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Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


Muzet is investigating ancient ruins by command of Gaius, presumably with the intention of finding some important relic. However, Muzet's fascination with random interesting objects triggers a trap and releases frenzied monsters that eventually attack Sara and co. who also happen to be investigating the ruins. You team up with Muzet to defeat the monsters and find a path to safety!

In the aftermath, Muzet decides after hearing the explanation on the seeds of ruins to consult with Milla instead of undertaking Gaius's mission. You later request that she grant you the assistance of a great spirit. She challenges you to test if you are worthy to "direct-tether" with her!


Story Event

# Stage Stamina Battles
Sleeping Ruins
1 Spirit of the Ruins 5 5
2 Sparkling Hairpin 5 5
3 Floating Gracefully 6 5
4 The Freed Monster 6 5
5 Passageway Pincer 7 5
6 Fending Off Traps 7 5
7 Power of Spirit Artes 8 5
8 Confident Hands 8 5
9 Imminent End 9 5
10 Guardian of the Ruins 12 5
  • Rewards: 1 Hero Stone, 4-Star Muzet

Clash Event

Stage Stamina Battles
Spar with Muzét
Muzet Lv. 10 12 1
Muzet Lv. 20 * 13 1
Muzet Lv. 30 13 1
Muzet Lv. 40 * 14 1
Muzet Lv. 50 14 1
Muzet Lv. 60 * 15 1
Muzet - HARD 15 1
Muzet - MANIA 16 1
Muzet - UNKNOWN 18 1
  • Level 20, 40, and 60 are non-repeatable but must be cleared to proceed
  • Level 10, 30, 50, and HARD will randomly drop a 3- or 4-star Muzet
  • Level MANIA and UNKNOWN will randomly drop SR weapons


(Great Spirit) Muzet (Icon) [Great Spirit] Muzét
(Great Spirit) Muzet (Icon) [Great Spirit] Muzét
Type Spell LV 1 (40)
ATK 192 (709) HP 124 (498)
RCV 175 (870) LC 12
Arte 1 wind-type hit against one foe (200% x1)
LS Boost ATK of spell heroes to 1.3x
(35 LC)
Deal a 6x-power wind attack to one foe
Pinch Healer
Lucky Healing
  • 3-Star
(Dimensional Traveler) Muzet (Icon) [Dimensional Traveler] Muzét
(Dimensional Traveler) Muzet (Icon) [Dimensional Traveler] Muzét
Type Spell LV 1 (80)
ATK 296 (1124) HP 193 (804)
RCV 267 (1396) LC 12
Arte 1 wind-type hit against one foe (250% x1)
LS Boost ATK of slash/spell heroes to 1.5x
(45 LC)
Change CircleTriangle into Star
Lucky Healing Crisis Healer 2
Forcefulness 3
  • 4-Star



Part 1

 ???? Go investigate some ruins, he says… The nerve of treating a great spirit as his errand girl!
 ???? And what exactly is he doing while I'm doing his bidding? Such temerity.
 ???? (I am a lady, after all! And ladies ought to be treated delicately.)
 ???? Ooh! What's this? A little treasure box?
 ???? (It's so adorable! Red and tiny and cute! Let's pop it open!)
 ???? What's this symbol here? "Danger"?! Maybe I should have taken a closer look before I lifted the latch…
Sara Whoa, I hadn't expected to find ruins in a place like this.
Lippy I wonder if these are from the era of ancient magic?
Sara Hey, Lippy, (user)… You mind if we poke around for a bit? This is just the sort of thing that gets my adventurer's blood pumping!
Sara Really? Thanks!
Lippy It is quite possible that we may discover something that will help us in our travels, after all!
Sara Ruins ruins ruins ♪ I love me some ruins ♪
 ???? Look out! Get down!
Sara Huh? What—bawaaahhh!
Lippy Dear me! That giant boulder almost… Lady Sara, Great Savior, are you okay?
Sara Yeah, I'm fine but… Damn! That thing came outta nowhere! And… who just warned us?
 ???? Is anybody hurt?
Sara Oh! No, no… I think we're okay. Who, uh… might you be?
 ???? This isn't over yet. There's a herd of monsters on the way.
Sara Oh, wow, she's right! The path is full of monsters!
Lippy What in tarnation is happening here?!
 ???? What could have caused this, indeed! It is certainly a mystery to us all!
 ???? But do not worry yourselves, for I will protect you.
Lippy I do sense a strong divinity from you… Might you be a spirit?
 ???? Ooh… You can sense that? Aha. You're one of those.
 ???? My name is Muzét. A pleasure.
Lippy Muzét?! The Great Spirit Muzét, sister to Milla, the Lord of Spirits?
Muzét Hehehe. Guilty as charged! You certainly know your spirits
Muzét I look forward to chatting with you more after we're wiped out those beasts.
Sara Right! Let's get on that, (user)!