Summer Special! Seapost Helper (Banner)
Past Content
This page contains information about past content that is no longer available.


The summer is finally here! Create your own summer memories by gathering all the materials to get an exclusive SR Armor.

  • You must collect all the items in order to make the SR armor.
  • You will receive one item and one Hero Stone after each part.
  • Do not fuse or sell any of the special items or you will be unable to make the armor.


The event features several characters featured in the Swimwear Summon and Garcia, the Seapost manager. Sara and co. arrive at the beach in time for summer and enthusiastically assist Garcia in various tasks to provide a more enjoyable experience for all seagoers! A comical side-story also contains Ayncia as she goes through the day as a "guard on duty" to help supervise the beach.


# Stage Stamina Battles Rewards
Life's a Beach
1-1 Seapost Helper 5 5 Spatula
Spatula Spatula
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Straw Hat into Summer Memories.
1-2 The Roar of the Sea 5 5
1-3 Before It Gets Cold 5 5
1-4 Summer Scenery 5 5
1-5 Sweet Curry Delivery 5 7
Watermelon Fetch Quest!
2-1 Mad Dash to the Fields 6 5 Watermelon-Splitting Stick
Watermelon-Splitting Stick
Watermelon-Splitting Stick Watermelon-Splitting Stick
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Straw Hat into Summer Memories.
2-2 For Smashing's Sake 6 5
2-3 The Glistening Water 6 5
2-4 Greenery in View 6 5
2-5 Watermelon Deathmatch! 8 7
Little Girl Lost
3-1 To the North Beach 7 5 Beachball
Beachball Beachball
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Straw Hat into Summer Memories.
3-2 Along the Sandy Beach 7 5
3-3 The Girl on the Shore 7 5
3-4 Searching the Crowd 7 5
3-5 Girl With the Stuffed Animal 9 7
Shaved Ice Delivery!
4-1 Strange-Flavored Shaved Ice 8 5 Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup Strawberry Syrup
N Icon
Type Evolution Material
Usage Evolves Straw Hat into Summer Memories.
4-2 Summer's Breeze 8 5
4-3 Fun Under the Sun 8 5
4-4 Soaking Up Some Rays 8 5
4-5 Sorry to Keep You Waiting! 10 7
Post-Party Cleanup!
5-1 The Big Seaside Cleanup 10 5 Straw Hat
Straw Hat
Straw Hat Straw Hat
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 37 (37)
Rarity R HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 75 (75)
5-2 Keeping Cans Together 10 5
5-3 The Setting Sun 12 5
5-4 The Waves at Sunset 15 5
5-5 Memories of Summer 20 7

Final Reward

Level the Straw Hat to max level 50 by fusion, then evolve using the four items from parts 1 through 4. Do not Fuse or Sell the items from parts 1 through 4.

Summer Memories Summer Memories
Summer Memories Summer Memories
Neutral Element Neutral
Type Armor ATK 548 (548)
Rarity SR HP 0 (0)
Max Lv. (LB) 50 (0) RCV 324 (324)
Passive Aura Plus 2
Increase aura appearance rate by 5%




Sara There it is! The beach!
Lippy I've never seen so many people wearing swimsuits in one place before.
Sara This must be a good swimming spot── look how much fun everyone's having! And just smell that sea breeze... That sure takes me back!
Sorry for getting so carried away, but I really love the beach!
Lippy I suppose that's no surprise, considering you hail from a village near the sea.
Sara And I'm really good at swimming and diving, if I do say so myself! I could probably swim out to that island and back, if I wanted to.
Lippy Which island do you mean? Surely not that one on the horizon, which looks barely the size of an Apple Gel from here...?
Sara That's the one! Aw, geez... Feel that wind! Hear those waves! And that bright summer sun... Aaaah.
So... what do you guys think? If you want to, and I mean seriously, like, only if you guys want to...
Would you like to go in for a dip? ...You would? You're sure? All right!
Lippy I see no harm in a little diversion!
Sara Can we go diving too? ...Yeah? Yahoo!
Lippy Apparently you were not exaggerating when you said you loved the beach.
Sara All right, I'm gonna get some things. There's usually a Seapost store at places like this.
They've got pretty much everything one could possibly need at the beach!
Lippy It's quite an enterprise, isn't it? They must be a huge organization to span so much territory.
Staff Sup.
Lippy The clerks here certainly have a bit of a rough vibe to them...
Sara Yeah, the Seapost staff seem to be like that everywhere. Um, excuse me? We're looking for a complete set of everything.
Staff First time visitor, eh? My name's Garcia. I run this region.
Garcia We got kind of a rule in swimming areas like this. And if you're not gonna follow it, I can't sell you nothing.
Sara A rule...? What are you talking about?
Garcia It's like this, missy. Do you know what beach play is supposed to be about?
Lippy That's an awfully broad question...
Sara Of course I know! It's about the love and friendship and camaraderie shared by those on the beach!
Lippy ...And an equally broad answer.
Garcia Correct! You do know what beach play is all about, missy.
Lippy That was the correct answer? Really?
Garcia In order to protect that principle, I expect my customers to be of service to other customers' beach-play needs, via this here Seapost.
And if you're willing to help out, then I've got everything you need.
Sara You mean, I gotta work for you? All right, sure. I'll do it.
Lippy I'm surprised, Lady Sara. I didn't expect you to agree so readily!
Sara Heh, yeah, well... It's been forever since I've had a chance to go swimming, and I'm gonna do what I gotta do!
Lippy You truly do love the beach, don't you?
Garcia All right, first I'm gonna have you deliver some food. Give this mild curry to the guy in the parka on the west beach.
Sara Roger that! I'll have it to him in a jiff.


Sara Parka guy, where are you...? Mr. Parka, come out and──oh! Is that...!
Asbel Aw, dang it. Now what should I do?
Lippy Asbel!
Asbel Huh? (user)?! Sara? What are you guys doing here?
Sara Well, long story short, we're helping out at the Seapost. What about you?
Asbel Cheria finally managed to pry me away from my lord duties for a bit of a breather here at the beach.
Sara That's great! There's no better place to enjoy a little vacation.
Asbel Yeah, I've been trying to make the most of it, playing in the water and such, but Cheria's mood took a sudden turn...
I thought she might be hungry or something, so I ordered her some curry.
Lippy Then I believe this order is for you, Lord Asbel.
Asbel Thanks, but... it sounds like that wasn't the problem at all, and she ran off somewhere in a huff.
I don't know what to do! I can't figure out what she's so upset about.
Sara Oh, Asbel! Is that her over there?
Cheria Seriously, Asbel?
They say the summer sun casts everyone in a new light, but I guess I was a fool to think that it could pierce the haze around Asbel's eyes...
After all that work finding the right swimsuit and working up the courage to wear it, he didn't even comment on it!
I mean, I'm glad he had a chance to get his mind off of his work and have some fun, but... he's so insensitive!
Asbel There you are, Cheria! I've been looking for you!
Cheria What is it, Asbel? If you want to get back in the water, go by yourself. I'm tired.
Asbel No, I just... I wanted to tell you...
Cheria Tell me what?
Asbel That you... look amazing in that swimsuit.
Cheria What? WHAT?! Why are you... I mean... I'm flattered to hear that, I really am! But... what brought that on? Why now?
Asbel I just got some good advi... Er... I mean, I just... uh, realized that maybe I'd gone a little overboard...
With the, you know, playing at the beach and having fun, and I forgot to tell you, um... how good you looked.
Cheria Oh, Asbel...
Asbel You wanna just come sit with me in the shade for a bit? I feel like I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to really talk with you lately.
Cheria S-Sure. That sounds great.
Sara Hee hee! I had a feeling that might be the problem. That sort of thing happens all the time at the beach.
All right, let's go see what Garcia wants from us next!
Lippy Dear me, Great Savior. Lady Sara has always been a spirited girl, but here at the beach, she is something else!
──Meanwhile, a young soldier looks on──
Ayncia Huh... When I signed up for a local security detail, I never imagined they'd assign me to the beach.
It beats the battlefield, I guess, but I dunno about the uniform. Do I really have to wear a swimsuit so as not to intimidate the beachgoers?
It's so embarrassing! I'm sure I look ridiculous.
Hey, you over there! Cut that out before you hurt yourself!
Well, hopefully the day will pass without incident...


Garcia Looks like that little errand worked out all right. Here's what I got for you next...
There's a watermelon field in the hills across from the shore. Go get a melon for my friend here.
Kor Oh, hey! It's you guys!
Sara Kor! Have you and Kohaku come to spend the day here at the beach?
Kor Yeah. I invited her out, and she said sure!
Lippy Don't tell me Master Hisui has come along as well?
Kor No. Nope. No way. No Hisui today.
Lippy I see. Then I can only imagine he is frantically searching for his sister as we speak.
Kor Heh heh. Yeah, I've been trying to enjoy the beach while keeping one eye out for crossbow bolts flying towards my back.
Sara What's the melon for? You gonna put on blindfolds and try to split it open down at the beach?
Kor Yeah, exactly! We always did that when I was growing up, but Kohaku's from way up north where they don't really know a lot about having fun at the beach.
Since I finally got her down to one, I want to make sure she experiences all the beach has to offer!
Sara I like the way you think, Kor! I want her to have a great time!
We'll be right back with that watermelon, I promise!
Lippy Lady Sara...? Well, Great Savior, I suppose we'd best hurry after her. I hope she doesn't intend to run the entire way...


Sara Order up! One watermelon!
Kor Aw, thanks! This is perfect.
Garcia All right, missy. Your next job is to help with the watermelon splitting. That sorta thing's no fun without a crowd.
Kor Hey, Kohaku! I got the watermelon!
Kohaku That's great, Kor. Oh! It's Sara and (user)! What a pleasant surprise!
Sara How've you been, Kohaku? We came out for a little fun in the sun, but we gotta help out at the Seapost first.
Lippy They got the watermelon for me, and are gonna help us split it too!
Kohaku Huh! Well, the more the merrier! So how's this watermelon splitting business go?
Sara Well, first I'm gonna blindfold you.
Lippy I've placed the watermelon!
Kor Okay Kohaku, follow our directions. The watermelon's to your right!
Kohaku Okay, moving right.
Lippy Okay, now it's just ahead of you!
Kohaku Right!
Sara A little bit more to the right.
Kor Okay, back to the left. No! Too far! Yeah, back a bit—perfect. Right there.
Kohaku Okay! Now I give it my best shot?
Kor Yeah! Crack that thing open!
???? Circling winds...
Kor Huh? Do you guys hear someone yelling?
...Unleash your rage!
Kohaku Woo! I split that watermelon perfectly! And now we get to eat it, right?
Huh...? Where did Kor go?
Sara Ummm... Well...
Lippy I'm afraid while you were blindfolded, Master Hisui came charging up yelling, "there he is!" and unleashing artes. Kor is fleeing for his life right now.
Kor Stop, Hisui! Stop! Calm down!
Hisui I got you now, you dirty deviant! No way can you lure my Kohaku out on some creepy beach date and get away with it!
Kohaku Hisui! Stop this right now!
Sara Heh... Just like old times, I guess!
──Meanwhile, a young soldier looks on──
Ayncia What's with all the commotion down at that end of the beach?
Is that guy fighting with those──whoa! That girl is stunning! Look at her long black hair... I would kill for that.
Huh, looks like it's pretty heated between those three. Some sort of love triangle?
Whoa, that guy tried to cast an arte and that girl sent him flying into the ocean with one kick!
Yep, definitely a love triangle. But damn, what a kick. She's as tough as she is beautiful. She's my hero!
Uh──oh! Doesn't look like that guy she kicked can swim! I better save him before he drowns!
Hold on, guy! I'm coming!


Garcia Nice work. Onto the next one! The old guy here is lookin' for a missing kid. Go help him out.
Rowen My name is Rowen. If you're willing, I would be most grateful for your help.
Sara A lost child? Of course we'll help!
Rowen Thank you. We had agreed on a time and place to meet, but she never showed.
I'm going to return to our meeting spot and search in that area. Would you be willing to look for her elsewhere on the beach?
Garcia Sounds like a good plan. If she shows up here, I'll look after her for you.
Sara Okay, we'll start by making a circuit of the north beach. Can you tell us what we should be looking for?
Rowen Her name is Elize, and she'll be traveling with a stuffed animal. It's purple and... very distinctive.
Sara Girl with a purple stuffed animal, got it! Let's get a move on, guys!


Sara I feel like we've looked everywhere...
Lippy If she isn't here, we should return to the Seapost and see if there have been any developments.
???? When I find that old geezer, I'm gonna...
Sara Hmm? Is it just me, or is the voice coming from that girl really odd...?
Girl No, Teepo! We have to act like grown-ups here. He'll apologize, and we'll forgive him.
Sara Hey... That girl is talking to a stuffed animal!
Lippy And perhaps more interestingly, the stuffed animal is talking back...
Sara Um, excuse me? Is your name Elize?
Rowen Elize! Teepo! I've been searching for you. I'm so relieved that you're safe.
Teepo What's the deal, Rowen! You blew off our meeting!
Elize Teepo's right, Rowen. We waited forever at our meeting spot, and you never showed!
Rowen But I've been waiting here at the south exit the entire time, exactly as I promised!
Teepo The meeting spot was the north exit!
Rowen I'm quite certain I said "south."
Elize D──Did you? Are you sure...?
Teepo NO WAY DID YOU SAY SOUTH. You said north! Elize heard it too! Tell him, Elize!
Elize I... Yes, that's right. I heard north too.
Rowen Oh dear. Then that would make me the one who was missing all along...
Haha! Then let's say that the mistake was mine. I didn't think senility had set in yet, but maybe I'm wrong about that too!
Teepo Yes, "let's say" that the truth is the truth and you were WRONG!
Elize Hmph! That's a dirty trick, Rowen! You act like you're admitting something when you're really just patronizing us!
Sara Gosh, I wonder who was right?
Garcia Heh heh. Did Rowen get it wrong, or was it Elize? Just another mystery of the deep blue sea.
You can take a leap of faith one way or the other, or accept that the sea would sooner dry up and die than reveal the truths of the mysteries it holds.
Lippy I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean to convey, Master Garcia. And... not for the first time.
Garcia All right, onto your next job!
Lippy *Sigh* Onward, then.
—Meanwhile, a young soldier looks on—
Ayncia Oh, there's that girl in the dress again...
Huh! The first time I saw her, I thought she looked so lost and confused...
I didn't realize that was just her character in some ventriloquist act!
Man, she's really good. Her lips don't move at all, and her reactions to the puppet are perfect!
I wish I had some kinda talent like that. It would have come in handy when they suddenly turned the spotlight on me at the new soldier welcome party...
Poliwigle Pigyu! Pigyu!
Ayncia A poliwigle...? Hey! Get away from here! Shoo!
Poliwigle Pigyu!
Ayncia Huh... As the guard on duty, I wonder if I was supposed to do something about that?


Garcia For your next job, I want you to deliver this shaved ice.
It's a custom order, shaved ice flavored with apple cider instead of syrup.
Sara That's pretty odd. Isn't shaved ice usually strawberry or lemon flavored?
Garcia People here come from all sorts of places. I've had people request shaved ice with rice! And what the customer wants, the customer gets.
So I gave the cider version a shot. Not exactly the way I'd do it, but that's what you get with other cultures sometimes.
That's half the fun of the beach! Now get going!
Sara I'm on it! But I need to know who it was that ordered it!
Garcia A cold but beautiful blonde on the east beach, wearing a straw hat. Trust me── you couldn't miss her if you tried.
Sara All right, one cider shaved ice, coming up!


Sara This is the east beach, but I'm not seeing any straw hat-wearing blondes.
Hmm? Do you see her, Lippy?
Lippy If I'm not mistaken, I believe I do...
That woman with the long blonde hair over that way. I'd recognize the intense divinity that she radiates anywhere...
Milla Oh? (user) and his friends? We always meet in the strangest places.
Lippy Greetings, Lord Maxwell! I never thought I'd see you in swimwear, but it... certainly does suit you.
Milla As you can see, I am engaged in a "beach holiday."
I am trying to experience varied facets of human culture to better understand their behavior.
Lippy I see.
Milla In addition to swimming, I have ordered a food known as "shaved ice" that I have heard is associated with beaches, but it has yet to arrive.
Sara Oh! Are you the one who ordered shaved ice with cider? If so, I've got it right here!
Milla Oh? Ah, you must be making deliveries for the Seapost. I understand that too is an integral aspect of the beachgoing experience.
Sara You got it! So here it is—Oh?
Oh no. The ice melted, and now it's just watery cider.
Lippy Dear me! Perhaps cider is not an effective replacement for syrup after all.
Milla Hmmm. The proprietor seemed concerned about that as well. But when he asked what I wanted on my shaved ice, cider was the first thing that came to mind.
Sara No, it's all my fault! We took too long to deliver it.
Milla No, my order was poorly conceived. The responsibility is mine.
Jude Is something wrong, Milla?
Milla Ah, Jude, I ordered some shaved ice, but...
Jude You ordered shaved ice too? I just got back with some from the Seapost! Ah, what a waste!
Milla No, that's quite fortuitous! I ordered mine with cider and was disappointed to discover it had melted.
Jude Oh, then this works out perfectly. I figured you'd be curious about it, so I got you one too.
Lippy What a considerate fellow you are, Master Jude.
Jude Nah, it was just a hunch. Which would you like, Milla? Strawberry or lemon?
Milla Ah, I see. So fruit is the typical topping for shaved ice?
Jude Well, sort of. They turn the fruit into syrup first.
Garcia So the cider shaved ice was a failure. Perhaps it was doomed from the start.
But not every failure is a tragedy. The sea drinks deeply of memories both happy and sad. It does not judge.
Well, the time is upon us already. This next request will be your last!
──Meanwhile, a young soldier looks on──
Ayncia Look at those two, eating shaved ice together. Lovers, perhaps? Somehow... it looks more complicated than that.
But if it's a date, I envy them. I wish I got asked out on beach dates!
I should do romantic things like that, too. It would sure help if I had someone to do 'em with, though.
Poliwigle Pikyu! Pikyu!
Ayncia Damn it, you again? You gotta scoot before you freak everyone out!
Poliwigle Pikyuuuu...
Ayncia Awww... Are you lonely, little guy? You just came down for a swim?
Poliwigle Pikyun! Pikyun!
Ayncia Yeah, all right. Fair enough. There's a little nook up that way where no one will see you. Go and swim to your heart's content.
Poliwigle Pikyuuun!!!
Ayncia And there he goes, looking all happy. What a weird little guy.

Well, that poliwigle's the closest thing to a romance I've had in my life lately.


Garcia I know you want some time to swim yourself, so I'll make this your last job. But it's the most important one.
Sara Let me guess, cleaning up trash on the beach?
Garcia You know your beaches, missy.
Lippy I'm more than a little disturbed by how in sync these two seem to be...
Garcia You understand the beach. You respect the beach. But not all visitors do. And that means more work for us.
I'll start in the middle and clean half the beach, and you do the other half. Let's both keep an eye out for the more troublesome visitors.
Sara You got it! Come on, (user)! Come on Lippy! Let's get this done!
Lippy And Lady Sara has gone dashing off once more.
Here I thought we had come to play in the water, yet now it seems she's more interested in taking care of the beach!
I suppose that is very much like our Lady Sara.
Well, Great Savior. It appears we have a job to do!


Sara All right, this beach is trash free!
Garcia I appreciate the effort you put into this. Now you're a friend of this beach too.
I know it took a while, but I've got something good here for you.
It's been tempered by each and every one of the happy memories you've helped make for the people on this beach.
This artifact exemplifies both the scorching heat of the summer sun and the reinvigorating breeze that accompanies crashing waves.
Sara Thank you so much! We'll treasure it!
Whoa. The sea at sunset sure is beautiful.
Lippy You really do love the beach, don't you, Lady Sara?
Sara How could I not, growing up near such beauty? But I'm sorry I got so into helping out at the Seapost... Now it's a little too late to swim.
Lippy Psst, Great Savior! [Lippy whispers something into (user)'s ear.]
Sara What are you two smiling about? Did someone say something funny?
Lippy Lady Sara, why don't we pitch our camp right here today?
Sara Right here? Then we could swim all day tomorrow! Are you guys sure that's okay?
Lippy After all the time you spent today helping other people's beachgoing dreams come true, it's only fair that we do the same for you!
Sara Thanks, you guys!
All right, (user), Lippy... Tomorrow morning, let's see how far we can all swim!
Lippy Do go easy on us, Lady Sara! And I won't have either of you getting into the water without doing a proper stretching regimen.
Sara All right, sure. I know we're gonna have a blast!
—Meanwhile, a young soldier looks on—
Ayncia Everyone's starting to head home. Looks like my watch is ending soon.
Poliwigle Pikyu! Pikyu!
Ayncia Are you going home too, buddy?
Poliwigle Pikyu!
Ayncia Will I see you again tomorrow?
Poliwigle Pikyuuu! Pikyuuu!
Ayncia All right, if you must. But play where you won't get in anyone's way, okay?
Poliwigle Pikyu! Pikyu!
Ayncia Heh. Well, I feel like I made a friend. He's a polwigle, but still.
Summer. Working at the beach. Friends with a polwigle.
Not the sort of summer memories people cherish...
Well, they could be worse. Summer memories sure are weird, huh? Still, I bet this'll be a good summer.
All right, beach. I'll see you tomorrow!