those without...
Hehe. Then I'll be the one taking from you... your life.
It is my turn to overthrow you. To fill you with terror, and hurl you into the fires of hell.
That is why I acquired this "might." And now it's going to make things right, just the way you believe it should.
Sara Oh! It's that gun...!
Nikola "Radia, the Burning Bloom." One of Razo's masterworks.
Hatred's taint, fill my veins!
Sara Nikola...?!
Nikola Hehe. Let us begin.
Let us see which is stronger... My contempt, or your magic armor?
Eighth Company Captain Arrrrrrgggghhh... Y-You put a hole through it... H-How...
Nikola No armor can deflect your sin. Nor the judgment I now pass upon you!


Eighth Company Captain Arggh... Damn it... You're a monster!
Nikola I'll not be called a monster by the likes of you.
Eighth Company Captain Arrrgggh....
Digrita He seems to have lost consciousness.
Sara Nikola... Your right hand...
Nikola That's my power. That's my light. No matter how unsightly it may seem.
Sara That doesn't worry you at all?!
Nikola This is what I need to exact vengeance.
I understand if you don't approve of my using such power.
But that's okay.
In fact, power like this... I wouldn't want you to approve of it.
Sara ......
Nikola Your Majesty. Do I have your leave to take this man?
Digrita You have it. Do with him as you will.
Sara Nikola, stop, please! Let's talk about this!
Nikola Goodbye.
Sara Nikola, wait!
Digrita Let her be!
Sara Digrita?!
Digrita Pursuing her now would only get you both hurt.
Sara But...
Digrita Your business is adventure. Hers is vengeance. You and she have very different places in this world.
Return to yours, and leave hers to her.
Sara Nikola...
Nikola Were you watching the whole time?
Nobody likes a peeping Tom, you know.
A Male Voice You used it again.
If you let too much of its curse into your blood, that gun will consume you. Have I not mentioned that before?
Nikola And you don't want to see the life you saved be wasted? Is that what you've been trying to say?
I wish you'd say it with your own lips, rather than having Sara say it for you.
You really are a meddlesome man. It does wear thin, you know.
A Male Voice Meddling? I have no idea what we're even talking about here.
Nikola I'm not going back. You guided me to this power, and I will use it to exact my vengeance.
The consequences to my body be damned.
A Male Voice Yeah... I know.
Do as you like, then. Incidentally, I found the person you asked about. I'll leave my report here.
Farewell for now.
Nikola ......
Hehehe. A meddlesome man indeed.
Father, mother, everyone...
I'm not going back. I haven't a home to return to.
[A man moans.]
Nikola Oh, good. You're awake.
You stole seven people from me. Seven people I cared about. I'm sure you don't remember them.
Now, for every hurt you caused them, and every hurt you caused me, your body will pay the price in lead.
You will feel every drop of my hatred until the moment you breath your last. Let's begin.


We found him in a decommissioned warehouse.
He had been killed, after being tortured with numerous shots to non-critical areas.
Seven shots to the arms. Six shots to the abdomen. Eleven shots below the waist. And finally, one shot to the head.
I could tell from the way he died, the same as if I'd watched her fight──
just how much hurt she'd suffered, and repaid in kind.
I know exactly how she feels.
Digrita Did you get a decent night's rest?
Sara Yep. I feel great!
Digrita Don't push yourself too hard. There's still some red in your eyes.
Maybe that's bad advice. If pushing yourself too hard is what works best for you, go ahead and do it.
Sara Thanks, I will. Overdoing it is how I fight!
Digrita Heh heh. So I've seen.
I imagine you're still troubled by the business with that girl.
All I can say is, you have a soft heart. Compared to her, you're almost polar opposites.
Sara That... may be true.
Digrita Don't take that the wrong way. I admire that soft heart of yours.
What I want to create in this world is a place where hearts like yours need never harden. That's the dream that drives my blade.
I know that you could do great things in such a place. Greater even than the things you can accomplish on the battlefield.
Maybe, if you can hold onto that soft heart of yours, one day you'll be able to reach across the gulf that separates the two of you.
Sara Digrita, I... Thank you.
If I have a chance to meet her again... I'll give it another try. I'll... Well, I'll do the best I can.
Digrita Heh. I thought overdoing it was how you fight. Where'd that cheery smile go?
Sara Oh yeah! Coming right up!
Digrita Lippy told me of the circumstances that brought you here.
If I hear anything about your "seeds of ruin," I'll notify you immediately.
Lippy We would be most grateful, Lady Digrita.
Digrita Ah, and there's one more thing. To thank you for your efforts in this matter, I'll share with you a Drestan technique for making powerful gear.
If that interests you, you should pay a visit to the northern snowfields and southern desert.
Sara Thank you! We'll definitely give it a shot!
Digrita Finally, I have a personal request to make of you. Will you accept it?
Sara Um, sure. If there's something we can help you with, we're all ears!
Digrita (user), Sara, Lippy... I want you to continue to support and sustain each other on your travels. That is my request.
Sara Oh...!
Well, that is a request I can whole-heartedly accept!
Digrita Good. I know you won't disappoint me.