Sedira (Tales of Link)
(The White Owl) Sedira (Face) The commanding officer of the special forces that handle the covert tasks of a certain country. An excellent fighter, he earned his nickname by hunting under cover of darkness.
Units: 4-Star
Gallery: Portraits | Icons | Face Portraits | Sprites


4-Star Units

(The White Owl) Sedira (Icon) [The White Owl] Sedira
(The White Owl) Sedira (Icon) [The White Owl] Sedira
Type Slash LV 1 (70)
ATK 686 (1966) HP 410 (1388)
RCV 148 (420) LC 4
Arte 4 hits against one foe (63% x4)
LS Boost ATK of slash heroes to 1.6x
(5 LC)
Restore 1,000 HP
Heal Plus 2 Strength 4
Arte Plus



(The White Owl) Sedira


(The White Owl) Sedira (Icon)

Face Portraits

(The White Owl) Sedira (Face)


Sedira Link AttackSedira Link IdleSedira Link Run

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