Shadow of the Fes -Famed (?) Emcee- (Banner)
Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


It's the Tales of Festival! Zelos and Pascal are going to be emceeing this time around. Zelos is a veteran emcee, but Pascal is new to the experience. Sara and co. meet her right before her debut on stage to cheer her on along with Hubert, who insists he is there to make sure she doesn't do something embarassing. Pascal realizes her ineptitude...and decides to stretch to make up for it! Spar with Pascal and Hubert to get those muscles moving!


Clash Event

Stage Stamina Battles
Pascal Lv. 10 10 1
Pascal Lv. 50 13 1
Pascal - HARD 15 1
Pascal - UNKNOWN 20 1
Pascal - HELL or HEAVEN 25 1
  • Pascal may either be alone or with Hubert randomly in a battle.


  • Random Rare Shot weapons may drop instead of Pascal units.
(High Energy Emcee) Pascal (Icon) [High Energy Emcee] Pascal
(High Energy Emcee) Pascal (Icon) [High Energy Emcee] Pascal
Type Shot LV 1 (40)
ATK 252 (933) HP 214 (861)
RCV 77 (384) LC 3
Arte 1 hit against one foe (200% x1)
LS Boost ATK of shot/spell heroes to 1.2x
(30 LC)
Change Square into Triangle
First Link
Pinch Healer
  • 3-Star
(Famed (?) Emcee) Pascal (Icon) [Famed (?) Emcee] Pascal
(Famed (?) Emcee) Pascal (Icon) [Famed (?) Emcee] Pascal
Type Shot LV 1 (80)
ATK 392 (1476) HP 327 (1378)
RCV 125 (643) LC 3
Arte 2 hits against one foe (125% x2)
LS Boost ATK of shot/spell heroes to 1.5x
(25 LC)
Change Square into Triangle
Inspirit Attackers Crisis Healer 2
Armor Boost 3
  • 4-Star



Lippy Look at this, Great Savior!
This year's Tales Fest is about to begin!
Sara So Zelos and Pascal are hosting, huh? Wow, Zelos is a total veteran at this, so you know it's gonna go smoothly.
Sara We haven't seen much of Pascal lately.
We should go show her our support!
[Knock knock!]
Pascal Ooh... Who's that?
Sara Pascal!
We came to cheer you on!
Pascal Hey! (user), Sara, Lippy! How you guys been? It's been forever!
Lippy Quite well, thank you!
We heard you were co-hosting and wanted to show our support!
We brought you this banana pie.
Pascal Whoa, guys, thanks! I'm so happy! The well-wishers just keep coming!
Lippy Oh? Has there been anoth--
Oh! I see. Good day, Master Hubert.
Hubert Indeed, yes.
What a pleasure.
Pascal Did you come to cheer me on too, Little Bro?
Hubert N-No, of course not!
I'm merely confirming that the pressure hasn't driven you to do anything foolish in front of everyone.
Pascal Oh? Is that all?
Hubert Yes, precisely! But... as you do not seem to be overly anxious, I consider my concerns... assuaged.
Hubert Have you prepared adequately? Failure to do basic prep could cause embarrassment to your guests, you know.
Pascal Yeah, I figured Zelos'll be there to make sure everything goes okay, but... Yeah, I guess prep is important too.
Pascal Oh, I know!
Pascal Why don't you come with me, Little Bro?
Hubert What?! Come with you where?
Pascal The best prep's a good warm-up, right?
Gotta get the ol' bodaroo moving!
Pascal I wanna get good and stretched out, so I'm ready for anything!
Pascal What do you say, guys, you in too? I know you're up for it, (user)!
Sara Sure! We'd be happy to come along!
Hubert "Ready for anything"? What do you think might happen? You're a host--you need to be doing proper research! W-Wait!