The summon tab allows players to summon units, gears or guardians to help improve their team.

Summoning Units

Heroes can be summoned either by using Hero Stones or by using special items obtained from Ares Realm.

Summon Crystal (Normal) Summon Crystal (Rare) Summon Crystal (Rainbow)

For the normal Hero Stone summons, heroes of 3-Star rarity appear in blue crystals, while 4-Star rarity appear in golden crystals, and 5-Star rarity appear in rainbow crystals. Generally, the rates of appearance for each rarity are:

  • 5-Star: 6%
  • 4-Star: 30%
  • 3-Star: 64%

Some banners will increase the drop rate for featured units. Typically, the first draw of a single roll is also guaranteed a 4-Star unit or higher, and a multi-roll comes with its own bonuses (guaranteed featured heroes, bonus items, an extra free roll, etc.).

Summoning Gear

Gear can be summoned by using Hero Points. A single summon costs 200 points per roll, or a multi-roll of 10 can be done for 2000 points.

Gear Summon Chest (Normal) Gear Summon Chest (Weapon) Gear Summon Chest (Rare)

Armor, spheres, and metals of N and HN rarity will appear in a gray chest, while weapons of N and HN rarity will appear in a brown chest. Rare items of R and even SR quality can be found, and are indicated by a red jeweled chest.

Summoning Guardian

Guardians can be summoned by using either Hero Points or Guardian Summon Tickets . Tickets are acquired either through login bonuses, events, or quest rewards, and five (5) tickets are required for one roll in the Guardian Ticket Summon. 500 Hero Points are required for one roll in the Normal Guardian Summon, or a multi-roll of 10 can be done for 5000 points.

Guardian Summon Circle (Normal) Guardian Summon Circle (Rare)

Guardians of 1-, 2-, and 3-Star rarity will appear with a blue summon circle. Guardians of 4- and 5-Star rarity appear with a red summoning circle.

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