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Everyone's here at the beach! Sorey, Mikleo, Alisha, Sophie, and Muzet all go for a trip to relax and enjoy the summer season. Unfortunately, it looks like some ruffians are bullying a poor animal off to the side. It looks like it's time to step in and teach them a lesson!


# Stage Stamina Battles
The Beach!
1 The Beach! 3 3
2 An Ominous Commotion 3 3
An Adorable Sound
3 Déjà Vu 5 5
4 The One Being Bullied 5 5


Hero Stone Hero Stones x2 (1 each after Parts 2 and 4)

Previous Duration

  • Duration: 8/18 (Thu) 08:00 - 9/03 (Sun) 07:59 PST (2016)
  • Duration: 6/19 (Mon) 08:00 - 7/01 (Sat) 07:59 PST (2017)




Sorey We're finally here! Wow... it just goes on forever!
Sophie Have you not seen the ocean before, Sorey?
Mikleo We've seen it lots of times, but we've never swam in it before. I hear the salt makes it easier to float...
Sorey! Aren't you going to change into your swimsuit? Hey!
Sara And they're off...
Yeah, I've really been looking forward to this too, (user).
Muzét We really should get down here more often! Shall we go get changed?
Lippy Why, Lady Muzét—I never imagined that you would be joining us in the water!
Muzét As a great spirit, it's important that I be acquainted with human amusements!
Lippy Ah, of course. Your dedication to your research is an inspiration to us all!
Sophie Everyone seems to be having fun. Aren't you glad we came, Alisha?
Alisha ...
Sophie Alisha...?
Alisha Oh... forgive me, Sophie. I thought I heard someone shouting...
??? [Distant cursing]
Sorey Hey, are you guys gonna get in the water or... Huh? What's up?
Alisha Sorey, can you see what's going on behind that thicket? Is something going on?
??? Hey! Stop screwing around! Just do it already!
Kyupi! Kyupiiin!
Sorey Hey, you're right! Let's check it out!


Muzét The voices seem to be coming from over that way.
??? Hey! Answer me! Why won't you take us there?!
Kyupi! Kyupiiin!
Sorey Are they tormenting a small animal or something?!
Alisha What sort of creep would do something like that!
Lippy Its cries are quite cute, but...
For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this...
Muzét What do you mean?
Mikleo I know what he means. It's like something's about to happen.
Muzét Hmmm? Did anyone see where Sophie went?
Sara Huh? Oh, there! Sophie, wait up! Aw, geez! Sorey! Guys!
Muzét *Sigh*
Mikleo Well, that settles it then. Come on, (user), Lippy... We'd best follow after her.
Lippy Indeed.


Sophie There you are!
Mobsters Huh? What do you want, kid?
Sophie Stop being mean to animals!
Sorey Sophie! Are you okay? You can't go running off half-cocked like that!
Mikleo A fine piece of advice. And from a man who's the foremost authority on running off half-cocked!
Alisha Ha! No kidding.
Sorey Oh, heh... Ya got me!
But you can dump on me later. We'd best deal with these guys.
Muzét You there. You appear to be some manner of brutes who enjoy torturing animals? Is that correct?
Mobsters Huh? Who the hell are you guys?
Sara Is everyone okay?!
Muzét Sara? You've just now arrived? I thought you left before I did!
Sara I... I did, but... It's a rough trail! Not all of us can fly, you know!
Anyway, Sophie, what's the deal?
Muzét Hmm. She evaded my question.
Lippy I do believe that she did.
Sara *Ahem*
Sophie, don't run ahead by yourself! You know that's dangerous!
Sophie I'm sorry. I just figured that Asbel would have intervened...
Alisha Asbel? Ah... He's Sophie's guardian, right? The one who went to the Knight Academy?
Sophie Yeah. He's a kind and good man. He means a lot to me.
Alisha He sounds like an upstanding man, keeping a knight's pride and kindness ever close to his heart...
Mobsters Okay, seriously, screw you guys! You come out of nowhere, shout at us, and then talk amongst yourselves?! Guess you don't care what happens to this guy!
??? Kyupi!
Sara Oh, (user), that's right! We gotta do something about these guys!


Alisha Consider this an opportunity to repent for your misdeeds!
Sara All right, let's tie these thugs up for now... there. Now let's find that animal and make sure it's okay!
??? [The animal emerges from the thicket.]
Mikleo What the... What are you...?!
Lippy Dear me... This is Christmas all over again.
??? Kyupi!
Muzét My, what a gigantic turtle! And it's adorable, in an ugly sort of way!
Sophie It's even bigger than the Captain.
Sorey Huh. This Captain fellow must be huge!
Mikleo This can't be the creature we seek! This is clearly some sort of monst—
Tatty Thank you for rescuing me! My name is Tatty Turtle.
Sara What the... Did it just... talk?!
Tatty I was on my way home from an errand when those bad men accosted me! I didn't know what to do!
Sophie That sounds very unpleasant.
Mikleo Uh, I see... First, might I ask—aren't you a tortoise, and not a turtle?
Tatty Kyupi! That's a very delicate question! It's a very divisive topic within the testudines community!
Mikleo Oh! I... I had no idea... I meant no discourtesy...
Tatty Thank you for understanding. Now, allow me to guide you to a wonderful place as a reward for your kindness!
Alisha "A wonderful place"...?
Tatty Yes. It is a dreamland of pure worldly pleasure.
Sorey Whoa. That sounds incredible! Let's go!
Sophie Yes, I'd like to see that. Kyupi!
Sara I... don't know about this... What do you think, (user)?
Muzét It's surely full of more of these fascinatingly ugly-cute creatures! How could we possibly refuse that, (user)?
Lippy Lady Muzét?
Alisha It would be quite disrespectful to refuse such a heartfelt invitation.
Sorey Then it's settled! We'd love to go, Tatty! Thanks!
Tatty Then let us leave at once! Kyupiiiii!
Mikleo Is... Is this it? We appear to be in some sort of subdimensional space...
Tatty It was created through a special magical technique that transcends dimensional boundaries!
Sorey Whoa! That's so cool!
Mikleo Hmm. Perhaps it is best I not delve too deeply into this matter, either.
Sophie ...!
Muzét Wheee!
Tatty Welcome, friends, to Tattyland!