Surprise! Summer Paradise? (Banner)
Past Content
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It seems Tatty has invited the party to his one-of-a-kind Tattyland, full of all sorts of unique attractions designed to help you beat the summer heat! Actually some of these "attractions" look oddly familiar... Can they do this? Who the heck is Tatty? Where is this?!


# Stage Stamina Battles
Garden of Hopes and Dreams
1 Paradise 3 5
2 Where to Begin? 3 5
Turtle Jelly and Ice Cream
3 Addictive Texture 3 5
4 Tasty Crablettes 5 5
It's Not That I'm Scared!
5 Totally Prepared? 5 5
6 Glassy Eyes 5 5
Settling the Score
7 Avenging Attractions! 6 5
8 Unforgivable 7 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x4 (After Stages 2, 4, 6, and 8)

Tatty Box Tatty Box
Tatty Box Tatty Box
Increases RCV by 5.

Previous Duration

  • Duration: 8/24 (Wed) 08:00 - 9/03 (Sun) 07:59 PST (2016)
  • Duration: 6/19 (Mon) 08:00 - 7/01 (Sat) 07:59 PST (2017)




Tatty This is Tattyland! A joyous realm of hope and dreams!
Mikleo A joyous realm...
Sophie of hope...
Muzét ...and dreams?!
Tatty Enjoy our diverse attractions and stirring parades!
Sophie What are attractions? And what are parades?
Tatty They're things like fun vehicles to ride in, and festival-like events. You'll understand when you see them.
Sorey Sounds great! Lead the way, Tatty!
Tatty It will be my pleasure. Let's start with the attractions... I see you've all brought your swimsuits? Go ahead and get changed!
Sara Into our swimsuits? Why?
Tatty Because Tattyland is full of aquatic attractions! You'll get soaked from head to toe!
Muzét Oh, I don't mind getting soaked. In fact, I quite enjoy it.
Alisha Well, that would be an issue for us. Let's get changed, everyone.
Mikleo Okay, guys...
Sophie Let's get... Huh?!
Muzét Sara, aren't you going to put on your swimsuit?
Sara I wish I could. I think I left my bag back at the beach before.
But that's totally fine! I don't mind if these clothes get wet.
Tatty Then let us be off! Let's begin with the adventure ride, and go ride boats around the ruins!
Mikleo Ruins?!
Alisha Looks like Tatty knows just what to say to get those two excited.
Sophie Tatty, what are those over there?
Tatty? Oh!
Tatty They're toys that are modeled after me! You can play with them by knocking on their shells and such.
Alisha Is that so? This is all quite intriguing. What do you guys think? Should we stop in and play for a bit?
Muzét I vote yay! After we knock them over, we can boil them up and eat them!
Sara Ha... ha... That Muzét! Always kidding around...
Lippy I trust no one finds any of this at all suspicious? I'm certainly willing to throw caution to the wind and commence enjoying myself!


Sorey Is this stone? Or some sort of metal? The design is reminiscent of the Era of Asgard, but I can't quite place it.
Mikleo Structurally, it appears to be pre-imperial in style, but I've never seen this construction technique before.
Sorey Okay, Mikleo, wanna make it a race? Shall we see who can find some treasure first?
Mikleo That's a challenge I'm happy to accept.
Tatty Wait! You can't go off by yourselves! You have to play within the rules!
Mikleo S-Sorry.
Alisha Hehe. I knew Sorey would have a blast with this, but to see even Mikleo in such high spirits... This really is like being in a dream!
Tatty It may seem like a dream, but I assure you it is not! As proof, please accept this pamphlet.
Muzét What is this?
Lippy, you take this. I will entrust the task of guiding us to you.
Lippy Why Lady Muzét, I am truly honored. I will strive to prove myself worthy of your trust!
Muzét Please do.
Sophie Okay, Lippy. What's this plant called?
Lippy I will look that up right away!
Sophie And also this one.
Lippy A moment, please!
Alisha May I ask a question as well, Lippy? I'm a little curious about this "turtle boat" show...
Lippy Of course, Lady Alisha. The turtle boat show... Let's see... I believe it's that way...
Sophie What's the name of this one, Lippy?
Lippy Yes, yes, of course... Uh...
Sara I'm gonna help you out here, Lippy. Sophie, Alisha—one question at a time!
Tatty Ah, I'm happy to see you all getting along so well. Shall we proceed to the next attraction?


Alisha These "attractions" are ever so much fun!
Sophie Yes. I liked the secrets in the ruins.
Mikleo All those wanted posters in the ruins... I felt like I'd seen those people before somewhere...
Sorey What an interesting experience! I know I learned a lot.
Muzét Hehe. The way you humans think certainly is interesting.
Oh, but we've forgotten something important. We've yet to enjoy a meal!
What is the local specialty here?
Lippy Let me see...
Sophie Crablettes.
Lippy No, Lady Sophie, I do not believe that is accurate. The specialty here—
Sophie It's crablettes. Crablettes are the specialty everywhere. Don't you like crablettes, Muzét?
Muzét Crablettes! I imagine they must be delightful if they're the local specialty. Let's go get some!
Tatty Wait a moment! The specialties of Tattyland are soft-serve ice cream and turtle gelatin!
Sara It looks like there's a cart nearby. We've walked a lot today—maybe we should take a break?
Sophie [Staring intently] They swirl it around into little spirals...
Sorey If you stare like that, Sophie, it's gonna make you dizzy!
Sophie Like Alisha?
Sorey Huh?
Whoa! Alisha!
Alisha S-Sorry... I was trying to figure out how they make it and I stared too intently...
Mikleo Well, at least I got to see it made without the use of seraphic artes. It's quite an interesting process. Oh, and it looks like it's ready!
Sara Here's yours, (user). That's one for everyone. Cheers, guys!
Everyone Cheers!
Alisha That's so good!
Sorey It really is! And it's so cold...
Mikleo This is even better than the ones I make...
Alisha It's so cold and soft! No wonder it's the specialty here.
Sophie Yeah. It's not better than crablettes, but it's swirly and good.
Muzét I'll have to treat Milla to one of these next time! Hehehe.
Tatty I'm so glad you're all enjoying it! Make sure to try the turtle gelatin next time. Shall we visit the next attraction?


Lippy Look at all of these cups!
Muzét Ah, it must be time for tea! But aren't these a little too big to drink from?
Tatty They're not for drinking, they're for riding! You sit inside the cups, and spin around the pole at the center.
Sophie Spinning!
Sara Take it easy, Sophie.
So after you spin... then what?
Tatty The individual cups spin as well! The more you spin, the more fun you have!
Sorey That sounds like fun! Mikleo, Alisha—let's get spinning!
Alisha Are you sure? Well, okay...
Mikleo Why are we doing this? I suspect it will not end well.
Muzét Then I'll ask Sophie to join me.
Sophie Okay. Let's not let Sorey's team out-spin us!
Sara Come on, (user)! Everyone else is getting into the cups!
Mikleo Sorey! You're spinning too much!
Alisha I... can't... There are just... so many... Tatties...
Muzét Wheeee! You sure are strong, Sophie!
Sophie We've spun just as much as Sorey's team. We have to pull ahead!
Lippy It is not hard to imagine how this is going to end.
Sorey Everything's... still spinning...
Mikleo Didn't I warn you this would happen? And to think you even made Alisha participate in this folly! What were you thinking?!
Sorey I'm... sorry...
Alisha I never imagined... a teacup could be... so cruel...
Muzét It certainly doesn't take much to sicken you humans.
Sophie I saw you floating above the teacup, Muzét.
Muzét Did you? I'm sure you just imagined that.
Tatty This is the first time a visitor has ever spun our teacups so much that they shattered...
Sara Oh no! I'm so sorry about that! Cheer up, Tatty. We'll help you fix them, I promise!
Muzét Oh, never mind that. Let's just do the next attraction!


Sophie What's this one, Lippy? It looks like a giant snake.
Lippy That is apparently a "roller coaster."
Mikleo What is a roller coaster?
Lippy It appears to be some sort of carriage that moves automatically. It says here that it travels at incredible speeds.
Sorey Is that right? Hey, Mik—
Mikleo Pass.
Sorey What? Come on! That doesn't sound like fun to you?!
Mikleo Have you already forgotten the teacup fiasco?
Sorey Heh... Well... You know, this time I won't be the one controlling it!
Muzét Don't tell me that you're scared, Mikleo?
Mikleo I am most certainly not! I'm simply trying to prevent another incident like what happened—
Sophie You're scared, Mikleo?
Mikleo N-No!
Fine, then! If it's the only way to satisfy you people, I will ride this "roller coaster."
It's always best to see with one's own eyes. Only then can one come to understand the truth!
Sorey It's just a roller coaster, Mikleo, not an ancient legend.
Mikleo When both offer an outcome we are ill-equipped to predict, the difference is hardly a significant one.
Alisha I've never seen Mikleo like this before.
There must be something about these attractions that shines a light on our most profound depths...
Muzét Or not!


Mikleo So this is it, huh? Should we sit at the front, Sorey?
Sorey Uh... sure.
Mikleo Then go ahead. Sit down.
Sara Wow, Mikleo's eyes are cold steel. And yet...
Sophie His eyes are made of metal?
Muzét Yes. All Seraphim are born blind. As teenagers, they forge their own eyes out of steel as a rite of passage.
Sara Muzét! Stop filling her head with nonsense!
Alisha Sara just means that Mikleo looks... determined and humorless.
Like it's really important to him that he do this.
Sophie Okay. Then I'm going to do this too!
Sara What should we do, (user)? I think they're about to take things too far again...
Sorey Whoa! It started moving... This is kinda exciting, huh?
Mikleo In what way? I have no feelings about this.
Muzét Ooh! This is about to get interesting!
Sara Whoa, this is way faster than I thought it would be! And look how high up we're going!
Sophie We're gonna get thrown off!
Alisha Don't worry, Sophie. I'll hold you down.
Sophie Okay. Thank you, Alisha.
Alisha It is my duty as a knight.
Muzét Oh? We seem to be slowing down. Is it ending already?
Mikleo This ride was nothing of consequence, exactly as I expected. Which... is not to say that I'd have been scared if something had happened, mind you.
Lippy I do not believe that the ride is ending, Lady Muzét. According to this pamphlet, the ride ends with—
Sorey Hey, what was that sound?
M-Mikleo! Look! LOOK!
Mikleo What are you shouting about? I assure you, I'll not be scared...
Everyone What?!
Mikleo N-No!
Lippy ...a high speed descent.
Mikleo P-Purity, come forth! Splash!
Lippy And on this day, a thrilling new Tattyland attraction was born.
It features a rapid fall from high in the sky into the deepest depths of a lake.
It was named in tribute to the man who conceived it... "The Mikleo Splash."
Mikleo Do not mock me with your unprompted narration, Lippy!


Sorey So was that the last of the attractions?
Lippy Let's see... we've done the Eggbear Ham Hunt, Skeleton Manor, the Rappig House...
I believe we've conquered all of them!
Muzét Yay! We did it, everyone! We really did it! Congratulations!
Alisha Great work, Muzét!
Tatty Congratulations on seeing all Tattyland has to offer! I didn't think you'd do it all in one day! But I'm so pleased that you enjoyed yourself.
Sara Did you manage to get the teacups repaired, Tatty?
Tatty Ah, yes... that. With a lot of extra work, we did manage... somehow.
Sara ...
Tatty But never mind that. I came here to invite you to Tattyland's famous Parade! It's about to begin!
Sara Oh, right! You mentioned that earlier. Sounds like a perfect way to end the day. Let's go, (user)!
Alisha Oh, wow! It's so beautiful!
Sophie Everything's sparkling.
Sorey Look at that!
Tatty Kyupi! Isn't it fantastic? Isn't it wonderful? Everyone participates in the parade!
Muzét I can't believe you did all of this for us. Thank you so much, Tatty!
Tatty Kyupi!
Sara Um... Is it just me, or is this parade getting gradually weirder?
Muzét It's probably just you. It's beautiful! And shiny!
Alisha It certainly is beautiful, but... Some of these look a bit frightening...
Lippy I believe you're correct, Lady Sara. This parade has taken a vaguely ominous turn...
Mikleo There's nothing vague about it! Look—we're completely surrounded!
Tatty Ah, forgive me! I've neglected to mention that this parade includes another attraction!
As our honored guests, you get to play the role of the brave heroes who defend Tattyland from the evil Turtleons!
(And in doing so, pay the price for shattering our teacups!)
Sorey Whoa, really? Well we'll fight our hardest!
Sophie Yes. We will make sure to protect Tattyland!
Alisha Very well, then. No harm shall come to Tattyland! En garde, evil Turtleons!


Mikleo We came... We fought... We...
Sophie Conquered!!!
Lippy The battle is ours!
Tatty Ah ha ha ha! You are strong warriors indeed! Just as I expected from the heroes who saved me!
Sorey We all gotta look out for each other.
Tatty But I owe you an apology. I've exposed you to danger after danger today. Truth be told, I've been testing you.
Mikleo Testing us?
Tatty As Tattyland is a joyous realm of hope and dreams, there are many who wish to visit here. But we haven't the capacity to host them all.
Muzét So you choose who gets invited in?
Tatty Yes. There's also a reservation system, but it currently has a three year wait!
Alisha Three years?! Wow.
Tatty Yes. That's why there are some who would do anything to get in here—like the thugs you encountered on the beach.
And you bested them with ease, just as you surmounted every obstacle you faced within Tattyland. And that's why I'm asking you... stay in Tattyland forever!
Everyone ...
Sara Listen, we had a great time today.
But... there are other things we need to do. Really, really important things.
So we can't stay here forever. I'm sorry.
Tatty Oh... Of course, I understand. I'm the one who should be sorry— it was a most selfish request.
Sophie It's okay. If you're ever in trouble, we'll still come to rescue you. Because we're friends now!
Tatty Wonderful! I feel better already. Kyupi!
Sophie Kyupi!
Sorey I'm really gonna miss you, Tatty. But we should be getting back to our world.
Tatty Of course! But please accept this souvenir first!
It's a Tatty Box!
Lippy Thank you for your kindness, Tatty. We are honored to accept.
Tatty Please do! And know that you will always be welcome here—do come again!
Alisha Huh... It feels like we'd been playing there forever, but it's still daytime on our world.
Muzét Hey, let's swim! ...Is something that I'm guessing none of you will be suggesting.
Mikleo I know I won't. I've just realized how exhausted I am.
Sara Oh, (user)— you found my pack! Thank you... I knew I left it around here somewhere.
Well, shall we take a look inside our Tatty Box?
Sorey Absolutely!
Lippy Then if I may be so bold...
[Lippy unwraps the package.]
Lippy Dear me...!
Sara Lippy?!
Lippy? *Cough* *Cough* What is all this smoke?!
Alisha Is everyone okay...? It doesn't look like anyone was hurt... Thank Heavens for... oh!
Everyone ...
Lippy? What is it, my friends? I assure you I'm feeling as energetic as ever! Look, my sidelocks are even fluffier...
Than... Oh?!
Dear me!
Sorey Ya know, it kind of weirded me out at first, but I think it actually looks pretty good on you!
Alisha Y-Yes! One might say that it makes you... adorable in... a new way?
Mikleo Alisha seems to be having trouble controlling the pitch of her voice.
Sara Yeah, (user), you're right. Lippy's still Lippy, no matter what he looks like!
Sophie Lippy's kind of fun to pet.
Muzét Oh, I want to stroke Lippy too.
Lippy? If this is a dream, please— let me awaken from it now!
Tatty My gratitude was sincere, but... When visitors break an attraction, a price must be paid!