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The party arrives in Nawani to help beef up security against an odd influx of monsters that have been appearing recently. As they arrive, they meet Milla, Jade, and Asch who are here for the same reasons along with Senel and Shirley who came to enjoy the festivities. As they exchange pleasantries and begin eradicating monsters, they notice their employers having an angry discourse in the distance..


# Stage Stamina Battles
Heralding the Festival
1 Festival Preparations 3 3
2 Monster Extermination 3 3
A Traditional Taste
3 Miraculous Skill 5 5
4 Niwani's [sic] Traditions 5 5


Hero Stone 2x Hero Stones




The divinity festival...
It's a tradition that has survived since antiquity in a remote land.
Join us for a tale about old customs, celebrations, and the "food of the gods."
Sara So this is Nawani, huh? We finally made it... What a long trip! How are you holding up, (user)?
Lippy Shall we review the situation? Nawani is preparing to hold its divinity festival, a long-standing local tradition.
However, the town has been contending with an influx of unfamiliar monsters that began several months ago.
Milla Which is why we've been hired to secure the divinity festival grounds. And we shall do just that!
Sara It's such an honor to be working with you on this mission, Milla!
Milla Yes, well, the reports of unfamiliar monsters had me a little concerned.
And I must admit that another rumor has also caught my attention... Apparently they sell all sorts of amazing food at this festival!
 ???? Why, if I didn't know you better, I might assume you were more interested in the menu than the monsters, Milla.
Milla That voice... Jade! And I see Asch at your side as well. I wasn't aware that you were in town.
Jade We're here to help with security as well. I was hired by the Nawani vendor associations directly.
Asch I'm here at Natalia's request. That's the only reason I'd ever set foot in some backwoods town like this.
Lippy While this may be a "backwoods town" now, Master Asch, Nawani was once a major commercial center. In fact—
Senel So many familiar faces... What's going on here?
Shirley Have you all come to enjoy the festival with us?
Sara Senel! Shirley! I can't believe you guys are here too! We were hired to do festival security.
Senel Is that right? We're just plain old festival tourists.
Shirley I read about Nawani in a book, and was riveted by the descriptions of the town's unique culture and traditions.
When my brother saw how interested I was, he suggested we visit Nawani ourselves!
Sara You two always have so much fun together. That's so great!
Man What have we here! It appears everyone's arrived!
Welcome to Nawani, and thank you for traveling so far for this assignment. We're excited to have you on the team.
Jade Ah, you must be from the vendor associations? It's a pleasure to be working with you. And I appreciate your consideration of that other matter.
Man Ah, that other matter. Of course! Leave everything to us.
Asch "Other matter"...? What's this about, Jade?
Jade Oh, it's nothing you need to trouble yourself with.
Asch Hmmm. Fine then. So what do you want us doing? Just guarding the festival site?
Man As we mentioned in our report, violent monsters have been wandering around in the outskirts of Nawani recently.
There's a dense forest east of here, and apparently they've been emerging from there.
Senel So I gather that you want the forest explored and the monsters exterminated? I suppose I'd be willing to lend a hand with that part, if you need it.
Man Thank you so very much, sir!
Shirley I'll help too! I want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the divinity festival!
Man (A pity that even if they wipe out the monsters, we'll still have that other problem to deal with...)
(Shut up about that! That's not the sort of problem we discuss in the presence of outsiders!)
Milla Hmmm? What are you two whispering about?
Man N-Nothing! Nothing at all! Just an embarrassing... personal matter. Nothing to worry about!
Forgive our lack of courtesy. Now, are you ready to begin exterminating those forest monsters?
Sara You bet! Just leave all of that to us!


Sara Well, we explored the heck outta that forest. And man were there a lot of weird monsters!
Milla And yet we've found no clue as to the source of their sudden appearance. And those monsters seemed... somehow familiar.
I'm trying to remember, but... No. I'm too hungry to focus!
Shirley Oh! I could prepare something for you! Maybe they'll let me use the kitchen in our inn.
Senel Fighting alongside such capable fighters certainly makes combat a breeze. Jade, how did you become so powerful?
Jade Oh, I'm nothing special. But if asked to pinpoint the source of what little strength I do possess, I'd say it's the glass of fresh blood I drink daily—
Senel What?!
Jade ...just to enjoy the reactions to such a clearly farcical response, of course.
Asch A word of advice: Don't ever believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
Lippy Everyone! My smartphon analysis is complete! These monster species are indeed endemic to a nation far away from here.
I've discovered something else as well. It involves Nawani's divinity festival—
 ?????? (Are you out of your mind?!) (Are you out of yours?!)
Senel Did you guys just hear that...?
Asch Yes. It's those two twits from the vendor associations. They're over there, arguing again.
Man We're not changing the vendor assignments for the last day! That policy was settled ages ago, and you blues know it!
You think I'm some sort of moron? If we follow that plan, we're gonna be ruined! You think it's so fair, then you reds can swap with us!
Milla They appear to be arguing about vending assignments.
Sara What's this "reds" and "blues" business they're talking about? Any idea, (user)?
Lippy Why, this is exactly what I've discovered through my smartphon analysis!
There are apparently two vendor associations that operate at the divinity festival, and have been since long ago.
They call themselves "reds" and "blues," and each group is in charge of two of the four days of the festival.
Basically, the "reds" sells their wares on the first day, the "blues" on the second, and so on.
However! Due to the threat posed by the monsters, this year's festival has been reduced to just three days.
Sara And with only three days, there's no way to divide them up evenly...
Milla So they'll likely end up with one group in charge of the first and last days, and the other group in charge of only the middle day...
Senel I see. Then they must be arguing about who gets to manage the vendor stalls on the final day.
Jade Festival sales are a crucial source of income for the vendor associations. I'm sure they're both loath to part with an entire day's revenue.
Senel I don't see how they're going to resolve this by arguing. Shouldn't they sit down and work it out in a rational fashion?
Jade You're certainly correct about that. But it seems the association leaders have no inclination to do so...
Man You're driving me crazy here! You think you can pull one over on me? See if you can pull my boot outta yer—
Oh, I'll pull somethin' all right!
Asch That one idiot just pulled out a knife.
Sara What should we do, (user)? We gotta stop 'em!
Man Oh, you wanna play with knives? I'm gonna gut you like a fish!
Shirley Surprise, everyone—dinner's ready! The inn let me use their kitchen— come and get it while it's...
Umm... Why does everyone look so grim? Did something bad happen?
Man Th-That smell... That can only be...
What did you make, girl? Don't tell me it's... No! It can't be!
Shirley Hmm? It... It is. They're right out of the oven. Do you want to try one...?


Man Th-That smell... What did you make, girl? Don't tell me it's... No! It can't be!
Shirley Hmm? It... It is. They're right out of the oven. Do you want to try one...?
Asch Huh? What did she make? What could possibly get those two maniacs to stop fighting?
Senel It must be some traditional Nawani delicacy. Shirley's been researching that sort of thing.
Sara It smells wonderful!
Jade Ah, that's takoyaki. You'll find dishes with the same name in other regions, but Nawani-style takoyaki is considered to be the genuine article.
Milla That aroma certainly arouses one's appetite. Might I try one?
Lippy A fine meal can pacify even the foulest of tempers! Perhaps we could all have a calm conversation while we partake?
Shirley Sure! I just hope they turned out okay...
Sara Sounds great to me! I haven't had takoyaki in a while. The snap from that little chunk of octopus inside always gets me going!
Asch What? Octopus...?!
Lippy Master Asch? Were you not aware of that?
Asch No... Of course I was aware. But I'll not be joining you.
Sara What? Why not?
Asch Why would I? I've no reason to.
Sara Uh... I don't know how to respond to that...
Man If he doesn't want any, that's fine. But you bet I'm gonna try it.
I've never had takoyaki made by a village outsider before. I sure hope she knows what she's doing!
Yeah, no kidding. But they look nice and round and cooked just right.
Sara Well there's no point talking about it! Let's just try 'em already!
Everyone Mmm?!
Milla The batter is crisp and light, contrasting with the richness within. The flavor is full-bodied and spectacular!
Sara The fragrance of the bonito and seaweed flakes is irresistible!
Man Oh... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... It was wrong of us to fight like that. Forgive me! *Sobs*
It's a miracle! This flavor is nothing short of miraculous!
Lippy In my experience, general cooking ability is of little relevance when making takoyaki. Cooking this dish is its own unique skill.
Senel And who'd have imagined that Shirley would possess such a talent...
Shirley Hee hee! Looks like I've got a dish that rivals even your finest creations, brother!
Asch And a little bit of food is all it takes to end their conflict. Absurd.
Jade Why not try it for yourself before you pass judgment, Asch? It really is quite fantastic. Well done, Shirley.
Shirley Thank you so much! I made lots of it, so everyone, please eat your fill!
Milla Well, if you insist!
Sara Wow! I've never seen Milla this happy about anything before!
You dig in too, (user). Let's eat well and get a good night's sleep!
Tomorrow we're going deeper into that forest... We've got to figure out where those monsters are coming from!


Sara The deeper into this forest we go, the fiercer the monsters get!
Lippy We should be near its center shortly.
Senel How are you holding up, Shirley? That last fight was a tough one...
Shirley I'm doing fine. Never mind me— what do you thinks of all these weird ruins around here?
Jade They're tombs. Humans have inhabited this region since antiquity, so those sorts of ruins are quite numerous.
Asch You're oddly well-informed about this topic, Jade.
Jade It's only natural that a professional would investigate the site of a mission.
Milla You two! Behind you!
Jade Hwah! Thunder Lance!
Monster (Gyaaawwwwrrrrgh!)
Shirley Oh, wow!
Milla That was an impressive arte, Jade. Possibly your finest yet.
Jade You are far too kind. Now, might I ask you all to leave that monster's body undisturbed?
Milla Why?
Jade It's an especially rare specimen. I intend to recover it and perform a dissection later.
Milla You're a man of strange hobbies.
Sara (user)—take a look at that tomb! Monsters are practically pouring out of it!
Lippy Hmm. Apparently some sort of portal arte has been cast inside of the tomb, connecting it to a distant, monster-filled region.
Jade It was not uncommon for wealthy men of the era to have such artes cast as a way to protect their tombs and, of course, demonstrate their power.
Lippy But it is allowing far more monsters through than is necessary to protect the tomb. Perhaps the portal is malfunctioning?
Milla It would not be unprecedented for an ancient arte to degrade out of control. I should be able to stop it.
Senel But with so many vicious monsters running around the tomb, how are you planning to get close enough?
Milla There's only one option—by slaying the monsters that stand in my way!
Sara Wow, Milla! I can't believe how quickly you took care of that portal!
Milla With the help of the Four, suppressing an arte like that is no great feat.
Sara Well, this should give the people of the village peace of mind that the divinity festival will go smoothly!
Shirley I don't know about that, Sara... We may have closed the gate, but there are still plenty of surviving monsters in this forest.
I imagine they'll still need tight security for the festival.
Sara Yeah, I guess you're probably right. Well...
What do you say, (user)?
Yep! We'll protect the festival together!
Shirley You will?
Sara Of course! You're just here as a tourist, right? So leave everything to us and enjoy the festival!
Shirley Oh, Sara...
Thank you. I will!
Senel That's great, Sara, thanks.
Asch Look at how smug you all are. As if you've wrapped up this mission in a tight little bow.
Lippy What do you mean by that, Master Asch?
Asch The remaining monsters are far from our only problem. We still have the vendors associations fighting over who gets to deploy their stalls.
The next time they go at it, takoyaki might not be enough to stop them. We should anticipate trouble.
Lippy A most prudent analysis, Master Asch.
Let us prepare for our security duties with all due caution, Great Savior!