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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The Savior, along with Sara, Lippy, and Kana visit the Tales of Festival 2015. Along the way, Lippy spots Judas in a bind, and Kana decides to assist him in any way possible. The party finds out a powerful being known as Elrane plans to unleash a nefarious plot using the attendees of the Tales Fest to destroy the world! Help Judas and the others defeat her and her minions before the world is no more!

Afterwards, Zelos says he'd like to thank the party by sparring with you. Train hard and acquire Zelos's 4-star form to limit break!


Story Event

# Stage Stamina Battles
To the Festival!
1 Head to the Arena 5 3
2 It's Mabo Curry! 5 3
Follow the Masked Swordsman
3 The Brooding Swordsman 6 5
4 Leaving the Festival 6 5
The Uncanny Man
5 A Frenzied Dialogue 7 5
6 Spear-Wielding Assassin 7 5
Déjà vu
7 An Ardent Man 8 5
8 Déjà vu 8 7
Even it would be the "God"
9 The Assassin Returns 9 7
10 Avatar 12 7
  • Rewards 4-star Zelos upon completion

Clash Event

Stage Stamina Battles
Zelos Lv. 10 10 1
Zelos Lv. 50 13 1
Zelos - HARD 15 1
Zelos - UNKNOWN 20 1
Zelos - HELL or HEAVEN 25 1


Hero Stone 5x Hero Stones (One each at Stages 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10)

(Skilled Pacing) Zelos (Icon) [Skilled Pacing] Zelos
(Skilled Pacing) Zelos (Icon) [Skilled Pacing] Zelos
Type Spell LV 1 (40)
ATK 192 (709) HP 124 (498)
RCV 175 (870) LC 12
Arte 1 hit against one foe (200% x1)
LS Boost ATK of bash/spell heroes to 1.2x
(30 LC)
Boost Triangle ATK to 1.4x for 1 turn
Strength 2
Crisis Attacker
  • 3-Star
(Steadfast Emcee) Zelos (Icon) [Steadfast Emcee] Zelos
(Steadfast Emcee) Zelos (Icon) [Steadfast Emcee] Zelos
Type Spell LV 1 (80)
ATK 297 (1122) HP 195 (818)
RCV 270 (1390) LC 12
Arte 1 hit against one foe (250% x1)
LS Boost ATK of bash/spell heroes to 1.5x
(30 LC)
Boost Triangle ATK to 1.6x for 1 turn
Link Recovery Link Finisher 3
Strength 3
  • 4-Star




??? A place where countless people gather, brimming with desire and enthusiasm. If I could harness that energy...
The stage is set. It's the perfect opportunity to put this relic to use── to destroy this world and birth it anew!
Kana Whoa, what a huge building! I can't even see the top!
What's that over there?!
Sara Don't run like that, Kana! It's too dangerous!
Kana I'll be okay!
Don't worr—bwaaahhh!!!
Lippy L-Lady Kana?!
Sara Kana?! Are you okay?
Kana Owww... Heh... Sorry. I'm okay! Just a scrape!
Sara I guess I can't blame you for being excited. I'm pretty psyched myself!
You too, (user)? All right!
Lippy Well, today is Tales Fest, after all.
There's nothing irrational about getting excited for that!
Sara It's the one day a year we celebrate Tales! Definitely one of my favorite festivals.
Lippy I know I'm quite excited to see what sort of licensed souvenirs they have for sale.
Kana I want to go to the theme restaurant, Tales of Cafe, and try the mabo curry!
Sara Sure thing. We'll head on over as soon as we arrive at the arena.
Kana Yay!
Lippy Then we should do so with the utmost haste. The festival is beginning soon!
Sara Ah, you're right! Thanks for keeping us on track, Lippy!
Kana All right! Let's hurry down to the arena!
Okay, let's see. Looks like Tales of Café is... that way!
Sara Kana, stop! Stop! You're going the wrong way!
Kana Huh?!
Lippy I see Lady Kana remains... burdened by an unreliable sense of direction.
Sara You've really got to stop running ahead like that, Kana!
Kana Fiiine. I'll wait for you guys.
Lippy The stage show will be beginning soon, so we should visit the concessions before it's too late.
Kana Mabo curry time! Mabo curry time! Hurray!!!


Kana [Munch munch munch]
Oh, this is so good! I knew the mabo curry here would be the best!
Sara It's really that good? Better than my pudding cake?
Kana I don't know... Let's find out! You put a forkful in my mouth, and I'll feed you a forkful of mine!
Sara (user), Lippy, you guys can help yourselves too!
Lippy Oh my, that does look like fun!
Great Savior, would you be willing to indulge me...?
Kana We should pick up some souvenirs for the folks back home!
Sara Ah, you're right! I wonder what sort of options we have?
Lippy Allow me to research the matter! This is exactly why I keep my smartphon at the ready!
Just a moment... Here, I've pulled up a list of all the items being sold at the event.
Kana Thanks, Lippy! Let's see...
I bet Zephyr would enjoy this hooded bath towel!
Lippy Perhaps we could get these commemorative bracelets for Lady Nikola and the other women in our lives?
Sara I see you eying that jigsaw puzzle, (user)! Let's pick one up and we can all put it together back home!
Kana Gosh, there's so much cool stuff!
Lippy Hmm? Is that who I think it is?
Kana What's wrong, Lippy?
Lippy It's probably nothing. Master Judas just passed by with a most dismayed expression on his face.
Sara Judas is here? What would he have to be upset about?
Kana Something might be wrong. We should go ask!
Lippy Indeed, but... the stage show is just about to begin!
Kana We can't ignore someone in need! Even if it's just to make sure, we have to talk to him!
Sara Yeah, you're right. Let's go catch up to him.


Judas (Now I know where to find her.)
(This battle isn't going to be easy...)
(...but I have to stop her, no matter the cost!)
Sara Hey, Judas!
Judas You lot. What do you want?
Sara Well...
Kana You look so upset! What's the problem?
If we can help you with it, we totally will!
Judas Categorically, no. That's the last thing I need.
Kana Hey! Wait up!
Judas Unhand my sleeve!
The nerve... I assure you, this is a problem I am capable of solving myself.
Kana Aha! So there is a problem! That settles it—we're helping.
Judas What insanity is this?!
(user)! Stop laughing and get this girl off of me!
Sara Sorry, Judas. Once Kana sets her mind to something, no one can stop her.
And the same is true of me, too! I won't abandon a friend in need.
Judas I told you I can handle it!
Kana Hey!
Judas If you're so desperately in need of something to do, then go to the arena. The show will be starting soon.
Zelos Welcome, my precious kitties, to Tales Fest 2015!
All right! Yeah!
Zelos Are you excited, my kitties? Let's hear you meow!
Zelos Not bad, not bad.
Not that I care, but I guess I ought to acknowledge the boys out there too. Can you make some noise?
Zelos Fine, fine. Quiet down now, boys. Really, that's... more than enough.
Sara The festival's started!
Judas ...
Kana Judas is gonna leave us!
Sara What should we do, (user)?
Heh. I knew you'd say that! Never abandon a friend in need!
Kana You're darn right! Come on, let's follow Judas!


Zelos Okay! Edna... you come stand right here by me, baby.
Earrings dude and blue guy, go stand back there, all right?
H-Hey! Edna, behave yourself!
Pascal, sweetie! Stop laughing and help me!
Judas Phantom Edge!
(I never imagined that she'd bring so many of her henchmen here.)
(I may have underestimated her.)
(Will I even make it in time?!)
Monster Rrrrraaawwrrr!!!
Judas D-Damn it...!
Sara Heeyaaaah!
Monster Brawrgh!!!
Lippy Are you unharmed, Master Judas?
Judas You lot again! What are you doing here?!
Sara Sorry, but we just couldn't abandon you.
Kana Yep! Even after you were so mean, we followed you here.
Judas I told you...!
What did you say, (user)?
After what you've seen so far, there's no way you're letting me handle this solo?
This is exactly why I didn't want—
Lippy Master Judas.
It is apparent from the opposition you've faced so far that something extraordinary is happening here.
It seems clear that you could benefit from our strength in numbers.
Judas ...
That is... likely true. I have clearly misread the strength of my enemy.
Sara Woo-hoo!
Lippy Then please, Master Judas. Can you explain the situation?
Judas The person I'm pursuing is using this festival as a part of her nefarious plan.
Sara Yikes. How nefarious are we talking here?
Judas She intends to use an ancient relic beneath the arena to destroy the world.
Lippy D-Destroy the world?! That is... quite nefarious indeed!
Judas The woman behind this is named Elrane. She styles herself a "divine harbinger."
Sara Divine...? Like the Goddess Leonne?
Lippy I am not aware of any being named Elrane serving in the Heavens...
Judas Strictly speaking, she is not a deity. But the power she wields is equivalent to that of a god.
Sara Why would a god-like being seek to destroy the world?
Judas She intends to sacrifice this world to create a new world for herself and the gods to inhabit.
Lippy Sacrificing this world? But how?
Judas I just told you. A relic beneath this arena is the key to destroying the world.
I've only just learned of this myself, and came here to stop her.
Lippy This is most perplexing...
Is such a deed even possible?
Judas Apparently this relic can absorb energy from the hope and enthusiasm of mankind.
Sara Absorb energy from hope and enthusiasm? You don't mean...
Judas Precisely. She intends to use the emotions of tens of thousands of Tales Fest attendees.
Kana She can't do that!
Sara Kana?
Kana That's horrible! Exploiting the excitement of everyone who came to Tales Fest in hopes of a good time!
I'm gonna go stop her. Come on!
Lippy L-Lady Kana! Master Judas hasn't told us where she is yet!
Kana Oh! Right.
Judas We've no more time to waste. I'll explain as we walk.
The information the guild received puts Elrane directly beneath the arena.
She's accompanied by a small army of defenders. We can't make any missteps── we're basically dealing with a god here.
Sara Got it!
??? Sorry to interrupt your little picnic, but what an exciting story this is! It's gotten me all squiggly inside!
Sara Huh?!
Judas Identify yourself!
??? Okay. You may know me as "Margaret at the Window." The pleasure is all mine.


Judas Hasta Ekstermi!
Lippy M-Master Judas! You know this man?!
Judas We've met on the battlefield before. He's... a mercenary. And I'll leave it at that.
Hasta Hmmm? I know that voice. And that body odor! Why, you're that Judas fellow who parades around pretending to be Leon.
Judas And you're as clueless as ever. What are you doing here, Hasta?
[Hasta stands up straight.]
Hasta That IS the question! What am I doing here? Can you guess the right answer!
One: I've come to pick flowers.
Two: It's a lovely day, so I've written a letter to a mountain goat.
Three: I've come to make you squeal with joy as I fulfill your every bodily desire.
Kana This guy's a creep!
Sara He really is.
Lippy I'm afraid I must concur.
Judas We don't have time for your nonsense. Onward, (user)!
Hasta Hold on right there! We finally have a chance to talk and you won't even answer my little quiz?
The correct answer was number four!
I had a little free time, so I've decided to chop you all into bits to sate my thirst for blood.
Kana I... don't like this guy. At all.
Judas You... What's your game?
Hasta An interesting question! I enjoy many games. Tag. Blackjack. Stab the kidney. Blind man's bluff.
Let's make that quiz question two! What IS my game? Can you guess?
Judas Just answer the question!
Hasta Fine. You see, lately I've been killing nothing but small fry. When El... Uh... The one with the silly hat? When she offered this job, I leapt at the chance!
I was so excited I thought my brain would pop right out of my head!
So my game is... hunting bigger game! I know you won't disappoint me, Judas!
Judas I see. So you serve Elrane now...
Zelos Okay folks, it's interview time!
Comely Kannono! Describe your perfect date!
Well? I just so happen to be free after this...
Ha ha, just kidding of course. Now, the real question──
Hasta Ah, this festival looks like so much fun! I wish I could be a part of it! Although I do hate this sort of thing.
Sara How much longer do we have to listen to this lunatic talk?
Judas Ignore him. Don't let him draw you into his insanity.
Hasta You really are quite rude, you know that? Really, my hands are tied here!
I'm just gonna have to slaughter the whole lot of you!
Judas He's attacking! Look out!


Hasta Hasta Kick!
Kana Aah!
Sara Kana!
Hasta Don't you look at her, now! Look at me!
Sara Oof!
Judas (I can't believe how much of our time this fool is wasting!)
(We need to end this, now!)
??? Hell Pyre!
Hasta Arrggghhh!!!
??? Nurse!
Kana A recovery arte? Oh...!
Lippy Master Stahn! Lady Rutee!
Stahn (user), are you okay?
Rutee Looks like you got yourself caught in a big ol' mess with this guy. No profit in that.
Lippy You two are truly a sight for sore eyes!
Judas Huh?!
??? Void Sword!
Thunder Blade!
Hasta Arrrrrghhhh!!!
Garr Everyone here all right?
Philia Is anyone wounded? What can I do to help?
Sara Garr! Philia! You came too?
Stahn Reinforcements have arrived. You can leave the rest to us.
Garr You all go ahead and stand down.
Hasta Charging in without an appointment?! Have your reinforcements no manners at all?
Kana You're one to talk about manners, creep!
Rutee Yeah, this guy weirds me right out.
Hasta Why, I've had a revelation! I don't think the one of me can beat the nine of you!
So... I'm going to say bye-bye for now, regroup, and murder you all later!
Philia Um... I don't think I like that plan.
Lippy Lady Philia, please, pay him no mind. His words are the ravings of madness.
Judas You really think we're gonna let you walk away after what you tried to do?
Hasta I really do!
Lippy He disappeared?!
Judas That's Elrane's power!
Stahn We gotta find him!
Lippy There's no trace of him at all...
Judas That was a phenomenal waste of time.
Sara I'm just glad Stahn's group showed up when they did! That was getting real hairy...
Stahn Yeah? Then I'm glad too!
Lippy Incidentally, what ARE you doing here, Stahn?
Garr We're here for the festival, actually...
Philia But we could sense a powerful energy emanating from beneath the arena, and came to investigate.
Stahn As soon as we saw (user)'s group was involved, we knew something serious was going on!
Lippy I'm afraid your conclusion was correct.
Judas We've no time to spare. We'll talk while we walk.


Garr Destroy the world...? Like, the whole world?
Rutee I just came to see the Tales Fest stage show, and now... this.
Philia An ancient relic that hold the key to the world's destruction? What could that possibly mean?
Zelos All right, now that things are really heating up, it's time for everyone to show off their secret talents!
Huh? That wasn't on the schedule? Well, I'm putting it on there!
Rolling with the ad-lib will make your talent seem all the more impressive!
You first, Lloyd!
Lloyd Huh? Me?!
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Stahn I don't give a damn about gods and ancient relics!
I'm not gonna let anyone exploit the pure joy and excitement of people who just wanted to enjoy a nice Tales Fest!
That is lower than low! I'm gonna get this guy! Er, gal. Whatever.
Kana I'm with you, Stahn! Let's kick her butt in time to catch the rest of Tales Fest ourselves.
Judas Are you still on about that? The festival's well underway...
Stahn Ya know, I don't think we've met! It's Judas, right? I'm Stahn. Nice to meetcha!
Judas ...Sure.


Judas Moon Glare!
Hmph. That cost us more time. We need to hurry.
Rutee Hey, Judas... Have we met somewhere before?
Judas ...!
Unlikely. I do not associate with uncouth women like yourself.
Rutee What did you just say to me?!
Philia Rutee, please calm down.
That said, I too feel as though I've met Judas somewhere before.
Stahn You guys too, huh? I was thinking the same thing.
Garr That's weird. I felt that way too. That's really odd.
Judas Well I certainly don't know any of you.
Kana I dunno! If all four of them feel that way, there might be something to it...
Judas Silence! We've no time to waste on this foolishness!
Kana S-Sorry.
Judas At least you've learned your lesson. Let's hurry onward.
Rutee Mmm.
Judas Elrane should be near here.
Lippy There's a strange feeling in the air here...
Judas Our foe is a divine harbinger. One misstep and we're dead.
Rutee You don't need to be such a downer all the time, buddy.
Judas I'm merely speaking the truth.
(I WILL defeat her, even if it costs me my life...)
Stahn Don't worry. We're gonna win this!
Sara Stahn...
Judas On what basis?
Stahn On the basis of us being a team working together.
Judas ...
Stahn I mean, it's only natural to be scared when facing this deadly a foe!
But when you've got trusty partners at your side, you can overcome that fear.
With enough support, you can share the load of a burden that might be too much for any one person to carry.
That's how I know we'll win! We're fighting together!
Kana Whoa, Stahn... That's kinda deep!
Philia Indeed. That's very inspiring.
Garr Your words give all of us courage, Stahn.
Rutee And it's not like we have any choice but to win here. So we might as well just do it.
Stahn That's the spirit! Let's do this, gang!
All Yeah!
Judas ...
Ever the earnest fool...


??? I'm mere moments away from having absorbed enough energy.
The new world will be upon us soon.
Judas I think not, Elrane!
Elrane You...
Sara Her? This is the harbinger lady?!
Lippy I do sense divine power from her. A different power than Leonne's...
Stahn Hey, you! Why are you doing this!
Elrane You know why. This world has become corrupted by lust and desire. I will destroy it, and in its place, create a utopia for the pious.
Garr You egomaniac!
Elrane The egomaniac here is you humans, pursuing your every idle whim.
The people who have gathered for this festival are no less guilty. They are the living embodiment of desire!
Kana That's not fair!
Zelos Kanonno, you cutie! Come stand next to me! Right here!
Kana Okay... Sure, Zelos is, yeah. I can't deny that.
But the festival audience just came out to have a good time!
What's wrong with wanting to enjoy yourself?
Elrane You fool... So oblivious to your own failings.
Clearly, I must do as the gods bid, and put an end to this world.
Stahn As if we'd allow that!
Rutee How about you go mind your own damn business!
Judas We'll just destroy this ancient relic you're using!
Elrane Destroy it? Truly, you know nothing.
Judas What?
Elrane If you can destroy it, be my guest. That is, if you're willing to sacrifice every last person in the arena above.
Philia It can't be!
Elrane But it is. The arena itself is the ancient relic.
Stahn The arena?!
Elrane In antiquity, sacrifices were held in this arena, and their energy was used for a variety of purposes.
Sara Sacrifices...?
Elrane You might consider this poetic justice. You humans have been ever willing to sacrifice anything to sate your desires.
And now you'll be destroyed by one of the very symbols of your sin.
Judas No! We will stop you!
Stahn That's right! You don't get to make that decision!
Elrane Hasta!
Hasta You called? And I've come! Ta-da!
Kana Him again...
Elrane The gods are going to save humanity. Accept your fate with grace!
Judas Brace for battle!


Rutee I'm joining up with you, Philia!
Philia Understood, Rutee.
Rutee Tidal Wave!
Elrane Such impudence...!
Hasta Here I come to save the daaayyy!
Garr Oh no you don't!
Mega Sonic Thrust!
Hasta Whoa!
Stahn Now! Let's finish this, Judas!
Judas Just don't get in my way!
Stahn Dragon...
Elrane Urf!
This... This can't happen! Mortals can't defeat a god!
This is impossible!
Lippy She's gone!
Judas And Hasta! He must have run off...
Kana Soooo... we won?
Garr It sure looks like it.
Rutee Phew... That may have been the most scary experience in my life.
Philia I must agree. But we managed to win.
Stahn Just goes to show you that there's no challenge working together can't beat!
See, Judas?
Huh? Where'd Judas go?!
Kana Whoa, he's gone!
Philia How odd...
I felt it again, when we were fighting together. I was sure that I knew him somehow.
Garr Yeah, I felt the same way. What if he's actually──
Rutee Oh, who cares! What does his identity even matter?
Sara Rutee...?
Rutee It's just like Stahn said. No matter who he is, we're still all one team, right?
Philia Ah...
Stahn You're damn right we are!
Rutee Now, let's get the heck outta here already.
All ...!
Zelos We've had a great time, but all good things must come to an end, and that includes Tales Fest 2015. Bye, folks!
Zelos Oh, but don't you worry! The cute kitties don't need to lea──
Hey, ow! That was a joke! Just a joke!
Kana Awwww. Tales Fest is over.
Lippy Our little adventure was indeed a time-consuming one.
Sara Well... At least we saved the world, right?
Kana Yeah, I guess that's true. And that means there can be another Tales Fest next year!
Judas ...
??? Aw, isn't that nice. You made friends!
Judas Shut up! Mind your own business.
??? Heh heh. Of course.
Judas The nerve...


Zelos Well, hellooo sweet Sara, and my little cutie Kana! Oh, and hi (user). Lippy.
Lippy You never change, do you Master Zelos?
Zelos Stahn mentioned something about you guys. You saved the world during the festival, or something?
And because of that, I was able to chalk up another masterful emcee performance! So thanks.
Kana That's great! I'm glad everything worked out.
Sara Yeah, congratulations!
Is that all you wanted to talk to us about?
Zelos I certainly did want to thank you! But that's not all...
I've also decided to grace you with a little bit of training!
So don't hold back now! Come at me!